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Testimonials From People Who Have Used Our
File Data Recovery Programs
  • 2004/03/29 - Joe Cahall - Cincinnati, OH

    I have never written a company to thank them for their product, my theory was that my purchase is thanks enough.

    Until now.

    On Friday March 26th, I lost my whole 120 gb drive. One sec good the next "D: is corrupt please run chkdsk". Chkdsk could not even read the drive. My computer said the drive was in raw format. I had lost all my school work, all my digital photos, games, etc.

    It is now Monday morning, the 29th and I have come through unhurt. I recovered everything I had lost, with almost no data loss (I haven't had a chance to manually verify the 70 gb that was recovered).

    The bottom line?

    This is the best program I have purchased for my pc. I would have been in a very tight spot having lost all my school work (MBA program). I can not thank you enough for saving me on this one. The product is worth twice or three times the purchase price or more.

    Feel free to use this testimonial however you wish.

    Sincere Thanks

  • 2004/03/19 - Dave Henry

    I just want to say, that this product is fantastic and every home should have a copy. I was able to recover 2 years of work from a failed hard drive when nothing else seemed to work. It took under 90 mins from having found your website to having recovered the files. Purchase and install were included in this 90 mins. The product installed and worked fast and perfectly. Many, many thanks.

  • 2004/03/14 - Pete Revell

    A day ago I didn't know you existed. Today you are my best friend. But I trust that you will understand if I hope that I will never need to appreciate your product again.

  • 2004/03/13 - Craig O'Neil

    Your software saved my marriage!!

    My motherboard crashed and I had to replace my PC. After a few days of tweaking the new box I took on setting up the old drive. I had trouble deleting a file and got delete happy trying to get rid of the pesky jpg.

    It took a few minutes before I realized I erased all our important data.

    -My customer lists
    -My lead sources
    -Her portfolio
    -Her projects

    And the killer OUR WEDDING PHOTOS!!

    Needless to say I spouted many variables of 4 letter words and phrases.

    Frantically I contacted my local PC repair guy and he recommended I check out and search for file recovery. I used the trial to confirm my fears and immediately purchased the software and began trying to save myself from a severe embarrassment in of my wife.

    It took no more than an hour from start to finish, 45 minutes of which was me digging through files.

    THANK YOU! Everything came back perfect and now I look like a hero.

    Best money I've ever spent.

  • 2004/03/08 - Eddie Hughes - Production Manager, RSB Studio’s, Liverpool

    WOW….What a program, I am a producer for a leading Recording Studio based in Liverpool, England UK I had recently installed Windows XP on one of our workstations and it refused to acknowledge my Western Digital 120 GB hard drive. What’s more this Hard drive contained a project of more than three years work. This was a very worrying time indeed. We called a so called professional. He only went and erased the partition on the drive. He wont work in my town again. Anyway we where now in total panic mode :o( A quick Yahoo search led us to your wonderful software…. on installation it flagged up every single file on the drive (over 20,000 files at more than 15 Gig of data) and showed them on a “windows Explorer” type GUI. The demo software allowed me to recover files up to 64 Kbytes which confirmed to me that the software actually worked. On purchase of a license we recovered the whole drive in its original directory structure. We then proceeded to the local bar where we celebrated the “miracle”. All I can say is Quetek’s “File Scavenger” is an awesome piece of software, easy to use, and very well priced… Thank you Quetek, you really saved our gluteus’s :o)

  • 2004/03/03 - Dennis Dutton

    Dear Vendor, I used your software and recovered 96 GB of MPEG's and MP3's. The software was easy to use and didn't take very long. I am very pleased and happy. Thanks for a good product. I will recommend your product. Thanks again

  • 2004/02/27 - Piero Pavan - 1001notte (Italian Web Community) - Venice,Italy

    1001 Thanks!

    Incredible result! After formatting D partition of my hard disk, I've got back 100% of my folders and files using your product! Almost 10 years of history recovered. I can say just 1001 thanks!

  • 2004/02/23 - Bryan Thorneycroft

    Heya , I've just purchased file scavenger (for personal use mainly) just thought I'd email you guys n congratulate you on a brilliant program.............Am currently the manager of a IT department, and my laptop blew up (d'oh) had deleted all the partitions - reformatted reinstalled windows, reinstalled microsoft office, and pretty much given up - Decided to give your demo product a whirl , n frankly was bl..dy amazed at the databases I managed to restore (free of charge!) - a couple were currupt (not supprising) but geezus , the amount of time this has saved me alone is ...well I dont dare think about it -  all the databases I have are very small but thought I'd buy this product on principle  - - - - I don't usually 'compliment' developers  - working in the IT industry, software is usually one big rip off  (and never lives up to the spec) - However your product is VERY affordable,  does the job and more , n has made sure I'll get a decent's night sleep tonite : ) : ) : ) : )

    - again  - nice one  guys : )  (feel free to add this to a testimonial or whatever  ! )

    - Kind Regards

  • 2004/02/10 - Nick Sharp

    I have just deleted a folder of digital photos of my children I had temporarily transfered from one machine to the another while I rebuilt my main machine. The rebuild was required as my backup drive had failed and destroyed all my tapes and so I had no back up to fall to. My life would not of been worth living if I could not of got them back. Once again Thank you.

  • 2004/02/06 - Nathan - Perth Australia

    Hi. Just wanted to say thanx! So many programs claim to recover – yours is the first to recover much coveted files, even after a total ghost! Awesome. Thanx heaps – you’ve saved me about $500 in recovery fees, plus a stack of time. What else do you sell? Operating systems? Ha. Thanx again.

  • 2004/02/03 - Larry Bellinger

    I recently underwent a major hard disk crash, caused by having to use the power button to get out of a freeze. The idiots who designed my 12/02 Sony VAIO desktop didn't put in a reset button. Sony Tech support gave up quickly, said I had to reformat the disk and start over. I tried to recover with Norton Utilities, but even though the package says it works with WinXP, none of the recovery software works with NTFS.

    So I did a Google search for file recovery programs (there's a lot, isn't there?). I started downloading demos. The first seven saw nothing on the disk at all. I decided to try one more, and fortunately, that was Quetek. Your program recovered every single file on a full drive, and it was easy to use besides.

  • 2004/02/03 - Linda Bailey

    Data recovery appears to have been hugely successful. I was impressed that the restore process also pulled my directory/folder structure and not just files. 47,000+ files were recovered. I was surprised to find that some system files and executables seem to have 'jumped the partition.' There should have been only data files on the F: drive.

    Many thanks for your help. You can count on me to recommend File Scavenger to everyone I know who has a computer.

  • 2004/02/03 - Daniel Kleinsinger

    I have a new favorite program, File Scavenger. The "Big Boss" at a company I do computer consulting for had a crash in Windows and when he rebooted, the hard drive had no partitions at all. I tried a well-known 30MB file recovery program and it didn't help at all. File Scavenger is a just a 1MB download and it recovered practically every file off the partition-less hard drive! Plus it's only 20% of the price of the other one. Congratulations on a wonderful product.

  • 2004/01/26 - Erik Rosenthal

    Dear QueTek,

    A couple of weeks ago the file system on a hard drive got clobbered by Windows. While most of my data was backed up, a number of video files, which are very large, were not. One was the product of a week's work. Several expert friends tried all the techniques they knew to no avail. Then I found File Scavenger. It recovered *everything*! Intact! To say the least, I am extremely pleased with File Scavenger.


  • 2004/01/15 -David Dunlap - Dunlap & associates

    From a cursorily check I would say that recovery was very high. I had to do a rush copy on some immediately needed folders so I haven‘t checked much more but I needed was at least 90% there if not better.

    I am in Des Moines, IA on emergency family matters so I will know when I get back.

    Again, thanks for saving my neck and especially the extra help and patience guiding a non-teckie get back my data.

    Best to you,

  • 2004/01/12 - Beverly D.

    Dear Team at Quetek,

    Wow!   How can I ever thank you?  Not only is FileScavenger a Wonderful and affordable product, but the Customer Service Team is Friendly and Excellent!  Everyone who helped me was very friendly, knowledgeable and courteous - even letting me sound a few ideas off them, and then giving me helpful, economical advice to help me recover my data.  And, I did Successfully recover my Data!  Hundreds of priceless photos of my children were recovered, even after a reformat of the drive!!!

    Thank you soooo  much!  You are a wonderful team with a wonderful product.  I've already recommended you to all of my friends on my e-mail list! can't thank you enough, but since your product and support team are so great, I have a feeling that you get MANY letters of praise like this.

    Thanks for a Great product with a Great Customer Service Team! (and to think that the Customer Service at my laptop's manufacturer told me that it would cost me HEAVILY to TRY to recover my data!  I'll take 39.99 any day!  ;)


  • 2004/01/12 - Paul Sydor

    Dear Que Tek,

    Your product worked like a charm!

    I had entirely deleted my wife's family photo album, thousands of digital pictures and scanned old photos. It would have been the doghouse for me for years, but your software recovered everything!


  • 2004/01/11 - JMB, MD

    Ok, no more annoying questions. The recover is complete as far as I can tell and I am not quite finished, every single document, picture, video, powerpoint(very important to my wife and I) ,xls, quicken, etc. is back and working fine. The only thing I cannot find is the window address books!! a truly minor problem. Of course windows makes reinstalling a pain but not a disaster. Gateway tech, university IT department, said no way, data is gone, two data recovery services estimated $1000 -2000for 250gb SATA drive, Your inexpensive(not cheap) program did it. It took an overnight run and a lot of anxiety but it sure did work complete with folders and all. Thanks for the miracle and the patient tech support.

  • 2004/01/09 - Olivier De Wulf - e-base

    Lost 7-disks hardware-based RAID 5 array on Dell PE2400 when two drives went bad at the same time.

    I have just recovered the quickbooks file e-base.qbw and it is pristine! I have also tried a few files randomly and all have been properly recovered: that makes me thing that everything will be recovered properly.

    I am simply amazed at the magic your team has performed! I will finish the recovery process on Monday, and I will give you the complete update. Have a wonderful weekend.

    .... (10 days later)

    I am sorry I did not follow with you! I was too busy restoring the data, working with them, and make up for the time wasted during the holidays.

    Yes, the recovery has been successfull and we have recovered everything but a few files (so far, I have only noticed two files missing, which is just marvelous).

  • 2004/01/07 - Michael Keida

    Thank you so much for the program, it saved me BIG! I don't know what I would have done without all my pictures, work, and other files. Your program worked great, without any trouble. Thanks!

  • 2004/01/01 - Mike McComber - THOUGHTcam

    I just wanted to say Thank You !

    While building a new computer I unknowingly bent a pin on my 80GB backup drive. I kept getting drive errors while trying to copy the files to my new computer. I could not copy the files. After discovering and the bent pin the data was gone. I had to format the drive. Knowing I was doing this upgrade I had been writing files directly to this drive for about six months and I had  moved all my most important to this drive. This was my only copy of these files. These files represent years of work and could never be replaced. Contracts, project files, email, 3D, audio and video files. File scavenger really worked ! I was able to recover all the lost files on that drive. I haven't quite recovered yet but my files were recovered . . .

    Included on that backup drive was the program file scavenger so I downloaded another copy from They gave me another license code within a couple of hours. Great customer service :-} I remember they were very helpful last time as well. Your brain melts under that kind of stress.

    This was the second time file scavenger has saved my files. The first time, about a year ago, a stripped set of hard drives were not recognized by a new operating system and again had to be formatted. The files were also recovered.  I sure am happy you guys wrote this software !!!

    Thanks Again !!!

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