Data Recovery
July-September 2011 - User Comments


  • 2011/09/16 - Wayne Bangert - New Haven, IN

    I have a HD that I tried to re-adjust the drive partitions. I do it all the time with Acronis Diskdirector. This time something went horribly wrong. The drive would not boot. I removed the drive and slaved it to another laptop to see what was happening. For some reason the C drive was reformatted to a FAT16 (was a NTSF) and explorer wanted to format the partition. The C partition was not mountable. I thought no problem and I went to find the last backup. OOPS . 2006 last backup. What was worst yet was this was my wife's laptop with all her college thesis docs, family photos, etc. I got the cold shoulder treatment for a week after I told her she would have to live with files form 2006. I was in a panic. After calling several HD restoration companies it looked like I was on the hook for at least $500 to $2000 for the reclaiming. I am a backyard computer hack so I started calling some computer buddies and relayed the problem. Not one computer guru called back. That was a bad sign. I started looking at the hard drive software on line and tried several free scans with little to no luck. I ended up with DDS professional and tried scanning the drive for a week. Jpegs came up but not text, doc, docx etc. I almost gave up after hours of trying different strategies. I thought I would try one more time other software file reclaimers. I ran across File Scavenger. Wow. I got immediate results. It found every jpeg, doc, docx etc. It even reassembled the files into the correct folders so sorting was a breeze.

    I would recommend this software to everyone who has a HD problem. Don.t mess around with the pretty commercial looking stuff. Get the hardcore software that will save the day.

  • 2011/08/23 - Steve Matlock - Hamburg, NY

    I purchased "File Scavenger" almost by accident. I had been racking my brain, looking for software on the internet, which might recover my files from my corrupted 2TB External Drive. I came across Quetek and decided to call. It was explained to me to download the FREE trial to see if it appeared that it would do the trick and then I could purchase the FULL version at what appeared to be a reasonable price. I could not be happier. The download showed me I could see all the lost files in "Tree" order, so I could easily determine what files I needed to recover.

    Purchasing the license was simple and straight forward. The program worked perfectly, and the progress monitor kept me from becoming impatient. It took quite a while to recover over 300GB of info, but was well worth the wait.

    Simple (I managed to do it myself), priced right, and efficient, it was all that was touted. I would recommend it immediately to anyone with a corrupted drive.

    Five Stars

  • 2011/08/17 - Frank Castro - Texas, USA

    I just wanted to drop you a thank you note now that I have recovered all of the contents of my 2TB external hard drive that failed last week. Having experienced a previous issue with an internal hard drive which cost me nearly $1000 to recover, I realize the magnitude of the cost savings using the File Scavenger software. After realizing that my WD Studio II, 2TB hard drive could not be accessed I panicked thinking that I would have to spend a large amount of money again to recover my data (mainly pictures and videos) plus backups.

    I tried various software products which I found using google search. None of them worked or even came close to matching the performance and reliability of FS Ver 4. Your product is truly amazing and I have been telling friends and our IT group of the great results I obtained. I also wanted to thank you for the excellent customer support your company provided me; emails were answered immediately and technical support was there when I needed it. Its comforting to dial a customer service number and talk to a real person who is knowledgeable of the product and ready to help.

    Again thanks very much for your help and for having available to common folks like me an easy to use, reliable software that can help save thousands of dollars in data recovery.

  • 2011/07/28 - N. Mitchell - Glasgow, England

    Dear Team,

    Have found file Scavenger excellent. Have been able to retrieve all my stuff from the freecom drive which will not show up in windows. I have found it an easy program to use.

  • 2011/07/22 - Michael Bornhorst - Schruns, Austria

    Dear Dream-Makers!

    I can only give your company QueTek my compliments. File Scavenger 3.2 is a fantastic product. For some unknown reason I lost all my pictures on an external HD and like an idiot, I had no backup..simply put it off too long. I could see that the HD was 3/4 full (160 GB) but I couldn't access the data--no files, no documents, just one meaningless file containing 180 GB of data which could not be opened.

    I tried to recover them with Windows XP file recovery and other freeware product but with each scan the result was "nothing" (dispair!).

    I downloaded your product File Scavenger 3.2--free demo version. I first used the quick scan--nothing (more dispair!!) then I tried the detailed scan that would take hours. After two hours, still nothing (even greater dispair!!!) so I went to bed. Then like a fairy tale, I woke up early in the morning and, lo and behold, all the files were there. They were all successfully recovered. It took a long time but the wait was more than worth it. I am eternally grateful. This is truly a fantastic product.

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