Data Recovery
April-June 2014 - User Comments


  • 2014/05/22 - Theo - Rotterdam, the Netherlands

    Hi, being a bit sceptical about the real World usability did go ahead and bought a license of File Scavenger online.

    Two disks in our NAS failed, containing many years of photos and files. The software did the job as promised and within an hour I had the files recovered.

    Not only fast, but compared to .expert data recovery. pricing at a fraction of the cost.

    Very glad I bought this software and can highly recommend it to almost everyone with some basic hardware knowledge. Easy to use and very effective.

  • 2014/05/21 - G. McDonald - Washington, USA

    Thank you for your reply! I ended up finding the files under a separate folder. The profile was from a domain account so it may been handled differently. I was able to recover all needed documents - your software is the best!
    Thank you!!

  • 2014/04/28 - Br Frank - Fyn, Denmark

    And it solved my problem. Thanks for a very good and fast support, for a product I will not hesitate to recommend.
    Have a nice day.

  • 2014/4/6 - C. Larson - California, USA

    Thank you.... I lost a year worth of collected computer arts by accident (I erased the main folder)....

    I recovered it perfectly with File Scavenger 4.2.

    This works!