Data Recovery
April-June 2012 - User Comments


  • 2012/6/1 - Ryan Leese - United States

    Thank you so much for your great support! It's refreshing to email with someone who takes time to read the whole email and respond to all the questions, not just those that are most convenient. I'll continue to spread the good word about Quetek's products and customer service. Have a good one.

  • 2012/5/16 - Kevin Boswell - Victoria, Australia

    I recently purchased File Scavenger(R) Version 4 with a Personal Use License. I purchased it because I had experience with a number freeware/shareware offering that were supposed to be able to recover files. (RECUVA, WINUNDELETE, PANDORA, UNDELETENTFS etc) and they were of no use in recovering files from a disk (system, damaged mbr, partitions gone, refused to mount under windows, linux but could be seen but not mounted by PARTED MAGIC).

    Anyway your product was able to save more than 99% of the files and their directory structure and specifically 70 GB of family photos of my wife's niece. It is an excellent product of which I am sure you are aware. I would like to thank you on behalf of my wife and her niece.

    Also I would like to say I that I was also impressed by the ease by which I was able to acquire your program, which was directly from your website (not through CNet or Softpedia or any slow confusing site riddled with advertising distractions). It was a very quick download, I ran the program and I quickly saw that it could help me and that it was worth purchasing. All done in a matter of minutes.

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