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1st Quarter 2003 User Reviews
  • 2003/03/30 - Elissa Mosquera

    Thank you for a terrific product in File Scavenger 2. I was heartbroken after accidentally deleting (while holding down the shift key!) a folder filled with precious photos. After searching the net for recovery programs, I decided to give yours a try, even though I knew the product was designed for NTFS and not for the typical home pc.  I was THRILLED that the product did indeed recover ALL of the files that were in the deleted folder on my home pc running XP! I'm glad I took that chance. THANK YOU!

    I understand that you might not want to encourage people to use the product on other than NTFS, but feel free to use the above comments in your testimonials if you wish. It sure was worth the $39 to give it a shot.

    Thanks again!

  • 2003/03/26 - Ron Shook - Forum Host for Discreet edit* and Incite/Matrox Non-Linear Editors at www.creativecow.net


    After reading the testimonials on your site, I figured that you had hired a creative copywriter to scam the computer masses. Boy, was I wrong! File Scavenger saved my bacon. I'd tried everything to get some crucial files from a drive that Windows said was corrupted, including putting the drive in the freezer and changing the circuit board from an identical drive, all to no avail. The drive would still spin up, but no amount of futzing would rescue the files, including any of the competitive, similar or greater priced data recovery tools available that I could Google up. The competition would either lock up or crash my computer when they tried to scan this funky drive.

    I downloaded the demo, installed it, and since Windows was still seeing the drive letter but calling it corrupt, I ran the mid-level recovery function. It didn't crash or lockup, and almost immediately began finding root files on the drive. I went away for an hour and came back to find that File Scavenger was ready to recover nearly all 22,000+ files on the drive. I've never more happily or quickly spent $40 to purchase the enabling key from QueTek. As near as I can tell, I didn't lose a single user generated data file from this drive.

    I kneel at your feet. No Doctor could have prescribed a drug to equal the feeling of relief and satisfaction that your software gave me.

    Thank you ever so much.

  • 2003/03/18 - Chris Caldwell

    I could carry on for hours about how well this program works and how my 8 year old son found it simple enough that he was recovering my files while I was posting weather data to the web during a storm but I think just saying that you folks need to be aknowledged as the leaders in the data recovery business is enough said!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2003/03/17 - Howard Sheppard

    I just had to send you an email to tell you how you bailed me out of what could have been a lot of trouble. I recently had 2 hard drives crash on me on my PC at work.I'm not sure how both of them could have died with the same symptoms, but I suspect a faulty IDE cable. I took one of the drives out and put it in my PC at home, but the system could only find a handful of files! Over a year of work, and all my email -- lost?! Arrggghhh!!!

    I was told that I could send my drive out to a data recovery service, but that it would probably cost hundreds of dollars, maybe as much as a thousand! (I didn't think the church I work for would be willing to foot that bill.) Then I searched on the web, and found your software. I downloaded the free demo and ran the "exhaustive" search, after the "normal" one yielded only a few files. To my complete surprise, the process ended with the discovery of over 100,000 files in 20 Gigabytes! I quickly went back online and paid the $39.95 for the single user license, and ran the recovery portion of the program. It was able to recover ALL of my files! I couldn't believe it. And what's more, I have not found a single recovered file to be damaged in any way!

    Thanks again! You really saved me a lot of headache!

  • 2003/03/12 - Ray Burtoff


    Roxio's GoBack + 2 hard drives = Total data loss!

    QueTek's File Scavenger + 2 hard drives + a few hours = TOTAL DATA RECOVERY!

    I have a PC with two physical drives; one for my OS, apps, and data, and one as a backup drive. I recently installed Roxio's GoBack utility on my PC - BIG mistake. A few days after I installed it, I began to receive write errors on every partition on my OS drive!

    I ran multiple disk scans with Norton Disk Doctor and got errors that could not be corrected. I backed up all my data files to my backup drive and also burned them to CD, then I reformatted my OS drive and reinstalled everything. Imagine my surprise when I found that the partition information on my backup drive had been wiped as well! Then, when I tried to read the burned CD, I found that the information on there was unreadable!

    Ten years of work plus all my personal data...GONE!

    I tried several repair utilities, all to no avail. These utilities cost me $500.00 or more *EACH*, and they did NOTHING (yes, I did get full refunds). Finally, I stumbled across your File Scavenger utility. I downloaded your free demo, and I figured that I had nothing to lose, so what the heck...

    Using the Defunct Volume Search, I did a drive scan. File Scavenger found EVERY file I needed to recover! I immediately purchased a license and ran a full recovery. I now have every single bit of work that I lost, and I could even recover the OS, if I wanted to.

    This utility is amazingly simple to use, and tremendously effective. I would recommend it to anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Please feel free to post this testimonial on your site, and I'll be happy to give recommendations to anyone who is considering buying your product. I'm also going to recommend that our company purchase a corporate license for this utility for our Desktop Support personnel. It will repay itself with one use!


  • 2003/03/06 - Douglas Erickson

    You have one H... of a piece of software!!!!!!!

    My hard drive on my Toshiba laptop crashed and even the local computer store could not recover the contents. And I needed this data....VERY BAD.

    I hooked up the drive to a computer, ran the software, and voila! I am so thankful to you guys! Do you realize what it would have cost me to have the data recovered by "the experts"? Most every one quoted me between $500 and $3000. I should call them and say...how about 40 bucks!

    Thank you for everything.

  • 2003/03/06 - Tim Devick

    I just wanted to tell you that I bought a copy of your file scanvenger for home and it saved my bacon. I had deleted some files that my partner really, really wanted, and he was quite angry with me for deleting them. Your file scavenger got them back and saved me from the doghouse! I was so impressed that I bought a copy for work too, having accidently deleted some very important files. Again, File Scavenger saved me a lot of pain and stress by recovering my lost files.

  • 2003/03/05 - Skip Larson

    Thanks for a great program!!!! It just saved 48.5 GB of data from a raid 5 array that was reconfigured without a complete current backup. The loss of that data would have been a disaster! File scavenger recovered over 92,000 files. What a life and job saver !!!

    It was the best $40 I have ever spent on software.

  • 2003/03/04 - BJ Lindholm

    In today’s modern world many things we hold dear are now stored in electronic format. Just it’s stored on a disk drive doesn’t mean it’s not just as painful as someone breaking into your house and stealing your family picture albums. This is a piece of software that makes a difference. It gets back what you lost. If police departments could recover stolen property at the same level that File Scavenger recovers files, we’d only miss our stuff for a few days because we know we’d get it back.

    This software does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It does it well, it does it effectively, it does it efficiently… It just plain works!

    All the other data recovery tools I’ve tried are ineffective compared to File Scavenger. Don’t waste your time with other junk software. Start with the best. Start with File Scavenger.

    The best way to support good products in this world is to espouse its virtues to as many people as possible. That is exactly what I’m going to do. I doubt I’ll set up a “soap box” in a city park and start preaching about File Scavenger, but you can bet anytime I’m talking to someone about computers I’ll make it a point to mention File Scavenger.

    It is an unfortunate brotherhood that many people find themselves in when an accident occurs or a disk drive fails. It is the brotherhood of data loss. It can be excruciatingly painful. But there is a cure for your pain. It’s called File Scavenger.

    If the magazine Maximum PC did a review of your product there is no doubt what so ever that it would score a perfect “10” and also garnering the coveted “Kick ...” Award. I think I’ll give them a call right now.

  • 2003/02/26 - Mark Adams

    I have reinstalled Windows again, so that I could scan the external drive without any other applications running in the background,and ... I have now recovered 95% of the files from the external drive. I am more than happy with this, as I was beginning to think that I had lost everything. I would like to thank you for all of your help. If I can show my appreciation for your product by providing a testimonial, please let me know. Again, thanks for everything, I am EXTREMELY grateful.

  • 2003/02/25 - Kelly Bryant - Teknovation, Inc.

    You saved my life today!! I accidentally deleted a large directory of information today (about 570MB) that hadn't been backed up in awhile. I thought I knew what I was doing with the MS Robocopy command, but in reality I mis-typed and wiped out an important directory. Norton SystemWorks 2003 didn't find any info that was deleted. A friend that owns a computer support company tried something he had, but it didn't work either.

    I found your software online, tried the demo version and it 'saw' everything I had deleted. I immediately purchased the Personal use version and was able to get my stomach unknotted!

    I'll recommend your software to others that run WinXP.

  • 2003/02/17 - Bob

    I purchased your program and loved it. It bailed me out of a tough jam.

  • 2003/02/11 - Pierre Gallaz

    Just a word to say that you saved my life...

    My third, biggest, newest, and (so I thought) safest hard disk was not accessible in Windows anymore. Chkdsk did find the name and structure of the hd, but that's about all the good news I got. Your software is very easy to use and did the job beautifully.

    Maybe you could explain a little more what are the probable causes of such hd problems, since I still have no idea as to where all that mess came from in the first place. I guess some software is to blame most of the time, but I'd like to be sure that my new hd is not the problem (it is still covered by guarantee).

  • 2003/02/10 - Jess

    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for File Scavenger!  My hard drive was accidentally formatted, and I thought a lot of very important work was gone... Fortunately I was able to recover EVERYTHING, even though I'd already reinstalled a few programs before trying.  I'm telling everyone I know to get this program just in case because it's really invaluable!  Thanks again!

  • 2003/01/24 - Dag Lohmann

    Just wanted to let you know that everything worked out and I was able to completely recover an external 80 GByte firewire harddrive. Thanks for a working product.

  • 2003/01/22 - Michael McAuliffe, Perth, Western Australia

    Many thanks for producing a quality piece of software "File Scavenger". I recovered nearly 20 GB of vital data after my HP Pavilion decided to format my hard drive after a "Non-Destructive System Recovery". I was resigned to losing the data after HP washed their hands of it and my computer technical support people wanted to charge $1000 AUD to do an advance recovery diagnosis with no guarantees. After downloading the demo software and finding nearly all my lost data I purchased the full version and VIOLA.. it was all there about 95% was still intact and useable. It is very user friendly and a competent PC user will find it a breeze. Thanks.

  • 2003/01/22 - Michael McAuliffe, Perth, Western Australia

    Many thanks for producing a quality piece of software "File Scavenger". I recovered nearly 20 GB of vital data after my HP Pavilion decided to format my hard drive after a "Non-Destructive System Recovery". I was resigned to losing the data after HP washed their hands of it and my computer technical support people wanted to charge $1000 AUD to do an advance recovery diagnosis with no guarantees. After downloading the demo software and finding nearly all my lost data I purchased the full version and VIOLA.. it was all there about 95% was still intact and useable. It is very user friendly and a competent PC user will find it a breeze. Thanks.

  • 2003/01/20 - Vern Rogers

    fyi.... your software is awesome! I recovered all but one file when i inadvertently formatted over 20 GB of data on a slave drive. Thanks QueTek!

  • 2003/01/20 - Tim Furry

    Broken hardware RAID 10

    100% recovered!!!. You have my respect and admiration.

    You also have my authority to charge the balance of the fee to the same credit card used to purchase the license. You've earned it.

    I've made two backups of all the data I wanted to save. The rest of it can be installed from original software. It came out to about 10.5GB.

    Now I've got the long road of wiping and re-doing the RAID from scratch...fdisk, surface scans, etc. Probably will be another week before it's up again. The new graphics card is in and seems to be working well, too...maybe I'll be semi-productive in a week. :P

    Thanks so much for your help. You've made a lifetime customer. Hopefully I won't need you again. (grin)

  • 2003/01/07 - Claude Gauthier

    Your program is amazing. My 60GB hard drive got corrupted, due to the overnet software program I use for file sharing.  I'm operating a Win2K pro system and my 4 hard drives are all formatted as NTFS drives.

    Norton SystemWorks 2003 couldn't find any DOS on the drive, it couldn't even begin to assess the damage.

    Microsoft's CHKDSK seemed to be able to see the files as it scanned but it couldn't repair the damage done by the other software. Therefore, in Windows, i got the message that drive D: was corrupted everytime I tried to open it.

    Because CHKDSK saw things, I decided not to give up on the drive yet, and see if somehow there were some utilities that could help me out. After searching the web, I found some software, such as Easy Recovery, Recover It All, and others, including yours.

    All of them had steep prices to begin with, and none of their demos would prove to me that I could save anything. In fact, all of them kept crashing on the scan, except for yours.

    Because of your software, I was able to retrieve nearly everything I thought was lost. It was a smooth job, the software is very easy to use, and talk about stability, your software never crashed at any given point either during the scan, or when I went through the various recoveries.

    A hard drive crash is like an act of god, you never know what's gonna get corrupted and lost. I know that your program was able to get through corrupted directories and pull stuff I thought was gone for good.

    Anyway, it was the best $40 that i've spent on software. Keep up the good work. Software such as yours should be part of every OS.

  • 2003/01/06 - Bob

    I trashed my files (I should say that Windows trashed my files!) accidentally. I was looking at a $1000 recovery charge.  Looked around the net and found you guys. Wow. Got 90% of everything back intact!  The rest, I can rebuild. Thanks. I saved a bundle and I saved my peace-of-mind. I wish you much success with your enterprise.  I'll be your strongest supporter!

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