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NTFS Data Recovery - 1st Quarter 2007 User Comments

  • 2007/03/27 - Terry Anderson - London, UK

    Hi you great and wonderful people.

    I cannot begin to thank you for your support and product. You have saved my academic life. If you require any references please contact me.

    Once again, thank you, thank you.

  • 2007/03/21 - Mark Weber - Canada

    I was at my wits end. My hard drive was in a perpetual boot-loop, no safe mode, nothing. Even set up as a slave it was recognized only as a healthy unformatted disk. ERD boot disk didn't work. I was close to giving up. A friend recommended your product. My children are 2 and 4 years old, and I had almost 2 Gb's of Pics and movies unbacked up. You gave me back those years that could have been gone forever.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 2007/03/06 - Ron Udo - PC & Cable - League City, TX

    This is a GREAT product! I have used other, more expensive products, and have not been able to retrieve the data that File Scavenger® has been able to recover! I just used it on a laptop HDD that, while detected by WinXP Pro, could not be accessed (inaccessible drive errors and in-line page operation errors). yet I ran File Scavenger® on the drive, and while it could not recover everything (the drive had failed and had a lot of corruption on it), it recovered almost everything that our customer needed! Anything that wasn't recovered. oh, well. I guess he should have maintained BACK-UPS!!!

    I have used other products that would not even attempt to recover a HDD in this state of failure, yet File Scavenger® did an admirable job of retrieving data from a HDD that I would have previously written off as unrecoverable (without professional recovery).

    I am sending this to you, because I could not find a link on your web-site that would let me submit a user review. Hopefully, you will use this feedback, because I feel that this is a superior product. even better than a lot of products on the market that are much more expensive!

    Thanks for a great produtt!

  • 2007/03/02 - Darce Jean - Bryant, Arizona

    I just have to share this great story with you, that started out as a disaster!

    Yesterday my MicroGEMM 6GB flash drive crashed. I had three web sites of files on the drive!!

    I immediately, of course, went to the Manufacturer's web site for help. They recommended a recovery software, which did not work.

    I contacted several of my web peers for help and they suggested five more software's. I tried a total of six (yours included). I wanted to try the free ones, of course!

    I worked and worked and then one of the web designers told me about your software. It worked GREAT. The File Scavenger listed ALL of my files plus the hundreds of temps and logs that the other software's created! I was able to test it with the 64KB that you offer to see if your software works, which I was able to do so! I immediately bought the license and recovered my files. And my flash drive works now! Your software took about 30 minutes to perform the whole process of listing the files and recovering to a folder of my choosing on my hard drive.

    Thank you for creating a great software!

  • 2007/02/26 - Jan Krooshof - The Netherlands

    Dear QueTek Service team,

    I am very glad that I can tell you that your software File Scavenger® helps me to recover 100% of my lost data after my RAID5 array got corrupted.

    It was very easy to use and very effective.

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards,

  • 2007/02/26 - Paul Snyder - KY

    I just placed this comment on CNet - your product worked great!

    A server that had just been loaded with some very important files would not boot. I repaired the boot sector, but then it would not start Windows XP in safe or any other mode, and would restart the system after a couple seconds of trying. After a few attempts at using emergency disks, I moved it to a working system to try recovery tools. The disk and its directory had become so corrupted that the disk reported to different utilities as being not present, not formatted, not readable, physically damaged, etc. Nothing would work, not a single file was recoverable .

    I called Ontrak for an authorization to send the disk in or to try online recovery, expecting to pay $350 or more. While I was waiting for a call back I Googled "NTFS recovery" and saw File Scavenger® 3.1. Since I had little to lose I downloaded the demo and ran it. To my amazement a list of 147,000 files appeared in just a few seconds. Skeptical, I recovered several and opened them, all were 100% in tact (about 90% of the files on the disk were marked as recoverable). So I paid the $49 for the program and recovered all the files I needed.

    File Scavenger® was amazing. It recovered files that other popular programs could not even recognize, at a cost far less than data recovery specialists charge. I highly recommend that everyone with a logically dead drive that still operates to download File Scavenger® to another disk in the computer, and give it a try before spending money on expensive services.

  • 2007/02/23 - Dave Wynn - Retired Technical Support Analyst.

    Just a short note to say how inordinately pleased I was to find a product that does what it says on the tin. It recovered a HDD that Windows had trashed showing that it had no format and no data. Took me less than one hour and all my user data was back where it belonged on a new disk. I could not believe how, easy effective and user friendly it was.

    I bet your helpdesk is the least used department in your organisation :-).

    With a product like this "we don't need no Helpdesk" :-)

  • 2007/02/20 - Douglas Schulthess - Merritt Island, FL

    I cannot thank you enough for rescuing me from a disastrous blunder during what was supposed to be a file backup session.

    I went to a well-known electronics store with an in-house repair shop and they showed me do-it-yourself file recovery software for sale off the shelf. I asked them if that was what they would use to recover my data if I were to bring in my hard drive to their in-house shop. "Oh no," the savvy teenage tech replied, "We use something called File Scavenger®."

    Thank you again for helping me recover over 500 Mb of my daughter's lost photos, homework and music. She is calling me "Dad" again.

  • 2007/02/05 - Keith A. Damm - Manteno, IL

    I wanted to send a quick e-mail saying thank you for providing such a quality product. A little more than a week ago my four-month old primary computer at home crashed. The more I did to attempt to recover, the worse the computer seemed to get. Finally the computer just would not come up at all. I contacted HP tech support and after a few e-mails back and forth we determined my hard drive crashed and needed to be replaced.

    I then put the hard drive in another computer and was not able to access anything on the hard drive. All was lost. I am in my final semester for my undergraduate degree and my wife has a small digital photography business, we could not afford to lose anything off that hard drive (most things were backed up, but not everything). I tried using other software, after scanning my hard drive for nearly four hours, I could only retrieve a very small portion of the data, and I could not recognize what it had found. I then searched the Internet (google) and found your software, I figured I had nothing to lose so I downloaded the trail version. After an incredibly fast scan (less than a minute), almost all of my files were found, intact and in good shape. I bought your software and have successfully recovered everything that I wanted from my old, broken down hard drive. This is definitely the best purchase I have ever made and will recommend your software to everyone I know. Thank you very much for providing such a quality product, I can't say enough about it.


  • 2007/02/05 - Richard Neubauer - Oceanside, California

    I used your software after unintentionally deleting two folders with over 6,000 files and 7 gigabytes of data on a Windows Server 2003 system. Following your instructions for recovering a DATA disk, we recovered every single file on the disk, including the directory tree structure, in under two hours. It worked flawlessly, and the interface was very intuitive.

  • 2007/01/23 - Marj & Chuck Whitney - Arizona

    We recently lost our hard drive and before that our D drive and A drive. Tried to back most everything on a couple of flash drives, but didn't get it all. To make a long story short, after trying a couple of retrieval software programs and not achieving much, I came across your File Scavenger®. Tried the demo and found much more on my flash drives. So we hooked up our old hard drive as a slave to the new computer, started your program, and was thrilled to see it was recognized. The computer repair person could not get our new drive to recognize the old drive. So I immediately purchased your program, ran it and found all my "good stuff." I cannot thak you enough for putting this out for ordinary people like us to use it. It would have cost a small fortune to send the drive out for retrieval! I am telling everyone I know about it! Thank you again.

  • 2007/01/22 - Pierre Salamé - Manquant, France

    Hi guys,

    As anyone knows, Internet is becoming a huge virtual store where one can find the best and the worst. In the latter, it becomes particularly annoying when one is over-stressed due to an important data loss on one's computer following a fatal formatting error that resulted in the deletion of an external disk partition, rendering the disk unaccessible.

    After having spent days and nights at hunting the right software offered on the Internet to recover lost data rather unsuccessfully, I found at last your File Scavenger® V3. And although I first thought it would word like the many others, that is, both useless and incredibly complicated, nevertheless it might be worth trying it for just in case ...

    I tried the demo, I bought the license and ran the software. As a result, I obtained the following:

    153 AVI files weighing some 28.2 Gb were recovered in about 22 minutes.
    68 Jpg files representing 91.6 Mb were recovered in only 7 seconds.

    That was simply magical! I thought it might be worth informing other unfortunate persons that the software works very efficiently.

    Thanks for your splendid work.

  • 2007/01/18 - Eric Jordan - Benodet, France


    I want to thank you for a really great product. I've tried many different programs that claimed to do what yours does, but get stuck the moment there is any serious problem.

  • 2007/01/18 - Kurt Schilling (a satisfied customer) - Anderson, Indiana

    Good day. Just a short note to say "Thank you" for the new download of File Scavenger®. It has worked flawlessly. I have recovered most of the data that I considered to be critical at this time. I have to say that the recovery process is simple and not overly time consuming considering the size of the hard drive that I'm working with.


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