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Drive Recovery - 2nd Qtr 2006 User Comments

  • 2006/06/30 - Kevin Funaro - Flowers by Anthony

    Quetek™ recovered my files on a accidentally formated 250 gig second hard drive. I had thought it would be hopeless but decided to invest in a long shot. Your program did it effortlessy. It was so simple with your instructions. Many, many thank yous.

  • 2006/06/19 - Todd Kirchgraber - St. Petersburg, Florida

    Dear Quetek™:

    Wow, Incredible, Outstanding, Fantastic, Amazing! Even my Thesaurus is at a loss for words! I had a major hard drive crash (possibly a virus) and after hours of attempting to access my hard drive I was forced to re-install my Windows components. Even though I selected the option to save all my current data, the re-install reformatted my drive and all of my photos were gone! While I back up on a regular basis, a busy couple of months (My Master's degree graduation and my son's high school graduation) these once in a life time photos were gone. I spoke with several computer experts that seemed unable to offer me a solution and I tried a commercial program that proved to be expensive and a disaster, recovering less that 20% of my images.

    I located your product, e-mailed you a few questions (that were answered in under 1 hour) and I was convinced that this program was worth a try. I am so glad I did. In less than two hours, File Scavenger® V3 had scanned my complete hard drive, located 84,000 images and reconstructed the file path to my personal photos. After downloading the recovered images to my external hard drive (which took about 36 hours) I was ecstatic to see that over 95% of my personal photos were recovered and placed into the proper files.

    I can not say enough about this program and would tell any potential customer with what appears to be an unrecoverable data loss to give File Scavenger® V3 a try. I was not disappointed I neither will they be.

    Thank you Quetek™. You not only promised. You delivered!!!

  • 2006/05/30 - Leslie Farin - CleverCreationstoo.com

    hi there - I seldom take the time to write to companies, but I had to tell you how amazed I was at your File Scavenger® product. I have used other recovery products in the past - none of which worked on my external maxtor hard drive this time around - and yours worked GREAT! I was able to recover just about everything. Thank you so much!

  • 2006/05/21 - Rich Gasperin, Pinellas Park, Florida

    I'm not into writing, but your product saved my @$$ bigtime! I have two 250GB harddrives and when the C drive failed, it corrupted the D drive.

    Granddaughter photos, vacation photos, pet photos, newsletters, and documents all gone! I was ready to have a breakdown!!

    I looked on the internet and found various companies promising they'd do their best to recover my data. Along with some pretty high prices to do it. I came upon your site, downloaded your demo on my newly formated C drive, scanned the D drive and saw all the files. Wow! I paid the paltry $49.00, got the key and started restoring my files. Not only did it restore my photos, but ALL my downloads, website and newsletter information too. EVERYTHING!!!!

    I now have a 250GB external harddrive for backups along with burned DVDs. Awesome, awesome product that I would tell anyone about.

    Great job!!!

  • 2006/05/20 - Rolf Sonderkamp - Journalist - Datteln, Gernmany

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you very much, it is really a great Software, what you are selling.

    It was on my birthday, few weeks ago, when my PC welcomed me with a blue screen. First, I remained pretty calm, because I had two different backups on different partitions of an external Seagate hard drive. But after reinstalling Windows XP home edition I had to realize, that neither the data on C nor the backups were accessible. The properties menus informed me, that the number of files was zero, as well as the number of bytes.

    After weeks of unsuccessfully trying it was finally your software, which helped me gain back thousands of files, including hundreds of family photographs, business papers and other important documents.

    File scavenger® is more than its money worth.

    Thankfully yours

  • 2006/05/17 - Steve Fraser - Australia

    My old 40 GB hard drive was about filled up so I bought a new 160 GB. My plan was to use the new hard drive as a Master and the old one set as Slave and use for some extra storage. However when I connected the new hard drive and booted it up, I received "HARD DISK FAILURE" use boot disk. Well I disconnected the new drive and reset the old drive to master then rebooted to also find "HARD DISK FAILURE". So now I have lost access to both disks. The new disk was still in a raw state and need to be formatted; but I didn't want to have to format my old disk with 40GB of data.

    I tried contacting some computer savvy friends but they could only see "Logical Drive ???" when checking the partition. Then later found the drive had repartitioned to 10GB with the remaining 30GB unpartitioned. My friend said that it looks like I had lost the data and the only thing to do was to reformatted the drive. Here I am now thinking of 4 years of tax info lost plus all of my wife's school data not to mention that my name is "mud" around our house. I told my friend just to give me the drive back and I would try to sort something out. I knew the data was there, but it had no Master Boot Record and a strange partition. Anyway, in desperation, I did a search on the Web and found your "File Scavenger". After reading some of the testimonials, I downloaded the demo version. I too was skeptical, but I had nothing to lose. After a few tense seconds, files started appearing on the screen. I then paid my money and immediately received my license code and then proceeded to successfully recover 98% of my files.

    A great product. Nothing can match it. Grossly underpriced for what it can do. Best money I've spent on a software product.

    Good luck for the future. You're on a winner.


  • 2006/05/11 - Adalberto Taveras - MCDBA UBP - Brooklyn, New York

    I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you File Scavenger® utility. You save my job, neck and others things.. THANKS....GRACIAS AMIGOS...

  • 2006/05/07 - Terry Kelly - Shelbyville, Kentucky

    My son is a college student and two weeks before final exams he called me from school to tell me his notebook computer was locked up and he could not get it to restart using system recovery or any other process on the computer or Microsoft websites. He was frantic as he had term papers, class notes, etc. he could not access plus over a year's worth of pictures, music downloads and personal files (which he had not backed up in over a year). I picked up the PC from school and spent hours trying to find the problem and finally learned the hard drive was corrupted and about to fail. Replacing the HD would be no problem but recovering his files now became the main concern.

    I checked with several computer places including the Geek Squad at Best Buy, Circuit City and some local folks and they all told me the chance of recovering files was minimal and they rarely had luck at it on a corrupt hard drive. The tech at CompUSA seemed to be the most helpful and said he could try, it would be expensive, but suggested before I give it to him I try a software called File Scavenger® though. He said he had not used it but he had heard some feedback from customers that it worked well.

    I had tried a couple software's from some other websites and they did not work at all. That is why I had sought the help of the computer places. I did a search though and found your website. Being skeptical I emailed you with some questions and you suggested downloading a demo copy to see if it worked and if it did then buy a license. With nothing to loose, unlike the couple hundred dollars I had already spent on useless software, I gave it a try.

    In short, I can't say how happy and surprised I was. File Scavenger® accessed my corrupt drive and recovered 99.9% of my sons files, including his documents, pictures, videos, the whole works.

    You make a software that absolutely works as advertised and it saved my son and me from disaster.

    Now the problem, it is confusing as heck trying to figure out how to send you feedback on how well you product works. In the FAQ if you select give a testimonial it takes you to testimonials but I couldn't find a visible hotspot to click to give feedback.

  • 2006/05/05 - Jay Terry - Birmingham, Alabama

    I had a crash on a fairly large drive (160G). The drive got totally hosed when using Partition Magic to attempt to resize the partitions. I have used PM hundreds of time and never a problem, so I foolishly decided to not take a backup (just this one time) because I was in a hurry. Of course Murphy's Law had to hit - the one time I didn't take a backup was the one time that PM totally corrupted my drive.

    File Scavenger® did a GREAT job of recovering a large percentage of the file. It didn't get everything, but I pretty much got back everything that mattered (i.e. most of the data files). And the ability of FS to even recover the directory structure for many of the files was an unbelievably wonderful bonus. Most other products I was checking out to attempt my recovery simply could not do that. Excellent product!

    I'm going to upgrade from the personal to the professional edition so in the future I'll be able to use it on any of my computers around the house (I have 7 or 8). I don't really have a need for it at the moment, but I almost feel as if I ought to pay you the difference anyway for providing such a well implemented product.

  • 2006/05/05 - Mohammed Othman - Jaddah, Saudi Arabia


    I just want to thank you for the help you offered and the speed with which you responded to my enquiries. I used File Scavenger® and it successfully reconstructed the broken RAID. All the files were recovered.

    I will definitely recommend the product and the firm.

    Best regards,

  • 2006/05/05 - Ria Verlinde Brugge, Belgium

    Thank you for making this product!

    I could not believe the results - recovery of almost all lost files after formatting hard disk because of crash - dig this...

    Greetings from Belgium, the chocolate country

  • 2006/05/04 - Shawn Meredith - Kernersville, NC USA


    I just wanted to say how thankful I am that your product does what it says. I completely re-imaged my system and made the mistake of keeping my backup drive attached to my laptop. Windows XP completely formatted all my hard drives (including my backup image). Without your software I would have truly been up the proverbial creek without a paddle. If you need another testimonial to prove how well your product works, feel free to use this.

    Kind regards,

  • 2006/05/04 - T. J. Collinson - Plano, Texas

    I made the purchase and have been able to recover most, if not all of my files from the other disk. There were thousands of files on that drive, so obviously I haven't checked them all, but everything I've checked recovered successfully.

    Your product is worth its weight in gold - or something equally valuable. If you need a testimonial written, I'm your guy.

    Many Thanks,

  • 2006/04/15 - Thomas J Kirwin III - Allen, TX

    Thanks for the response. I successfully recovered the vast majority of the .jpg photos from Christmas 2004 and Vacation 2005 that I had inadvertently deleted when I restored my laptop from CDs in order to get rid of a virus. I tried two other downloads for File Recovery, and neither could find the files. File Scavenger® is a great product.

    Thanks also for the good technical support.

    You might want to add instructions on your website for using a memory stick as a reasonably safe way to recover files.

  • 2006/04/15 - Howard Petell - East Greenbush, NY

    Hour upon hour spent running recovery programs and WOW!! 35 min after running the demo there where my files I had give up for dead I was more than glad to spend $45.

  • 2006/04/15 - Al Eddy - Sterling, VA

    I just want to thank you for making such a great product. I was in the middle of evaluating a program that would allow me to "lock" certain folders on my hard drive when my computer crashed due to a bad RAM SIM I had recently installed. I faithfully back up all my files to a mirrored drive and when I got my computer back from repair I found I could not access a very important file because the "locking" software had acted on it.

    Windows would not allow me to open the folder and actually displayed it as "empty". I was able to recover the 29GB of irreplaceable files using your program!

    Worth every penny! Thanks again,

  • 2006/04/13 - C. M. Herron

    I've used FS 2.1 since '04 with GREAT success. It saved my bacon when a hard disk crash occurred and I had no backup. Recently, FS 3.0 has proven to be even better. I searched the Internet and downloaded trial version of perhaps one dozen file rescue utilities. Most were difficult to use, and many simply didn't work. File Scavenger® was the ONLY program that I tried that could see all of the files I was searching for. I immediately ordered a personal license for the program and recovered everything I needed. Most recently, Windows XP Professional failed to shut down properly and thus caused a corrupted master boot record as well as several inaccessable "My Documents" folders including several thousand pictures of my 1 year old granddaughter! I upgraded to FS 3.0, and once again retrieved every single file I needed! Version 3.0 is MUCH faster also! This program is worth many times its cost. This is one of the best investments I've ever made!

  • 2006/04/11 - Paul Dwyer - Japan

    Thank you!

    This worked fine and I have recovered about 50,000 files totaling over 100gb of data. So far all of it looks fine, photos, PSTs everything.

    I will be recommending this product to anyone I know who is having recovery issues.


  • 2006/04/03 - David Loya - Arcata, California

    I generally think of myself as an intelligent person. However, when I was setting up my boss' new computer, and I thought I had copied over a backup of his old drive, I reformatted the old drive before validating data integrity. (I am trying to make my stupid mistake sound smart here.)

    When I returned to work the next morning, I found that I had lost his emails -- 3 year's history, attachments and all. I spent the next 24 working hours testing file recovery products that ranged in price between "free" and thousands of dollars. Among the 10 products that I tried, File Scavenger® had the most comprehensive product at the best price. Some programs out there are more "user friendly," but those tended to compromise on the type of data recoverable. File Scavenger® was able to recover the entire drive structure and all recoverable contents. In terms of value, File Scavenger® is hands down the best.


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