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3rd Qtr 2007 User Comments

  • 2007/09/28 - Ron Karpyshyn - St Albert Alberta - Canada

    Just finished using the program I purchased from you and I recovered almost the pictures that were on a 1 GB sd disk.

    File Scavenger® Version 3 Disk Data Recovery Program

    Thanks again and I've already forwarded you site to 2 friends that will be getting your program.

  • 2007/09/28 - Daniel Munoz - Quebec, Canada

    Being a Hobbyist, I have a rather oddball configuration, overpowered with a Software RAID-5 array of 3000 GB, built with 11+1 disks. When Windows refused for no apparent reason to recognize the array, I was devastated. Isn't RAID-5 supposed to be fault tolerant? My life was in there, 20 years of data, photographs, movies, everything!

    I looked around and try almost every tool for RAID recovery I could find, not a single one could recover properly files bigger than 1MB. The disks order was unknown to me, but how could I have guessed with 11 disks (that's almost 40 millions different arrangements!!).

    So after a week of pain and agony trying everything I could imagine, I finally asked Quetek™ to try to recover the files for me. What a relief!

    After amazingly fast mail exchange to help with my suffering, the guys at Quetek™ analyzed remotely the problem and provided the disk order and a way to recover the data! A few hours later!! The whole 3000 GB is now back!!!

    Thanks Quetek™ for providing your amazing expertise at an affordable price. You didn't save my life, but for sure you saved my sanity!

  • 2007/09/26 - Roger Johnson - East Sussex, UK

    Great stuff, many thanks. The old machine is ticking away recovering over 4000 files.

    Your reply was superbly quick, the instructions so clear and simple, and the tool itself is great. A really simple interface, and the tool seems to have found ALL my old files (seems that the drive's index became corrupt).

    I'll certainly be looking at what else Quetek™ has to offer, and I'll be happily recommending File Scavenger® to friends and colleagues.

    Many thanks

  • 2007/09/20 - Pontus Boman - Molndal, Sweden

    Thank you for an excellent product. It recovered a lot of important files for me. It was definitely worth the cost for the license. In addition to recovering files (hundreds of lost picture files and other documents from an external USB back-up drive), it also provided me with a log that explained why certain files weren't possible to recover. I found the application really intuitive and easy to understand.

  • 2007/09/18 - Philip Lee - Ontario, Canada

    I paid already and it recovered a lot of files. You are great. I saved quite a lot money, even my job. I will recommend your software to everybody.

    Thank you again,

  • 2007/09/18 - Philip Lee - Ontario, Canada

    I paid already and it recovered a lot of files. You are great. I saved quite a lot money, even my job. I will recommend your software to everybody.

    Thank you again,

  • 2007/07/22 - Annie Wilderspin - UK

    Thank you so much for saving our business!

    I uploaded to Vista last week but halfway through the installation my hard drive crashed. I thought I had lost everything from business letters, mailshots, publicity pictures, contacts not forgetting personal data etc.

    After reading through the testimonials on your website I bought this product only half hoping and believing it would work. I have just successfully restored everything!

    I can't begin to explain how happy I am!

    Thank you so much, this was worth every penny.

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