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Data Recovery Tool - User Comments
3rd Quarter 2004

  • 2004/09/25 - Dr. Tony Pothitos

    Loved your product, took me over 80 hours to work it all out with my pIII but got most of what I needed, at first I didn't want to pay you a penny, but then,,,,after seeing what your product can do, was willing to pay double.

    good work!

  • 2004/09/14 - Mike V. - Hollywood, CA

    Just want to say thanks for the awesome program. It really saved the say. And, it did so, for a lot less than the competition. It's nice to use software that's made by coders, not designers!

    For my data recovery needs, I'll stick with the Scav!

  • 2004/09/04 - Bob Fischer - Mechanical Systems Design, Inc.

    Thank you. I have been trying to recover a data base file from a broken raid for the past two weeks. File Scavenger was the only software package that recognized the file and it was able to recover it.

  • 2004/09/03 - Kenneth J. Carriero, CCIM - REIB+

    I am not sure if this is the correct email address to send this, but I felt compelled to send my praise and thank you to your firm and the great software you have developed. In an emergency situation, I loaned my external hard drive to a co-worker to download several files before sending her computer away for repairs.

    Inadvertently, she formatted my external hard drive. This hard drive had all my data files which I had not backed up in ages and this data was no where else to be found.

    This data was accumulated over the last 5 to 6 years. I was completely devastated. Co-workers were telling me that this information could be recovered by sending the HD away. The cost was prohibitive. Surfing the web for some ideas of how I could correct this situation without taking a mortgage out on my house, I came across your web site. I mist admit, at first I was somewhat doubtful as to whether you program could really do what it said it could or was this just another internet scam. I downloaded File Scavenger and proceeded to recover the files. It was the best money every spent. I certainly will recommend it to anyone I come in contact with. Excellent job, I recovered 100% of my data, File Scavenger saved me months of research and data entry to rebuild what I had lost.

    Thank you again,

  • 2004/08/31 - Gregg Carter

    Thank you for your excellent product!

    I had a Maxtor 250 Gb external drive... On this drive, I had over 50 GB of Karaoke songs, over 3,000 iTunes songs, and every video, picture and CD I ever owned. It was almost 180 GB of precious, irreplaceable data! My machine's browser got hijacked, and somehow the drive became unformatted. In Disk Manager it showed 100% free. I became very panicked, as I had no backups. Losing this data would be costly and personally devastating to me. I frantically searched the net, looking for someone or something to help me. I stumbled across File Scavenger, and, after reading the testimonials, decided to give it a shot. After 4 days of hard drive searching by File Scavenger, it reported that it had found over 98% of my files! I quickly activated the product, and, after purchasing another 250 GB drive, began the process of recovery. After another 3 days grinding out the recovery, the files appeared on the new hard drive, in the same directories, totally intact! I immediately made a copy to another drive for backup.

    I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am that your superb product bailed me out big time! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  • 2004/08/24 - William Phelps - Palo Alto CA

    Thanks for File Scavenger - laptop hd failed while I was doing astronomy in Yosemite, I have backups but not the most recent data and images, managed to get it ALL back, well worth the money. Getting the astro images was good, but I am thrilled that I could retrieve all the pictures I took of my son on his first camping trip (he will be 3 in October).

  • 2004/08/24 - Varuna

    Just want to say that I managed to recover all my valuable files from a disk with bad blocks using File Scavenger software. It was fast, clean, and worth every dollar I paid for it. Thank you. Keep up the good work!

  • 2004/08/24 - William Phelps - Palo Alto CA

    Thanks for File Scavenger - laptop hd failed while I was doing astronomy in Yosemite, I have backups but not the most recent data and images, managed to get it ALL back, well worth the money. Getting the astro images was good, but I am thrilled that I could retrieve all the pictures I took of my son on his first camping trip (he will be 3 in October).

  • 2004/08/23 - Mark Humphryes - GILMAR SYSTEMS LIMITED


    Your product is great! Having received a panic call from a client this morning, about not being able to boot up, I thought the worst. Windows XP recovery did not recognize the Windows installation on his PC, recognizing a C: drive but no files on it.

    Having tried a number of MS solutions, eventually I did a reinstall of Windows.

    This booted up OK, but Windows Explorer showed that all his (apparently lost) data and program files were actually on a second hard disk. Amazingly he was unaware of this!

    I was able to modify the boot.ini file to read both the new and old Windows installations, but when selecting the old one, it assumed it was another new installation. None of his extensive suite of programs would have run without a new install. There seemed to be no restore points that could be used. Other disk recovery programs failed to find anything. Having found Scavenger via Google, I downloaded the demo, installed it in the new Windows installation – hey presto, a whole range of restore point files going back 12 months were identified on the ‘dead’ drive. Got a Professional licence immediately!!

    I was able to recover a restore point for the day before he had the crash and immediately everything booted correctly, all software ran (including Outlook), and all network shared folders were available again. He now has a backup strategy in place as well!

    Thank you. This is one tool I will keep permanently on my hard drive, and on a floppy.

  • 2004/08/07 - Michael Hooper

    Your software saved my bu..! We recently had our server crash and we lost our accounting file from two years ago, and we have an IRS audit next week. When I re-initiated the backup program I didn't realize that I missed the accounting archive folder. Well it took all day, but your program scavenged through the mess of files and sure enough it was there. That was the best thing to happen to me all week.


  • 2004/08/06 - Simon Trangmar

    Dear Sir

    If it helps you any, I found your software by what looked like a link you sponsored on Google - I saw it on th eRHS of the screen when I entered keywords "file undelete recovery ntfs"

    There were too many offerings and it was the link (that I guess you paid Google for) that caught my eye.

    I had tried Lost & Found for my recovery task - with no joy (after waiting 90 mins for the indexing to complete).

    Your utility had my files back in about 30 secs.

    You have NO IDEA how grateful I am (as I'd purged unbacked up files from Recycle Bin) - (I'm a Systems Administrator with 8 years experience so you can imagine my chagrin that I managed to accomplish such a stupid feat - NOT a good day)

    Thank you very, VERY much for a cool util

  • 2004/08/06 - Langdon Hill

    The comparison of reentering the data versus what your program did saved me hours, probably a full two weeks and then one is never sure about what has been manually reentered. The backup files that worked were not current, and the current file was corrupted. Major Headache. I have a deadline on Wednesday morning.

    The computer the drive was in had an internal spike when my assistant was installing a new modem card. When he plugged the power supply back in, there was a loud electric pop. I think he lost a screw inside the case and assumed it had fallen out on the floor. First consultant here in Luxembourg said the drive is gone. I insisted he install it into another computer in the office. He did that and only 2 of the 3 partitions were visible.

    Possibly because the invisible partition in was the boot sector, and the settings on the computer did not allow the conflict.

    I have not tried to recover the whole drive, possible later I can try to do that. For now I just recovered an accounting file that was 6 megabytes. I don't know how to recover the drive/partition and not have a conflict with the computer it is currently installed in. I think it may be easier to wait until I replace the dead pc.

    I am on a tight schedule here in our Luxembourg office. Any way thanks again for having this great little program. Let me know of any assistance I can be. We do marketing in the EU.


  • 2004/07/28 - Bridgett Perry

    I want to thank you so much for all your support. It is 9:30pm and I just finished getting the majority of the files back. We had 10 bad sectors!

    Once I went through the process of specifying them in the Sector Exclusion menu, I was finally able to go through a complete search without a hitch. I believe the files we were not able to find are in those bad sectors.

    I am quite impressed with your product (especially 3.0) and more impressed with your technical support. I appreciate your quick response and helping me know that I was not alone in this. I will definitely recommend File Scavenger to my friends and colleagues.

    Thanks again,

  • 2004/07/28 - Feri Haraszti

    Thanks for your help, about 90-95% of the lost data has been recovered, that's more than what i've ever hoped for! please, if you have a mailing list about new updates, new versions, please stick me in that list, this program is worth its price!

  • 2004/07/28 - Chris Quance - Villair Travel – UK

    This isn’t a support request just a thank you.

    At 17.15 I accidentally erased a file on our server from a remote workstation so it was not in either recycle bin. Fired up a Google search for “retrieve deleted file” and saw your entry, downloaded Scavenger V2, paid on the ‘net and had the file (a large Excel spreadsheet) back within an hour of losing it. Saved me about 4 days work.

  • 2004/07/21 - Margaret Bain - V.P., U.S. Operations - Winston Safaris and Trekking, LTD.

    Hello, Quetek.


    I had a hard drive failure. I am meticulous about my backups. I never had to restore from them, however, and the backup drive i use had horrible documentation.

    I bought a new hard drive, reinstalled WinXP, and proceeded to try to recover using my backup. The poor printed documentation didn't indicate that the minute i finished reinstalling the software, a new backup would take off. I saw "Formatting Drive F:" appear on my screen and pulled the plug to my backup drive w/in 2 seconds, but the damage was done.

    My computer is my business. My heart sank. I left for my lake cottage that day, to chill and recover my own heart for starting again. MONTHS AND MONTHS of customer correspondence, pricing, budgeting, etc. I can't tell you how down-hearted I was.

    I found your software on the internet and downloaded the eval copy. I ran the defunct volume recovery option. I saw every file I was worried about listed as a recoverable file, with the file name, the file extension, the original folder to which it was saved, and promptly went back on the internet and paid the paltry $40 you asked. I then ran the recovery option.

    I reinstalled MS Office and began looking at my flies. There was my budget; all my pricing templates; my latest customer correspondence; new art I was developing for a Sept. trade show. You guys MADE MY DAY!. No, you made my week, month, year!!!

    I have given my sister your info, she supports small businesses with computer consulting, mostly break-fix. I intend to tell my previous employer (a Fortune 500 company) about your software.

    You have my permission to use my comments in entirety, or in part, with no compensation to me, in any/all ads, internet comments, etc. In my mind, you have already paid for this praise. The $40 I paid you was a scant sum for the results I got!


  • 2004/07/20 - Richard Bagdazian

    I wanted to drop a brief notice to commend you on your software tool File Scavenger Version 2 which I installed and used this last weekend. It worked extremely well in helping me to recover some critical intellectual property from a hard drive on my laptop computer which experienced a corruption from some unknown source. After trying a number of other tools to recover my data, your product was the only one which was able to provide access to the corrupted disk drive partition holding the data.

    Thank you again for a great tool.

  • 2004/07/19 - Robert (Aberdeen - UK)

    I've just managed to recover around 45GB of data from an 'unreadable/corrupt' USB HDD. I cant tell you how relieved i am, you have saved me a great deal of time and money. I really didn't think i could get this data back and its recovered every single file (over 5300 of them!).

    File scavenger is a superb product and i have already been recommending it to my friends and colleagues. I must also add that i was very impressed with your product support who responded to my questions very promptly.

  • 2004/07/14 - John Bauer

    I want to thank you for all your efforts to help me with our reformatted disk. I have downloaded and purchased a license for File Scavenger V3 and have successfully extracted roughly 16000 jpg's, 8000 doc's, 200 xls's and 100 ppt's. I have written these both to dvd's as well as to a 40 GB drive in a 1394 enclosure.

    Given the dire situation that I was in I think that the results are rather amazing. Believe me I will recommend your software for anyone in trouble with a hard drive problem. I also very much appreciate the quick turnaround time on my emails. When you are working a problem you are very anxious and it helps to be getting prompt feedback.

  • 2004/07/12 - Stephen Nichols - Vice President, TeleComputer Services, Inc.

    Can I upgrade my personal use license of FileScavenger 2.1 to a Professional License?

    I bought the Personal Use license to try your software and found it to be EXCELLENT!

    FileScavenger is everything your claims says it is.

    I have a small, but growing, computer/networking purchase/repair company in Dallas, TX. We are looking at adding more technicians soon and I would like to equip them with your products.

    If you want a testimonial or reference, I would gladly send you one. I have already recommend it to many tech friends of mine.

    Thank you,

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