Data Recovery
January-March 2015 - User Comments


  • 2015/1/20 - John T - Washington, USA.

    Trying out a new media program I accidentally deleted some media files on my Linux based NAS. I connected my NAS drive to my PC and tried finding a program that would recover my data. I must have tried at least six or seven different recovery programs, but yours was the best. Not only did it recover all my files, but the program easily let me choose the one directory that I needed, and it put everything back where it should be. This saved me countless hours of searching thru thousands of oddly named files placed in different directories which is what some of the other programs did, if they recognized the files at all. Once again thank you.

  • 2015/1/11 - R.S. - US

    Used your software. Best software anywhere!
    Saved me from losing hundreds of priceless photos and documents!
    I'm recommending it to everyone.
    Thanks for such a terrific product!
    Can never express how grateful I am for it!

  • 2015/1/6 - Brian C. - Victoria, Australia

    Thank you for a great product, easy to use and it actually does what is stated on your website.
    You saved my daughter losing 10 years of her art teaching at a special needs school.
    It was accidentally formatted from an external HDD and we were able to retrieve everything of value.
    Including many photos, videos and reports of all the pupils over many years.
    The software took 6hrs to recover 320GB and all has been saved on a different HDD until we have checked that everything is validated.
    While some folder structure was not recovered the raw data has been easily sorted as the photos show the created dates back to 2003.
    All Word documents maintained their original structure and names, which was a great help.
    I can certainly recommend Scavenger to my friends.
    Thanks again