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January-March 2011 - User Comments
  • 2011/03/13 - Al Shah - Cincinnati, Ohio

    I didn't know where to send this, but I just wanted to thank you for such a good product (File Scavenger). Unfortunately, I have had to use it, but fortunately, this product is AWESOME!!!! You have saved so many once in a life time memories (pictures, movies, etc.)

    Thank you!

  • 2011/03/07 - Will Jones - Canadian Flite Simulation

    QueTek saved my bacon once again. You are always lightning fast at getting back to me when I have an issue. Thanks for your help!

  • 2011/02/28 - Vincent Cottrill - Hermiston, Oregon

    I am an IT Tech for a Hospital. I do it all day long, so when I get home I don't want to mess with my PC, it just better work. I decided that during this raining weekend I was going to start fresh with all new installation. I have 4 internal backup hard drives that I unhooked first, after saving all my important information. Reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit with no problems and then hooked the other hard drives back up. Only 2 showed correctly, 1 was reading as foreign, and one just wasn't showing up. I'm an IT Tech so no problem. In that lies the problem though. I was going too fast and just wanted to get it over with so I went to Disk Management, rescanned the disks, right clicked on the foreign one and hit format. Do you want to do this..sure I do. As soon as I clicked "Yes" my blood went to my feet. I had not backed up that hard drive before all this started and I just remembered that. This 320gb hard drive contained all my pictures, over 10gb of music, tax information, house information, all my bill documents, etc. This was a VERY important hard drive that I was planning to back up to another one, but never got around to it. I had been neglecting my own pc because of work, and now it kicked me in the butt. I was able to get the 3 other hard drives recognized and did not find anything from my main backup. So after yelling at myself, I unplugged it and was about ready to plug it back in and start copying files to it but something was telling me to check the internet. So I found your site. Free download and file search. So I did, and I clicked on quick search and it found a bunch of files. I had it transfer 1 picture to a folder and it worked. So I bought the program and did a long search and the program found and transferred about 95% of my deleted files. This program is the best! If you are a novice at working on computers, don't worry, this program is extremely user friendly. I saw one review that complained about the price. This program is worth every cent, if not more for the peace of mind it gives you. Thank you so much for an excellent product.

  • 2011/02/16 - Rob van der Heijden - Netherlands

    I am very happy with your program. I've made a very stupid fault by formatting my data drive.

    On the disk there were a lot of family pictures and videos, also the whole history, recordings and pictures of the organ in our church and everything of the organ foundation which I founded in 1988. It was really a catastrophe. But, with your program almost 100% of everything is recovered. Many thanks.

  • 2011/02/12 - Victoria Denniston - London, UK

    Dear QueTek

    This isn't a support request, it's a grateful thank you. I had tried a competitor of yours in the past to recover pictures from a corrupted SD camera disk. The competitor's product was able to recover half of the files. Naturally, this didn't include the half that were the ones I really wanted, taken in a unique location with unexpectedly good weather. I was about to sadly throw the SD away, when I went on line to give it one last try.

    Your product recovered ALL of the pictures and video files. Thank you so much, I'm a very satisfied customer.


  • 2011/02/09 - Raymond Marcelino - Buraidah, Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia

    The Best thing about your Company is that you treat your Customer with Utmost Care and attention. You are always there when we need you most. Many Many Thanks from the bottom of my heart. "TRULY....YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER"

  • 2011/02/06 - John R Lutes II - Dowagiac, Michigan

    Wow... It worked... Thank you so much. Thanks also for letting me try it before I paid.

    I am by no means a computer whiz and it was comforting to forge ahead knowing that if it didn't work it wouldn't cost me. The files recovered are worth way more than the $50, and with your clear step by step instructions it was relatively easy even for a bone headed 64 year old like me.

    Not often a software company these days actually do as they promise. Please accept my compliments for being honorable business folks.

  • 2011/01/18 - Norman Langton - Surrey, United Kingdom

    This is a quick e-mail to say that all of my files were recovered and open/run perfectly. My sincere thanks to you for all your commitment and help. I appreciate the time and considerable effort that you personally put into recovering my data and this is even more significant given that you are thousands of miles away.

    I realise that this was a particularly difficult case with files that were uncommon, in fact quite specialised; so it only leaves me to say that I would recommend your software but, more importantly, your superb service to the customer without which the software is, after all, just another stream of data..!

    My files are now all 'backed up'...!!

  • 2011/01/17 - James Lewis - Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

    When the hardware controller in the external hard drive (2 x 250Gb drives) I was using burned out, I was close to tears. Those disks contained 34 years of arcade machine artwork, scanned directly from the cabinets of videogame machines across the world and painstakingly retouched for use by collectors, restorers, enthusiasts, movie prop makers and museums. I was sure that I'd just lost the worlds only usable copy of some of that artwork, a 'fact' confirmed by the three data recovery companies I called that afternoon.

    Heartbroken, I packed those drives away and left them in a cupboard for almost a year, until a chance conversation with a computer forensics guy at a client I'm working with. I purchased the full professional version of File Scavenger via your website last week and 24 hours later I'd recovered the entire 400Gb of previously lost artwork. No drama, no complex configuration - the program worked straight out-of-the-box and ploughed through the 4000 plus files with no intervention from me.

    I'm amazed, relieved and totally ecstatic all at the same time!

    Thank you.

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