Data Recovery
July-September 2012 - User Comments
  • 2012/08/24 - John Simandl - Victoria, Australia

    Last night my wife came home from work only to find her external HDD with all her work files to fail. The external HDD was being recognised by her laptop but only as an unreadable HDD that needed to be formatted.

    Naturally she had no backup nor did she keep any of these files on the network drive at work. After doing a Google search, your File Scavange data recovery software had some good reviews. I downloaded the trial version. A quick scan seemed to have found all her files. I purchased the license for a very reasonable price and some two and a half hours later all the 132,745 (73GB) files were recovered.

    You probably will appreciate the shear relieve that my wife felt. Thank you for your great product.

  • 2012/07/02 - Dikesh Patel - London, Great Britain

    Hi Quetek,

    I am just writing to you to say a big thank you.

    My external drive failed and I tried 2 other disk/data recovery applications before trying yours.

    The previous 2 applications did find some of my data but only about 2% that was useful.

    Your File Scavenger software completed a lot quicker and found over 90% of my data. What I found comforting was you can preview the findings before committing to paying for the license (which I know is worth every penny).

    I am very grateful as the most important items were photos of my late father, my new born son and my wedding (you have saved my giblets from the chopping board......my wife had the knife ready!). These items have now been recovered thanks to File Scavenger.

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,

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