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2nd Qtr 2008 - User Comments

  • 2008/06/10 - Edward Dzien -Doha - Qatar


    Last night I purchased a copy of your file scavenger program as I thought I had lost everything form my external USB2 hard drive.

    Vista could not even see it, but once I ran your program it picked it up no problem, and lifted everything off the drive with no loss

    As it always the case its not the cost of the files I thought I had lost....as the photos I had were one offs etc. and therefore priceless.

    Thank you for a seriously good piece of software.

    It does what it says.


  • 2008/06/09 - Scott Feeney - Northern Territory, Australia

    I lost almost 500gb of data on an external hard drive, consisting of movies, programs, photo's, personal and business documents when all of a sudden my computer wouldn't recognise it telling me it had to be formatted. I tried a few other programs ad they were very expensive and very slow. I wish I had found this program first. It is very, very reasonably priced. It is also very quick in comparison to other programs on the market. I am 100% satisfied with this program and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who needs to restore data.

    Should also mention fantastic customer support and response time.

    Can't thank you enough

  • 2008/06/02 - Alexander Raue - Rotator.net

    Good morning,

    I just finished getting everyone reconnected with their PST files. So far there only seems to be one file that needs scanpst treatment to fix a few issues. I'd say that you did an excellent job of virtually 100% recovery.

    I thank you for your tremendous efforts in getting us back up and running.

  • 2008/05/21 - Mwamshindo - Tanzania, East Africa.

    I got the software from my sister as instructed by you yesterday.

    It is amazing software. I have recovered all my data. You really deserve all these awards!!!


  • 2008/05/19 - Scott A. Amyoony - Senior Analyst - Logic Communications

    Our data had redundant backups - all had failed or were corrupted. The array was down and none of the disks could be accessed. Our staff urgently needed access to this data. I contacted the hardware vendor and they did not offer remote assistance AND wanted 5000.00/day for an on-site consultant and offered NO GUARANTEE. Enter QueTek™. Their staff responded IMMEDIATELY and got to work on a solution for us. They worked relentlessly until our data was recovered and restored. All for a fraction of the price charged by their competitors. I can't thank you enough QueTek™!

  • 2008/04/23 - Don Rubie, Auckland, New Zealand

    Thank you so much for your brilliant program!

    I lost nearly 230Gb of data and digital photos when a virus destroyed the partition table or boot sector of my Seagate hard drive. When I asked the “experts” I was told the drive was now blank and they couldn’t recover it. When I discovered your program File Scavenger I thought I have nothing to lose as you had your free demo. A quick scan recovered an important spreadsheet so I immediately paid for the license. I recovered the ENTIRE drive contents in around 6 hours and my wife now talks to me again.

    Thanks again

  • 2008/04/22 - Bushnaq Josting

    This software does not only work superb, but the customer service and technical support team are just extremely helpful.

  • 2008/04/22 - Micki Barlett

    My neighbor's HD crashed. She had 5 years worth of her oldest daughters pictures and the entire 1st year of her baby's pics on the HD. I could not access anything on the drive via her machine or with the HD in my machine as a slave. We were about to give up hope when I came across your website. I downloaded the demo and it found EVERYTHING on her HD. We immediately purchased the license. Thank you so much for saving her memories!! I work in IT and can't wait to spread the news about your awesome product. What really sold me on it was that I could demo it to see if it could even find anything before I was required to purchase.

    Best Wishes!!

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