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January-March 2012 - User Comments


  • 2012/2/26 - Denny G. - California, US

    I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for your File Scavenger product. I am an avid amateur photographer, and had about 3 TB worth of photos from Antarctica and Alaska, as well as the wedding photographs from my three children on a Western Digital eSata drive that decided to go belly-up on me. While I have some backups, most of the data was stored on this drive. I downloaded and purchased your product, and was recovering files to an external USB 2.0 drive in about 5 minutes. The recovery is still running, but I am certain of two things: 1 . That 99% of my joy in life will be recovered, and 2 . That your products will be recommended by me to all my peers in the IT business.

    Thanks so much for taking that sinking feeling and helping me turn it around with a great product.

  • 2012/2/7 - Paul Lawrence, United Kingdom

    Just a note to thank you for this great software. I am pleased to say I rarely use it, three times in maybe five years it has saved my sanity - this time it was my own fault, I shift deleted a folder containing my whole days work...I am sitting here watching File Scavenger restore 4532 files, all photographs that have been sized and numbered and adjusted.

    Thanks again for great software

  • 2012/1/3 - Bob Lewinski - Illinois, US

    thanks guys - worked like a charm
    and that is how web-based business should operate
    you send a question - you get a reply and it works.

    keep up the good work - I am certainly going to recommend your product.

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