Data Recovery
April - June 2016 - User Comments


  • 2016/06/16 - Jade C. - Sarasota, FL

    Hello, I wanted to say THANK YOU!
    I did the DEMO download then found the lost data.
    Did not want to loose the 5 hrs of scanning, so paid for your great product and activated the demo copy.
    Salvaged all data to a good place and was on my way in no time.
    I am a 47 yr old computer shop owner and want to say this is by far the best recovery software i have ever used.
    I have tried it all in my 25 years of computer repair!

    About this project: client had a NAS hard drive crash no computer OS would even mount the drive.
    Other recovery software just found junk with no structure, File Scavenger found data with structure and we recovered the entire folder of 6gigs.
    The client was happy and so was i--- case closed-

  • 2016/5/20 - Jeff B. - Fairbanks, AK

    This is an absolutely fantastic piece of software you have here. You saved my customer many, many thousands of dollars in data recovery service fees.

  • 2016/5/20 - Saddique S. - Gambia

    I would like to thank you for all your efforts, and really appreciate the way your team is working :)

    We will surely recommend your product