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Data Recovery
July-September 2009 - User Comments

  • 2009/09/28 - Bart Van Weyenberghe - Heldergem, Belgium

    Thanks to your outstanding piece of software, I could recover all of my lost 250GB hard disk that contained over 12 years of project documentation, holiday photos,... .

    This was the best 49$ (+vat) I spent in my life.

  • 2009/09/25 - James Spooner - Albuquerque - New Mexico

    I recently lost access to my hard drive and all the data. After some unsuccessful attempts at reloading XP I took the drive to a local recovery service. I knew I had partition images on there and if I could get to them I would have all my information back. He tried with several different pieces of software that took literally days to scan the disk and finally achieved a partial recovery of one of the partitions. The files there turned out to be older deleted files. Figuring that all was lost I took the disk home and reinstalled XP. A couple of days later it dawned on me that those images were still there since I knew they were on the back end of the disk. On inspection, I found that part of the disk had not been written over. So I did a web search for recovery programs and found File Scavenger along with several others. After using the trial installation of a few of the more likely candidates it was obvious that trying to recover the partitions was useless. I wasn't sure that File Scavenger would find the file extension of the image (".mrimg" for Macrium Reflect partition image) because it was not on the list of files with a recognizable signature, but I tried just giving that extension only. I must admit it was not with high expectation. But.I got all three partition images back in less than an hour and was able to restore all three and all my data. Hallelujah!!! And thank you!

    Two conclusions:

    1. Unless you are smart enough to not mess with the hard disk as soon as it goes bad, forget about recovering partitions and their file structure.
    2. Just look for the extensions of the most critical data files. The application programs can be restored.

  • 2009/09/09 - Kelvin Richardson - Lynnwood, Washington

    Well, that is unfortunate, but considering what could have happened, I can probably fix most of this - you folks have been superb - and you may certainly quote me on that!

  • 2009/09/08 - Kevin L. Vaughn - S.T.A.R.S. International - Hoffman Estates, Illinois

    Your File Scavenger product saved me hundreds of dollars, years of time, and countless tears.

    After using XPs internal system restore feature numerous times I honestly gave myself a false sense of security about doing full-scale backups. Following a recent consolidation of 9 years of presentations, documents, spreadsheets, files, and photos on 3 drives, my XP PC began to act strangely. With no time to follow-through and create a backup things went badly wrong and the PC failed to login repeatedly. It basically got caught in a boot-up loop.

    The only option I saw was to do a System Restore at the boot prompt figuring that it would follow the same path as the internal XP system restore. WRONG. The PC restored the operating system following a full-scale format in 1.5 hours, resulting in access to personal files from only over 5 years ago that were done during a restore point creation. I lost EVERY CRITICAL file I owned and the [OWNER] directory showed "0 Bytes". Everything was gone, and I literally was at a point of ~~~~.

    In desperation, the first product I downloaded and tried identified all of my FAT OS files that were reformatted but no personal files. The second scan (same product) ran for 3 hours and identified all of my reformatted NTFS files but indicated no potential way to recover them.

    I quickly requested a bid from an outside firm to ship my drive to them and have them restore it for an hourly fee (min. of $500) which at that point seemed reasonable. The downside was having all of my proprietary financial information out of my hands. In parallel I did a Google search and found your package "File Scavenger" which I downloaded a demo copy to my flash drive to avoid writing on the hard drive. File Scavenger ran for about 3 hours and found all of my PPT, XLS and DOC files (per my search). I used the demo to test the packages ability to RECOVER 2 small letters which it did very quickly. I bought the key on-line from another PC and plugged the key into the demo version to bring back all of my PPT, XLS and DOC files within hours.

    Since that day, I have worked for not less than 5 days (40 hours) to retrieve, test, and double backup each of my hundreds of directories and files, and I have at least a week to go to reach 100%. At present I am about 75% done with a 99.9% success rate. Your package saved my business and the historical files I needed from the past 9 years. I owe you a debt of gratitude that is beyond words. I hope this testimonial and Thank You will let you know my appreciation.

  • 2009/08/31 - Pete Deuel - Whippany - New Jersey

    Thank you! Partition Magic kept causing the disk to flake out, but I made a full duplicate using Disk Recoup with no errors! Mind you, XP managed to hose up the filesystem before I caught on to the problems, but at least I have a full copy to work on fixing. Disk Recoup worked like a charm! Thank you for the license transfer from PDI, it is very much appreciated.

  • 2009/08/21 - Trevor Jinks - Queensland - Australia

    Hi there,

    Thanks for the quick response, you guys are the best. Followed your directions and recovered all 18,000 plus raw files.

  • 2009/07/01 - Wendy Eichenbaum, San Diego, California, US


    I just wanted to say thank you for not only a great product, but also exemplary customer service. I purchased your product last year on a recommendation and was not disappointed in the least. And here you are helping me again. I would not hesitate to recommend you.

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