Data Recovery
October-December 2010 - User Comments
  • 2010/11/15 - Robert Walter - Colchester, Connecticut

    Just wanted to say thanks. I recovered all the important files I thought I lost to a hard drive failure.

    I tried all sorts of tips, tricks, programs and OSes in an effort to gain access to the hard drive. All proved to be fruitless. I was about to take a hammer to the hard drive and toss it into the trash when I decided I would give it one more try.

    I downloaded your demo version of File Scavenger program and installed it. When I started a search I couldn't believe my eyes. I was seeing files on the drive that I pretty much thought were erased. I tried the recovery mode and sure enough I was able to pull off data! So I bought a personal license and got underway. I recovered everything of importance.

    Thanks QueTek. You made one customer very happy. It was the best $50 I spent in a long time.

    I will highly recommend your product.

    Thanks again.


  • 2010/11/06 - Edwin Locke - Warwick, Rhode Island

    Thanks, your product worked like a charm. Saved me much heartburn.

  • 2010/11/03 - Rick Fry - Duluth, Minnesota

    Ok, I took the chance on doing it myself and it was extremely easy. A great software program that is easy to use. I am not sure who I have been communicating with on your end but the help has been just great. You instill the confidence to try the recovery by yourself and it really works. Your time is greatly appreciated with the patience to answer all questions.

    Thank you

  • 2010/10/18 - Bob - Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    I want to praise you for your software: I had a problem after SpotMau had unexpectedly deleted a logical partition while I tried to split the first logical partition in the extended partition. My data were gone.
    As Murphy dictates: I had just temporarily overwritten the backup of that partition in the process of moving data from one computer to another. So no backup available.

    SpotMau found some 12,000 files to recover, so my hope raised. All files were recovered, but no file was actually readable. .txt files produced unreadable characters, pdf's couldn't be read, neither jpg's and .exes were not executable.

    I tried several recovery tools, with no hopeful results.

    Then I tried your tool and low and behold: I could recover everything!

    Thank you for having software which lives up to it's promise.

    Kind regards

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