Data Recovery
July-September 2014 - User Comments


  • 2014/07/30 - Nick - Toronto, Canada

    I just wanted to say thank you, you saved me considerable time and money. My laptop died and I had three months of data on there that wasn't backed up. (Yes I know!) As the system wouldn't boot I removed the drive and housed it in an external USB chassis. I tried many packages well known for recovering data from damaged disks. None of them worked. They wouldn't even recognise my drive was mounted. As a last resort I found your site and downloaded Scavenger. I ran in demo mode and it recognised the drive and after a scan I saw my files. I purchased the product key and moved my data from my corrupt drive to a new one.
    Thank you very much, I had nearly given up and was about to trash the drive. I'm so grateful I didn't and thank again for Scavenger, it really did the job.

    Nick from Toronto.