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Premium Data Recovery Software

  Product Name Unit Price   Quantity  
  File Scavenger® 4.3 Personal Use License $ 54.00
  File Scavenger® 4.3 Personal Use License with RAID Reconstruction $ 89.00
  File Scavenger® 4.3 Professional Use License $ 185.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.
For more information about the different license types, please click here.
To purchase Version 5.0 Pre-release, please click here

Upgrade Credits
  • Version 3 bought in the last 30 days: Full credit.
  • Version 3 bought more than 30 days ago:
    • Personal Use License: $ 25.00.
    • Professional Use License V3 upgrading to Professional Use License V4: $ 92.00.
To receive a credit, please provide the Invoice Number shown on the email receipt for your Version 3.2 purchase.

Invoice Number:  (e.g. FS30V001ABCDEFGHJK).