Data Recovery
July-September 2010 - User Comments
  • 2010/09/10 - Chuck Van Wey - Seattle, Washington

    You get a big thumbs up from me. I rescued 13 gigs of music, all of my pictures and documents, as well as six years of email. All hail File Scavenger!

  • 2010/08/20 - Libin Liu - Frankfurt, Germany

    Thank you very much !

    Not only a super software but also a super service !

  • 2010/08/17 - Gavin Leach - Pulborough, West Sussex, Great Britain

    Wow, what a product. 6 years of digital photos and videos recovered within 30 minutes. For those of you out there needing a recovery option, look no further than QueTek, these guys have taken data recovery to the level that even an amateur can use. Looked at other products and even considered P*W*r*d recovery service but more expensive than the File Scavenger product. Did the recovery in the comfort of my own home with 100% success rate. Great product, reasonable price and a great relief to the whole family.

  • 2010/08/15 - Dave Higginson - Belmont, North Carolina

    I have reinstalled File Scavenger on my new laptop and just wanted to thank you for allowing me to do so. You program was a "lifesaver" when I needed to recover my lost video, and although I hope not to have to use it in the future, it is comforting to know that I have it available. Thank you for your consideration and I will certainly continue to recommend File Scavenger to my friends and family.

  • 2010/08/15 - Mark Chew - Auckland, New Zealand


    I want to express my thanks to your great recovery software.

    I bought a copy of the license. It worked beyond my expectations and I recovered 100% of my lost files. And that included the backup files that were lost on external hard disk. The backed files were recovered and used to restore the original data files.

    Thank you very much.

  • 2010/08/13 - Percy C.Dhers - Randleman, North Carolina

    I do not know how to thank you for a wonderfull product "File Scavenger." In this day and age when not everything is what is meant to be you guys rock...

    I went online and tried your demo version and it found all my lost files on a crashed laptop but they all had grey boxes in front of them and videos said I did not have the codecs... Anyways I said to myself maybe the "paid" version will work.

    It did!!!! I recovered all the files I had lost... I got tears in my eyes just writing this...

    Good work.

    I will recommend u guys 10000000000%

    Best $49.00 I have spent in a long time.


  • 2010/08/12 - Zeth - Valbo, SWEDEN

    I'm very HAPPY!

    Your software did a perfect job!

    Every single file was recovered automatically with a few mouse clicks and a "thumbhold wait" of 22 hours and 18 minutes.

    Some files was in too deep folder structures to be automatic recovered, but it was a piece of cake to the manual recover of them.

    Many thanks for your short and clear instruction, it gave me a perfect "super start".

    Best regards

  • 2010/08/08 - Jim and Vicki McIntyre - Summitville, New York

    This morning I was despondent. I had just lost 62 pictures of an important moment in my son's life by mistakenly formatting my camera's 8 GB disk. Thinking there may be something that could be done, I went to the internet and found you, QueTek. An e-mail to you on a Sunday received a response in less than an hour. The directions were easy to follow and made complete sense to a novice such as myself. After a brief download, the program began munching on the disk. It took over three hours, but the software got all 62 photos back. I was more than happy to pay the reasonable fee for the license to get the photos, which the program allowed me to preview ahead of time, back onto my hard drive. It is a technological miracle as far as I am concerned. I can not thank all of you at QueTek enough. Someone there is a genius and my wife and I most certainly appreciate the talent it took to create this and the generosity shown by sharing it. Thanks so much!


  • 2010/08/07 - Jaiswinkumar Patel - Atlanta, GA

    Your Software product File Scavenger® is simply great. It worked so fast and recovered all my 250 GB data from corrupted hard drive in just 4hrs.

    Thanks & Regards,

  • 2010/07/25 - Richard Cartier - Leicester, MA

    Thank you. In general, Customer Service has taken a severe nosedive in recent years, but your quick and favorable response puts you at the top of the list in GREAT customer service. I'm certainly going to pass this along to all my computer-using friends.

    Thanks again.

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