Data Recovery
October-December 2013 - User Comments


  • 2013/12/14 - Walt Pinto - Connecticut, US

    Thought I had lost everything on an external drive...vital stuff.

    Tried a free program that didn't really work. Tried a trial of a program from the drive manufacturer, but it wouldn't load. Tried your trial. It worked perfectly, so bought it and retrieved all the files.
    You are the best.

  • 2013/12/06 - Ralph A. - Saanichton, Canada

    Fantastic product! I was able to recover over 500 Gb of files. Thank you so very much!

  • 2013/12/03 - Doug H. - Canada

    I had a major problem many years ago with win 98 where I was using partition magic. I was transferring data from one partition to another and the process hung (crashed). The data was in a state of limbo so to speak. I contacted the Partition Magic people and they told me that the data was not retrievable. I have a couple of certifications in computers and windows and therefore I did not believe that I couldn't get the data back. It had to be some where. I started looking for data recovery software. I tried a few with no success. I was looking at what I could find on the Tucows web site and File Scavenger came up. After reading on how versatile it was I decided to try it. By the end of the day I had recovered all of the data. I have been using File Scavenger for several years and have many success stories. Your customer service actually works. I get answers to my questions right away. I am disturbed on how many people have been told that their data is gone and in most cases that statement is not true.

  • 2013/11/12 - Geoff S. - Chicago, US

    I recently had a severe computer crash, and in trying to recover data I ham-handedly managed to damage the disk that had an excellent backup of all my information. I tried three disk recovery programs in succession: VirtualLab Client, Iolo Search and Recover, and File Scavenger. All have similar marketing schemes: They will scan your damaged disk and identify recoverable files for free, but to actually recover those files, you have to purchase a license. That seems fair enough to me.

    The Iolo and File Scavenger products cost about $50 each, and VirtualLab cost about $100. VirtualLab recovered a handful of files, randomly named and including many duplicates and damaged files. Iolo recovered a smaller handful of files, in similar condition.

    File Scavenger recovered about 80% of my files, completely intact, correctly named. Another 10-15% were recovered with random names, but were otherwise undamaged and completely useful. I wish I'd found File Scavenger before I wasted my money on those other programs.

    It wasn't quick: It took over 24 hours to scan my 2Tb disk, and about ten of those hours were spent as the progress indicator moved from 72% to 75%. So if you try it, don't assume that it's crashed just because things appear to be going slowly. And since File Scavenger doesn't alter the disk that it's scanning (which could cause more damage) you will need a separate disk to receive the files that it recovers.

    Needless to say, I highly recommend the program. If you've had a disk disaster or are anticipating one, go to quetek.com and get File Scavenger. It will be the best fifty bucks you ever spent.

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