Data Recovery Software - User Reviews
  • "I would just like to say an overwhelming THANK YOU!"
    Patricia H. - Las Vegas, NV

    Dear Quetek,
    I would just like to say an overwhelming THANK YOU!
    I have recovered years of work.
    Including valuable genealogy work compiled by multiple generations of my family.
    Something I never thought I would be able to reclaim. 50,000 files.
    Some were pictures, documents, music files.
    I hope you realize your work has made some fantastic thing possible!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    These are among the files you have saved for me. My father during WWll!

  • "It works and works fast ..."
    James M Conway, Conservator - Timemark Photo Conservators

    I'm not into writing testimonials - I buy a product because I expect it to work so I'm one of those that will generally write only x rated uncomplimentary notes when things that should work don't! This time it's different -- and I'm actually finding myself writing a testimonial for the first time in my life!

    After trying nearly a dozen "recommended" applications -- all of them grinding on for hours then crashing with no explanation and no opportunity to save the time already invested, I finally tried yours. I found it on a search just looking in a group with "recent dates". The trial worked well enough for me to send the purchase price and I'm glad I did. It works and works fast, allowed me to find the specific files I've been looking for and "save" results between runs so I didn't have to start from scratch. Had I found this one sooner, I could have saved several hundred dollars and nearly two weeks with the hours and hours of frustration knowing data is there but not being able to access it. Now that is something I find worth my taking just the few minutes more for writing a testimonial. My sincere thanks!

    BTW - The drive that went down was an older Kanguru External 60G with FAT32, 3 partitions (2 scrambled) and I salvaged over 96% of the needed files. Don't sell yourself short on what you can do with FAT's!

  • "... this outfit sells a solid product and backs it up!!!"
    Gary Mickelson - Park Rapids, MN

    By nature I'm a cynic. After having been ripped off by both big and small companies alike, my first thought about the web site's offer to download File Scavenger for free to see what could be recovered was 'yeah right'. Maybe I can see some files. I pay my money. Then how many if any would actually be recovered? It had a familiar scam ring to it.

    But, being desperate to recover YEARS worth of data without having to send the drive away to an expensive recovery service, I downloaded the software. I ran the scan, and there it was-- 80 gigabytes worth of hard drive with everything Windows XP told me wasn't there. I paid my money. File Scavenger did its thing and saved every last file I needed! 100%! Customer service help was darn close to instantaneous. In a word, this outfit sells a solid product and backs it up!!!

    I had read all the other testimonials and thought they just had to be too good to be true. I admit it. I was wrong. This program saved years of work that, if lost, I would have never recovered from.

    Thanks again for everything!

  • "Your product has saved my life and our business..."
    David Law - Director-Redwood Entertainment Pty. Ltd.

    Hi guys,

    Your product has saved my life and our business...

    On Wednesday evening I noticed my data drive going slow (it contained nearly 5,000 compressed audio tracks used by our music production company)

    I tried to back it up but about 10 minutes into backup it failed and gave a harware failure pop up in XP Pro. (by then it had overwritten my previous backup set).

    Panic set in and I tried for many hours to get any computer we had to recognize the drive... but nothing, no drive letter, just a constant drive light. After a very bad sleep that night I found your product on the net, and was delighted to be able to try before you buy to see if we could get anything back.

    The Defunct volume mode said about 4500 files were recoverable and I promptly paid my money and unlocked the software.

    Well, 12 hours of constant klunking and disc activity recovered about 85% of the last twelve months work... it only seemed to lose those files that had been done in the past fews days.

    What can I say but thank you... you effectively have saved us from ruin. It was more than worth the money and I will always reccomend your product to others

  • "The competition would either lock up or crash my computer when they tried to scan this funky drive"
    Ron Shook - Forum Host for Discreet edit* and Incite/Matrox Non-Linear Editors at www.creativecow.net


    After reading the testimonials on your site, I figured that you had hired a creative copywriter to scam the computer masses. Boy, was I wrong! File Scavenger saved my bacon. I'd tried everything to get some crucial files from a drive that Windows said was corrupted, including putting the drive in the freezer and changing the circuit board from an identical drive, all to no avail. The drive would still spin up, but no amount of futzing would rescue the files, including any of the competitive, similar or greater priced data recovery tools available that I could Google up. The competition would either lock up or crash my computer when they tried to scan this funky drive.

    I downloaded the demo, installed it, and since Windows was still seeing the drive letter but calling it corrupt, I ran the mid-level recovery function. It didn't crash or lockup, and almost immediately began finding root files on the drive. I went away for an hour and came back to find that File Scavenger was ready to recover nearly all 22,000+ files on the drive. I've never more happily or quickly spent $40 to purchase the enabling key from QueTek. As near as I can tell, I didn't lose a single user generated data file from this drive.

    I kneel at your feet. No Doctor could have prescribed a drug to equal the feeling of relief and satisfaction that your software gave me.

    Thank you ever so much.

  • "God Bless America and Quetek engineers......!!!"
    Marc Jones - UK


    I must thank you personally and all your software engineers, whom devised the Scavenger utility.

    I recently purchased 2 x Maxtor 120gb drives, to couple up in a Raid0 configuration, and use to store vast amounts of home video's in avi format, with the intention to edit them and copy them to DVD-r.

    Now, having done all the hard work and copied across the 80gb of home video's, dating back to 1992, incorporating all the events from birth to teenage years for our son, we had a problem.

    I had added another 2 x Maxtor 60gb drives, to run Raid 1 (mirror), these would store my new edited videos...

    The problem was...... in fdisking and formatting the new drives, I actually commenced deletion of my Raid0 data!!!
    I couldn't believe it...... i tried to rebuild the raid drives....but the whole contents were not visible.....!!! The worst thing still, I didn't have no backups and it was evident that the whole home video collection was wiped out!!! To say I was devasted, was true enough.

    I tried everything, but the drive just was not visible and i believed i had kissed goodbye to my collection.. Still worst to come, i had to tell the wife!!! Oh boy!!!!!

    I panicked and called Ontrack recovery and other local recovery "specialists" but at $5000 the lowest quote, all because "it was a Raid configuration sir", I just was at my lowest..

    I browsed through the internet and came across your web pages.... I browsed them intensively but thought it was a gimic!!! Almost like the "buy our software and fit a dvd film on a cdr without any loss of quality" !!! I thought it was just "spin". But hey, you offered the download FREE, so i thought it was worth a try all the same.....

    NOW, this was the best thing I had ever done............... after 4 hrs...... lots of nail biting....... 97% of my 240GB of data was recovered!!!!!!! The demo identified all the recoverable files and prompted me for a license key..... now best to come.... the whole recovery program cost me just $39 ....... THATS RIGHT!!!!!! No Gimmicks!!! Sent to me straight away....... and guess what....... my data has been recovered and is backed up, hopefully preventing this from happenning again..... God Bless America and Quetek engineers......!!! Without you guys, i surely would be dead now.... oh yes, never did tell the wife!!!

    Thanks again...... Marco [Harrogate] UK