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Data Recovery Utility - User Comment
2nd Quarter 2004

  • 2004/06/24 - Bob Wilkinson - Lancashire, England

    I really didn't believe it could work but how wrong I was! After formatting my disk twice following a significant virus problem and re-installing all my program files on the clean HDD, my heart sunk when I realised I'd forgotten to back up a year's worth of digital photos. Distraught was not a word thatfully described my feelings. However, to my delight your product does exactly what you say it does. Yesterday I managed to retrieve well over half of around 2000 photos and all for a cost of around $40. Thank you!

  • 2004/06/16 - Conor Donnelly - Minneapolis, MN

    Thanks so much for helping me save my data!

    Yesterday I made the mistake of attempting to use Partition Magic 8.0 in Windows2000, to merge two NTFS partitions on my primary HD without first reading all the instructions provided. A fatal mistake, I'll be certain not to repeat. I just figured I could follow Wizard instructions easily enough.

    Ok, so I failed to run CHKDSK first to make sure each partition is error free. The wizard ran smoothly and seemed to be ready to do what I hoped.

    To merge the 6.9GB C: with the 11.9 GB D:...

    I asked the software to apply the pending change, and it claimed it needed a reboot before this could take effect. As the computer powered back up, the merge partition process began. After about 15 minutes, error 1520 - while executing batch, and 1520 - attribute header mismatch appeared. The process appeared to fail, then when the compter came back up, the D: partition was empty, unformatted. And the C: partition had a folder I created to store the contents of D: but it was empty.

    File Scavenger to the rescue! I ran a defunct volume search on D: and recovered nearly everything. I thought all was lost. Thanks again...

  • 2004/06/15 - Lee Hicks

    I think I'm a fairly intelligent person, until I do something stupid, like attempt to reformat my backup HHD, instead of my portable one...  It was all downhill from there...

    I was ridiculed by my Engineering Department (about how I should stay away from computers) and was read the riot act from my boss (who took it in the shorts from the Accounting Department, over the fact that they were working to close our fiscal year books and all the critical sales and material management reports were on "my broken computer").

    Not wanting to endure an endless litany of harassment by my Engineers, I spent the last four days attempting to find a solution to fix the mistake on my own...  Only problem was, I didn't know what I needed, nor did I feel confident about making the right decision...  (It's wasn't an "eeny-meeny-miney-moe" kind of issue, if you get my drift).

    Google dropped me into one of your testimonial pages and, after reading through most of them, I didn't feel so bad about the situation (as there appeared to be more than a few people that had been in my shoes), or the fact that I wasn't technically savvy either.  Initially, I thought maybe you had "padded" your site with great testimonials, but then I saw your product being recommended more than once on a public techie forum and was glad I bookmarked your site.  They were right on the money...

    Thank you for saving my butt, by creating a program that was easy to understand, lived up to the claims and didn't put a HUGE dent in my wallet.  I'm going to make sure that everyone knows about your product, as I truly believe it to be an invaluable tool to have in the "toolbox".


  • 2004/06/04 - M.D. Bloemker

    Beautiful. Absolutely mind-boggling. The best $40 I ever spent. Thank you so much. The few directories that I really wanted to save come across intact.


  • 2004/05/27 - DAVID JONES

    Thanks for the new number. I'm up and running again. Out of interest I did a very large recovery about 4 weeks ago (15000 MP3 tracks), having deleted partition data, which was 100% successful. There were, however, some odd behaviour during the recovery process as follows.

    a) When I clicked one of the columns (can't remember which), to re-order the displayed fields, the display changed as expected but the file recovery progress did not correspond with the screen details, but it did up to point.

    b) The final log report produced also contained a similar error. It reported some files as not being recovered (which were) and others that were (which were not).

    The files that did not recover were not data files that were accidently deleted, they were system files that I did not expect to retrieve anyway.

    Anyway my music collection is back in order again and I am pleased to recommend this product to anyone.

  • 2004/05/25 - Jeff Patrick - Owner -Current Communications, LLC

    Scavenger saved my data from a Medea 160 RT raid. I have a small business and I would have been SOL! THANKS. I have told everyone I know about your product and will continue to do so.

  • 2004/05/25 - Nadia

    Hi Customer Service,

    Just wanted to say thank you for sending me the License code that I needed in order to recover my twice formatted over files.

    I am getting enu of my database files back so that I can rebuild with copy and paste and not lose 8 years worth of database building.

    Yes, maybe now I will backup.

    A happy file scavenger customer (actually very relieved).

    Thanks again,

  • 2004/05/06 - Brian Pugh - Halifax Courier Ltd


    Thanks for a great program. I had a 40mb Maxtor HD that couldn't be "seen" at all, with invaluable info on it. I installed another HD, formatted that up, and installed all required programs, put the defunct HD in as secondary, and I retrieved 160,000-plus files back, with only 64 files not recovered.

    Great stuff!

    Many thanks

  • 2004/05/03 - Wayne Murphy

    I just wanted to say thank you! I had lost my vacation pictures and you were able to recover them.
    I had tried several different other programs (I can list them for you if you want a formal endorsement) and yours was the only one that worked.
    My only regret is that I tried several other programs first before yours - well worth the money.
    Thanks again,

  • 2004/04/28 - Michelle Cantley - Cleveland, Ohio

    Thank you for your wonderful program.  I am a photographer in Cleveland, Ohio and I tonight I lost over half of a newlywed couple's wedding photos on my backup drive.  I don't know how they got lost, but I was in a complete panic!  Your program found my files and recovered them beautifully!  I cannot begin to thank you enough!  Please feel free to post this on your website for anyone that is thinking of buying your product.  You saved my reputation and my night's sleep!  God Bless you!

  • 2004/04/27 - Norm Guy

    Dear QueTek,

    I have installed your brilliant program and completely recovered all my files from a corrupted drive. There were a few odds and ends which were left over in a NO Name file but they wern't hard to sort out. By the way several "EXPERTS" had a go at it before hand and gave it up as hopeless.

    Well worth the money.

    Thanks for a great program.


  • 2004/04/22 - Iain Harley (Scotland, UK)

    Dear Quetek staff

    After a rather nasty hard disk failure (during a backup to) I was resigned to having lost all the pictures of my baby daughter, e-mails, letters etc.  Lucky for me the magazine I subscribe to (PC Pro) had included the demo version of File Scavenger 2 on one of their cover disks. I was a bit skeptical of the software being able to recover the data as the partition file system had been altered from NTFS to an unknown type. Anyway ran a exhaustive scan of the damaged partition which seem to take forever but it did pickup a large amount of data. Did a test recovery on a small file and it worked! Didnt hesitate buying a licence and now I have 99% of my data back, including all the pictures (whew).

    File Scavenger did exactly what it said it would do and I cant thank you enough for providing such an amazing piece of software.

    Best wishes

  • 2004/04/19 - Eric C. Santos, M.D.

    Thank you for the newer version!

    I fixed my hardware problem by connecting the hard drive through USB 2.0 (it's a dual drive) and the sbp2 errors went away.

    I believe I got all my data now - what a lifesaver!!!Great software!

    When I did my scan of the disk afterwards using software from the disk manufacturer, there were too many bad sectors to count and the software just gave up.

  • 2004/04/04 - Anthony G.

    I just wanted to say how pleased I was with your product. I had accidentally wiped one of my hardrives and installed Windows XP OS onto it, wiping out 5 years worth of data. Even after the OS was installed and re-format done to the hardrive, File Scavenger was able to recover a great great portion of my files. Many many of them irreplaceable. Again that you very much, you turned what could have been a distaster into miracle instead.

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