Data Recovery
April-June 2011 - User Comments
  • 2011/05/09 - Terence Stacey - Brent, Switzerland

    Thanks for this - yes that is a secondary e-mail address I use.

    I must say I am VERY impressed with your quick response and customer service.

    I would also like to add that you product is really very impressive. It works as advertised !!

    Very Best Regards

  • 2011/04/27 - Frank Adler - Smithtown, New York

    I purchased Disk Scavenger yesterday to recover files from a 'fried' drive. It worked phenomenally well even though I had performed a CHKDSK /R on the drive.

    You saved me 100's of hours of effort to reconstruct some financial files (which I will now back-up on a separate drive).

    I hope I never need your product again, but I am thrilled it exists.

    Sincerely and gratefully yours,

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