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Recent Reviews

  • 2003/12/31 - Matthew Bangert

    I recently lost my WinXP RAID array due to a very shady SuSE Linux bootloader (they'll hear from me next). I "sampled heheh" some expensive software suites, but none of them could recover the very critical data from my defunct RAID array. Then I found you guys through google.... and let me just say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you etc. etc. and so on and so forth. I registered your program on the spot and proceeded to extract my larger files (64k is kinda small for a demo, up it to 1m guys =P). BUT THANK YOU!!! I've already plugged you to just about every ... admin I know (a lot) giving you a gleaming review. You saved my ... bigtime-

    Very sincerely and respectfully,
    Matthew Bangert

  • 2003/12/15 - David Jackson, GSEC

    After several days of worrying about data I've compiled in 8+ years of teaching computer and security classes at a Community College, as well as pictures, etc from the past 8 years I finally ran across your product. All I have to say is Christmas came early for me this year. After receiving quotes from several different "Recovery Specialists" starting at $10,000 to recover my 2 Drive (80 GB) - 160GB RAID 0 Partition, I finally decided about an hour before I found your software that my data would be gone and lost forever.

    My horrid nightmare began as I was installing a 3rd hard drive in my system of 2 RAID 0 - 80 GB hard drives already. I was not wanting to add a 3rd drive to the array, but simply wanted to add this extra 120 GB drive as a backup drive. After adding the drive and booting up, I realized that I had installed this 3rd drive onto the Slave of the secondary RAID controller. Big no no. As I removed the drive physically from the machine and booted back up, Windows would not boot and I received what I believe to be the absolute worst message I personally have ever had come up on a computer. "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". After frantically trying everything for 2 days including the following: Ghost 7.5 Enterprise, Winternals Administrator's Pak 4.0, Drive Image Pro, and CHKDSK I called 3 data recover specialists. $10,000 was the starting quote, until I ran into your $40 software.

    So, as I read through the testimonials I thought that maybe there might be hope as I saw that there were others that had a similar setup. After beginning the scan for files, I realized that I had a winner. I immediately purchased a personal copy and copied over the license key. After about 3 hours, most of my files had been found. The restore process was painless as well except for the tension that built as the data was being restored. Do you have any software to fix that? ;-)

    After about 3 hours of restoration, I had "200748 Recovered" and "251 Fails" mostly because the files were zero bytes or tmp files. Nothing important....I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was missing. I also work for a large law firm in California. I will not only be purchasing a Corporate License for use at my firm, but I will be telling all of my students that come through my classes to buy your software. Even if they just have the software on a disk ready to go in case something happens, it can be a life saver. Also, I teach computer security and this would be a great tool to have students use for data forensics. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the hard work that your company has done to create software that obviously works and is cost effective for a home user in trouble. I would have paid 3 times as much minimum if I knew the data would be retrieved....not that I don't like the $40 price tag though! ;-)

    I thank you and my wife thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

    David Jackson, GSEC

  • 2003/12/05 - Derek Longman

    Recently I was installing a 2nd hard drive on my home PC. Using another party's software I did a format of what I thought was the 2nd hard drive, when in fact it was the logical partition on my primary drive. 3 years worth of music, family pictures etc...gone!!! I was so upset, I felt sick until I came across your product on the web, and read the testimonials.

    Could File Scavenger really get all my deleted files back??? I downloaded the demo to a floppy disk and ran it on my PC....Unbelievably I saw 2 files appear that I was sure were lost. Without a 2nd thought, I went back to your website and paid for a license key.

    Within 4 hours I had recovered 25 gig of pictures, music and other important files.

    File Scavenger is worth every cent and more!!!

  • 2003/11/17 - Joe Peichoto

    Now that's what I call great customer service! Thank you sooo much for the quick reply! I might go without sleep tonight, but my daughter will have her files for her when she wakes. I will be telling all my geek friends about your software and terrific customer service. Thank you again.

  • 2003/11/13 - Todd Kivimaki

    Thanks for your program, you really saved me, I lost over 30 gigs of important data. Thanks.

  • 2003/11/12 - Nicolaj Rosing - Foss Electric R&D - www.foss.dk

    I have just been recovering about 30 Gb pictures of my 3 kids (the last 3 years) with your File Scavenger V2 tool. Have tried everything - nothing worked and I was getting pretty scared - didn't dare to write to the disc. Had a total messed up NTFS disc. Lots of blue screen, stop error 0x07 etc. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS for this wonderful tool. I'll recommend you to everybody I know around.

  • 2003/11/06 - Dale Savoie

    Thanks, Your software worked very well. I accidently erase over 200 photos on my camera's flashcard and your software helped me recover every one.

    File Scavenger saved me a lot of time. The price was well worth it!

  • 2003/11/05 - Mauro Servienti - Italy

    I'd like to thank You all for giving me the possibility to restore 7Gb of 'lost' data on a production server, after 48 hours of panic, testing almost all the software I found out there, I found, on a newsgroup, a link to your site.

    After a brief test, I realized that there is a possibility and after having bought... I got my data back.

    Best Regards

  • 2003/11/02 - Alberto Alvarez Perea


    I have recovered some photos I never thought I would get again thanks to your program. I tried to look for them in the hard disk, but Scavenger didn't find them (I deleted them accidentally and didn't notice until a few days after), so I put the compact flash card into my cards reader, applied exhaust scan and... wow! not only I got the photos I was looking for, but also some others that I had lost long time ago... Thanks! I owe you some precious memories :)

  • 2003/10/31 - Mike Van Gordon

    Your product is THE best piece of soft ware i have ever bought!!!

    It has just rescued 4.8Gb of data, files stretching back as far as EIGHT years old!!

    Im a student doing Electronics and it has just saved me having to retype of 12000 words in essays!

    I've spent three days trying to salvage my files, and file scavenger has done it in less than an hour from the point i down loaded the program!!

    Definitely time to start doing backups!!

    thank you!!

  • 2003/10/23 - Christophe Gorski.MD


    J'ai procédé selon vos conseils et j'ai pu récupérer tous mes dossier sur mon disque dur. Merci pour votre aide et je suis ravi de recommander votre programme a mes amis. Je suis impressioné aussi par la qualité de votre support!!!!!

    Bien a vous

  • 2003/10/14 - David Szeptycki

    Thanks for the great software. It worked like a charm. I had accidently wiped out my harddrive with a linux install, and within an hour I had all my precious digital camera pics restored :)

    Thanks a million!

  • 2003/10/13 - Jason Hill - Systems Engineer - EDS UK Limited

    I'd tried loads of other tools (including Ontrack which I had always considered to be *the* data recovery people) with no luck. My 80Gb drive had failed after an XP BSOD which corrupted the MFT, then the Recovery Console kindly created a 32Mb FAT16 partition over the top of my exisiting partion. I came across (and purchased) a MBR-Repair tool (the demo had displayed my entire file-struture) however it in practice it did nothing to repair it and was a waste of money! In final desperation I re-formatted the drive as it was originally (1x 80Gb NTFS Partition) and then ran the demo of File Scavenger. Success! The 64Kb demo was sufficient to display a taster of my JPEG Photo's and sure enought the full version recovered all! JPEGS, Documents, ISO's, MPGs - all of the data that i've recovered has been fully intact!

    Thanks again!

  • 2003/10/10 - Larry J Schaaf

    thank you for your very prompt reply and for your simple and effective system for doing this I only wish all software companies were so good! Perhaps you could set up a training or consulting service to show others how to keep their customers happy.

    And it is a good and very useful program as well

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