Data Recovery
October - December 2015 - User Comments


  • 2015/11/15 - André M. - Dortmund, Germany

    ok first video file, i tried to recover before contacting you, 1.3 GB now tested again to recover and after recovering
    file NOW works...

    oh my gosh... I can't believe it... wow, you kept your promises. you provided help and helped! what can I say, I am glad I bought the software... well, realized in the meantime that I bought 4.3 but 5.1 is available, even in German... so what do I have to do to make the upgrade, which is for free if I am not mistaken... order again, and pay, and then get refund for previous payment?

    once again--- you made my day and saved dozens of hours of video footage transfer for me..

    I will recommend you whenever I can! thanks a million