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Restore NTFS
4th Qtr 2007 - User Comments

  • 2007/12/24 - Gary Werner

    You guys did great. I can't believe it, actual tech support on Sunday night and Christmas eve! Use of RAID 0 at home by people who are not computing professionals is something new in the last few years. I would imagine a growing number of gamers and other home users looking for high performance will be having the same problem I had and won't know what to do about it when it happens. I think you guys should advertise RAID 0 Reconstruction in those sidebar ads like you see in gamer forums and TomsHardware.com and places like that. I'm telling ya, when I called around to the regular data recovery places they didn't tell me diddly, except that their services would cost about $2000. It was sad. Finally I Googled on "RAID 0 Recovery" and found you guys. The information and explanations on your web site are very good. The software is cheap enough, sensible, and easy to use and it works! And good tech support on Sunday night and Christmas eve! C'mon!

    Merry Christmas,

  • 2007/12/23 - Cyril Jenkins - Calgary, Alberta

    I have located the disk, tried your trial version - which did run from my new HD to the old one and so I bought it online and have recovered almost all my files.

    Great tool!

  • 2007/12/19 - Ira M. Gerber - Burbank, CA

    We cannot thank you and your staff enough for all of your help in recovering our raid.

    Of over 209,000 files we only lost 43 and they were not even necessary.

    Once again thank you and your staff.

  • 2007/12/18 - Ken Wood


    Thanks for all your valuable assistance all you have helped me with. My system had been restored with only a few minor problems. Your software was the only system that worked with ease. Please let take this opportunity to thank all trying to format this external hard drive and get back on track. I do not have any idea what caused the problem but just get on with life.

    Thanks again. Merry Christmas and season greeting to all.


  • 2007/12/13 - Phil Chivers - Milledgeville, Georgia

    I reran the longer search mode and have successfully recovered the files I needed in time for today (I was EXTREMELY happy at 1am when it was all finished).

    Thanks again for the excellent and timely response.

    I hope this nights work means a few of my colleagues will download a copy !

    Thanks again

  • 2007/12/06 - Eric Seeds - Enable Inc. - New Jersey

    Your software worked wonderfully... I'm now recommending it to everyone.

  • 2007/11/30 - Marc TERRIER (FRANCE)

    Dear Sirs,

    I recently experienced a severe disk failure, on a 300Gb disk, with a massive loss of data, just *before* backing it up (!) I think it was a problem with the partitions table, but conventional tools such as PartitionMagic couldn't solve it. Windows wouldn't see any partition at all, nor would many so-called "recovery tools". There are quite a lot of such recovery tools out there, but File Scavenger® 3.1 was the only one I tried who really helped me out of there, so I don't regret the 49 dollars + taxes that I spent to purchase a personal use license.

  • 2007/11/26 - Gary S - Canada

    I had unfortunately deleted my RAID. I was left with 2 SATA drives which Windows xp could no longer see. I had several sleepless nights trying to figure out how to recover my lost info. I brought my hard drive to a pc repair shop and they said it was a tedious , and long job that would set me back a lot of $$$. So I did some research on the internet and read some of the testimonials about your products. I bought a new IDE hard drive, installed Windows and your program. It works great. I was able to recover years of photos, documents and software. Thank you. Great program, which is easy to use and works quickly. Thank you again

  • 2007/11/07 - Len Norris - Fort Pierce, FL

    As it turned out, there will be no need for a Remote Desktop connection. My original full scan took about 12 hours and locked up at 94% complete. That is when I emailed you about it. After that, I decided to narrow the scan and searched for .wks files. Scan was perfect and all data was retrieved and recovered. Next tried another narrow scan for .doc files. Again, the scan was perfect and all data retrieved and recovered. Those two successes prompted me to try another full scan which took 1 1/2 hours and was successful as well. All in all, I recovered 100% of my critical data and 99.99% of non critical. I had tried dozens of other programs before I ran across yours. Wish I had found you first. Whoever wrote the program did a great job. I hope I never have to go through this again, but I feel more secure having File Scavenger installed. I have formatted the corrupted Drive and all that's left is the tweaking of the system. Must say that as well as your program actually doing what it says it can do, unlike the others I tried, your support has been admirable and extremely fast. Thanks ever so much for having such a fine program available for those of us in need. If you would like a testimonial, let me know where to post it.

    Thank you,

  • 2007/10/31 - Robert Steele - West Sussex, Great Britain


    Thank you for saving my life! After trialling 7 different recovery programs I purchased File Scavenger® 3.1 as it proved to be the best. With your program I managed to salvage in excess of 4,600 family photographs. (I didn't even have to tell my wife that they were lost.)

  • 2007/10/16 - Dee Temple - NSW, Australia

    Thank you!

    Your recovery program found my NTFS data on a dynamic disk that was broken from a simple RAID 1.

    Years of data saved for a price that saved me time time time.

    You deserve the best. Thanks for File Scavenger®!

    Kind regards,

  • 2007/10/09 - Bernt T. Rosnes - Norway

    I just wanted to give my thanks for the File Scavenger® program. It saved me for a lot of heated discussions with my wife :-) My other external LaCie harddrive is currently in England to get out the information on it after a crash and I thought the same thing was happening again with my new drive. BUT NOW EVERYTHING IS BACK!! Very easy to use and recover.
    Thank you sooo much !!


  • 2007/10/08 - Ann Wagstaff - Surrey, Great Britain

    Thank you for a brilliant programme. It found the .sll file I had mistakenly deleted within minutes. I had other programmes running for hours with no success.

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