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Data Repair
January-March 2009 - User Comments

  • 2009/03/29 - Joe Clarke - Warsaw, Illinois

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!! Recovered lost data!!!! Purchased the program after it started breathing life into believed dead hard everything I needed off of it!i Thanks a bunch....about ready to send the drive to a recovery lab...glad I gave this a shot!!

  • 2009/03/24 - Jerry Deslauriers - Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    Thanks again for all your help. Its rare to find a company that responds to customers in as timely and as helpful manner as yours! Tell your boss to give you a raise.

  • 2009/03/23 - Simon Collins - South Hobart, Australia

    Although you already have many testimonials I thought I'd get in too.

    Excellent: over 30 days work retrieved from a memory stick.

  • 2009/03/18 - Tom Beam - Silver Spring, Maryland

    First -- THANK YOU for your product!! I think it has saved virtually all the important files on my HDD that I deleted the partition on when I was trying to do some work while I was sleepy!! I was in the process of making a new RAID0 volume on two other disks and deleted the wrong hard drive partition.

    I have saved the recovered files on my new RAID volume and would now like to migrate them back to the original drive and hopefully be able to run the programs from that drive. Is this at all possible?


  • 2009/03/17 - John Garland - Sidmouth - Great Britain


    Many thanks for your product. I have tried several and NOTHING beats your product. I got back my missing data in a couple of minutes in perfect condition. The other products did not do this.

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • 2009/03/02 - Suzanne S Chandler - AZ

    I was very happy to find a site that offered help in getting my deleted photos back off my smart media card. Although my images were not recoverable, I had a safe transaction, extremely fast and informative help along the way to determine if there was more that could be done to try to get the photos and in the end a fast and safe transaction of my issued refund using Pay Pal. I highly recommend to anyone who has deleted photos and wants to see if they are findable. I am completely satisfied that Quetek's professional staff did all that they could to help me. My card was broken unknown to me. Thank you to all the techs that helped me, I appreciate all your time and efforts!


  • 2009/02/12 - Kevin McNally - Derbyshire - Great Britain

    File Scavenger installed and used. Highly successful. Very satisfied.


  • 2009/02/10 - Christos Bezas - Athens, Greece

    I just wanted to inform you that all my files are back again!!!

    Thank you for your support and your company for its software.

    Although the cost was for me quite high, being a student and all, the outcome is certainly very pleasing.

    Take care...

    Best Regards

  • 2009/02/06 - Niccolo H. Bodner - Concord, California

    Thank you so much for your outstanding quick response. Everything worked well and your software is anyway the best tool I've ever purchased, as it saved my life twice already!

    Thanks again and best,

  • 2009/01/23 - Bruce Baker - Stockton, California

    Hello, my name is Bruce, and I want to thank you for the product. I had a friend that had the HD crash, and he needed the files. I had tried 3 trial products before yours, and none would even read the drive. Installed your program, and it began reading all of it. I was able to retrieve the files and pictures he wanted. The price was OK also. I am a very happy customer. Thanks.

  • 2009/01/23 - Clint Satterwhite - Plano, Texas

    I am a geek. Being a geek I tend to upgrade my system a lot. After messing with PCs since back in the 8088 days I have done a lot of things that have come back to bite me. None have been quite so impactful as what I did last weekend. I was considering doing a CPU upgrade on my system and realized I needed to upgrade my BIOS to support that shiny quad core processor. No big deal. I've flashed the BIOS several times in the past couple of years with no issues. This time was different. Just as I clicked the 'reboot' button on the flash update I noticed the check-box that was enabled near the bottom that said 'Clear CMOS settings to factory defaults'.

    All of the blood ran from my face as my fears were realized. Upon rebooting my on-board SATA RAID 5 controller notified me that there was a problem with my 596GB array.

    *Deep breath*

    No problem, I'll just repair it within the controller menu. It's RAID-5 after-all. Unfortunately when I added the drives back to the array and picked rebuild, nothing happened.

    I spent the next three days trying every trick I could including 5 other applications which were suggested by friends/fellow-geeks. I was about to give up and let 7 years worth of photos, weeks of MP3 rips, hours and hours of videos, custom application and graphic source files just evaporate with a format/recreation of the array. Luckily, one of my co-workers suggested File Scavenger since it worked so well on his wife's hard drive. Why not?

    After a few attempts in different configurations (didn't recall the partiy method or block size) I was able to preview some of the JPG files. Hope was restored. The files appeared corrupted and portions were mixed from other pictures, so I tweaked the block size and ran again. WOOT! I was able to recover 100% of my 400+GB of files from this broken RAID-5 Array. I also now have a DVD-DL backup of all of the content.. and will be doing incremental updates.

    But if I ever have another data 'situation' I have great confidence that my File Scavenger Professional license will save the day again.

    Thanks QueTek™!

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