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October-December 2012 - User Comments


  • 2012/12/15 - Bart Vermeir - Euricom, Belgium

    Dear QueTek,

    I would like to express, once again, my utmost respect to your company, product and employees!

    Not only has your File Scavenger saved another year of my digital life, but QueTek also upholds a remarkable spirit to satisfy its customers.

    At 1:36 AM this morning (my local time) I send you guys an email requesting support for the reuse of an old license I bought 5 years ago from your company. Within 3 hours QueTek managed to send me a reply. Quite a performance when I consider your local time must have been Friday evening after business hours!

    In that email I read that I could indeed reuse my old license. Unbelievable. Not many companies would provide this service. I expected an answer stating that I needed to buy a new license.

    I transformed my old license and was able to restore ALL the required data from my RAID 0 WD Raptors after selecting the correct striping block size (which took me hours to determine).

    After reading the testimonials on your website, I must admit that I feel the same admiration as those saved souls. I felt the same emotions: anger, nail-biting, distress and finally relief.

    You are free to publish this testimonial. I will also mention my experiences with your company and promote your professionalism in the next meeting at my company.

    Thank you very, very much!

    Bart Vermeir

  • 2012/10/09 - Leon Szczerbinski - North Tonawanda, New York

    Just wanted u to know that your software enabled me to save all my files including pics of my parents. It was easy to do and well worth the price! Thank you!

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