Data Recovery
January-March 2013 - User Comments


  • 2013/01/01 - Derek Finter - New South Wales, Australia

    Your product is fantastic, fixed my problem beautifully. Thanks so much. Have a good 2013.

  • 2013/01/15 - Lou G.

    I had an 8gb sd card that lost hours of videos that took days to download. I googled looking for a program to recover my files and found "file scavenger" out of all the listed programs. I chose the right one. It was so easy and I recovered every video I lost. They were British vids that we dont get in the US. I am thrilled at the results, the ease and not having to re-download again. THANK YOU SO MUCH for file scavenger. You can use this e mail as a testimonial.

  • 2013/02/16 - Mike Kostersitz - Lower Austria, Austria

    Guys, Gals, Ladies and Gentlemen,

    You just saved my day, or more the last weeks and about 18 years worth of digital pictures.

    The hard drive where I save all our digital pictures died during the last backup to another disk. Half of our pictures were saved the other half was gone.

    I tried numerous free and paid products so far none were even able to find the files or the tool crashed or bugged out during scan or recovery.

    File Scavenger was the only one which was able to recover 100% of all the data. I just ran a full indexing on all the pictures and they are all there and from a quick look in Aperture everything is like it is supposed to be.

    Thanks for saving the day.

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