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License Transfer Request Form

Note: The procedure below is for Version 3. For Version 4 and later, please follow the procedure here.

A Personal Use license can be transferred from the original computer to a second computer in the following scenarios:
  • The original computer is being retired and replaced by the second computer.
  • The license is bought for the original computer for testing. The actual use is intended for the second computer.
Please fill out and submit the form below. If the request can be validated, a new license code will be sent to your registered email address.

 Purchase Information
Registered Email Address (as shown on your receipt)  
    My email address has changed.  
Reason for Transfer    
*New* Registration Code    
Note: Please use the currently-displayed Registration Code (or Serial Number),
not the original one on your receipt.
 How to find the Registration Code:
  • Follow the correct procedure to download and install File Scavenger. Incorrect installation will reduce the chances of a successful recovery.
  • Run File Scavenger on the computer holding the lost data.
  • On the File Scavenger Help menu, click Licenses. The Registration Code will be displayed in the Personal Use License section.
  • Copy and paste (or simply retype) the Registration Code into the text box above.

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