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Recover Hard Drive
1st Quarter 2008 - User Comments

  • 2008/03/21 - Karl Heinz Schadt - W-Germany

    Dear Sirs,

    I only can say THANK YOU as much as POSSIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!

    Your software bring all my data back !!!

    Unbelievable, my hard-disk was 7 months, I repeat seven months by a prof. Data Recovery company and after such a long time, they are not able to bring back my data ! Your software need 8 hours to check an 3 hours to bring my data back without loose a single bit !!!

    So, please take my great respect for your great work and cheap offer of your software !!

    You are the real heroes from present time.

    Your sincerely

  • 2008/03/18 - Dan Rodriguez - Director of Operations - Plymouth Area Community Access Television, Inc.

    While trying to restore 456 gigs of video and audio files from a broken RAID 0 volume here at our television studio, I stumbled across your product after several failed attempts with other products. After trying the demo I was so excited that your product actually worked that I hastilly purchased the single user license for myself. Immediately after, I tried restoring a video clip from the list of discovered files and noticed the message telling me I need the professional version for full RAID 0 recovery. Well, without pause, I immediatelty purchased the Pro version under our studio's name.

    The product is amazing. I have been working with RAID arrays in production for over 11 years and I have never experience a complete recovery as easily as this. All 456 gigs of data have been recovered! This product is amazing!


  • 2008/03/17 - Maurice Vermeul Dedemsvaart - the Netherlands

    I have tested over 30 tools and this product is soooo unbelievable good, that I just wanted to let know. You already knew that already.

    And what a difference between 3.0 and 3.2. I had a destroyed file structured disk and File Scavenger restored everything (289 Gigabytes).

    Thank you very much for making this tool.

    Kind regards,

  • 2008/03/02 - John Fitrzkitz Jr. - Lebanon, OH

    I did not know how to write a review for your product, I'm hoping this reaches the write persons.

    I recently had a falling out with Vista. I tried to put XP back on with a dual boot option, but Vista did not like this and locked up my HDD. I spent over 2 hours fixing the issue to finally get XP to boot. Upon doing this and going to grab my backups, the backups were corrupt. I had a second hard drive where I had my files as well, so I figured I would try there. I soon learned that in the process, my second drive had been FORMATTED! I was devastated! This drive held all my data for the past 5 years. Wedding pictures, music, school documents, you name it, it was there! Who would have thought that I would have a bad backup file AND a formatted HDD!

    I researched for a day and every software I found either crashed my computer or took wwwaaaayyy too long. I stumbled across FileScavenger. I thought I would give it one last try after reading the great reviews. I was a little skeptical. After a 20 minute search, it found ALL my files I had lost! I purchased the software for an amazing $49!! I recovered 98% of my data!! I cannot explain how excited I am!

    Thank you soooo much for your product!

  • 2008/02/28 - dr.ebay/dr.paypal

    A word of thanks: was able to recover deleted/corrupt data from a xd card that was medical transcription, and impossible to replace.

    Sweet product... best $ I ever spent.

  • 2008/02/28 - Thomas Reisel - Bayern, Germany

    I have tested your product against others (like R-Studio 4.2 etc.). Only File Scavenger® could read my killed disk without any trouble. This was on Microsoft Vista with SP1 (I'm MS technet member).

    Great Product!!


  • 2008/02/19 - Robert Whiller - Isle of Wight, UK

    Just a quick message to say "thank you".

    The program is brilliant & your customer support is even better.

    Many many thanks from a very satisfied customer!

  • 2008/02/15 - Dianna - Illinois


    I did not know how to leave feedback for this product, so I am emailing you.

    First of all, I am not a computer wizard. I know how to use the programs I have, but when it comes to something going wrong, I am lost.

    I lost my hard drive from a power outage and called my computer's customer service. I paid $300.00 just to talk to them to see if we could solve my lost hard drive. They wanted me to purchase a new hard drive and I did (another $90.00).

    They could not help. Ordered me an EX Bus DTS (another added cost, but worth it) to see if we could work it that way, the whole time telling me things did not look good and that hopes for recovering my files were dim.

    I had all my business & tax records saved on this hard drive and not backed up (my fault because I was not sure how to do back up, that's how green I am). I lost everything!! I would have had to replicate every file since 2005!

    I called customer service for my EZ Bus. Mark said their bus was not going to do the trick, but clued me on to your website as a last ditch effort and he thought highly of your program. He was on your site at the same time I was and told me what to do and what to order. He said the program was pretty easy to use and he thought I could do it myself. He walked me through the demo and told me a few things to watch for and not do.

    I downloaded your file scavenger and license and recovered every one of my files!! Yes, that's right!! Every one of my files came back in their exact folders just like I left them. I called Mark back and thanked him for telling me about you & to let him know the product worked. He was happy to get a great report.

    The best thing is they did not come back read files only. I picked up yesterday from where I left last year when my computer went down. This damaged hard drive has been in limbo since Sept 2007 with hopes getting slimmer for recovery. I am a novice, but I could figure out how to use the program by reading your instructions. You folks have no clue what you have done to help me out!! I was shocked when I saw them all appear! Totally shocked and still can't believe I can go to my new hard drive and they are all there!! Thank you doesn't seem enough! If anyone is sitting on the fence about purchasing this product...DON'T!!!! SPEAKING FROM MY EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! THIS IS A WONDERFUL PROGRAM AND COULD SAVE YOU LOTS OF HEADACHES, TIME AND MONEY!! I will be forever grateful to you!!

    Thank you again,

  • 2008/02/11 - Stephan Gersching geb. Weber - Germany


    So everything has worked fine. The Files seemed to be OK.

    Thank you for your quick service with the Emails.


  • 2008/02/05 - Paul Schmidt - Plymouth, MA

    Just received the drives, everything seems perfect- I'm copying the recovered data onto my new box as I type.

    Thanks again for all your help.

  • 2008/01/21 - Anders Wästlund - Karlstad, Sweden

    Thanks. It worked fine.

    I take the opportunity to tell you that your application has worked fine and helped me to recover almost all data from my daughter's crashed disk as well as 9000 photos for a friend without backup...

  • 2008/01/01 - Miroslaw Kruk - Krakow, Poland

    Yes, you are great - I have recovered all my lost data - thank you

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