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Hard Disk Recovery Software - User Comments

  • 2005/12/30 - Daniel Klaehn - Hamburg, Deutschland (Germany)

    I purchased File Scavenger® to rescue lost data from a removable harddisk (unreadable when unmounting hard disk under windows).

    I saved all data - thank's a lot for this well developed product!

    Best regards

  • 2005/12/22 - Barbara Mayfield - Iowa

    We upgraded our Operating System and during the process the system burped or the drives hiccupped or something happened, anyway when we were done, our second hard drive was not readable by Windows. We took the drive and put it into another computer and this one said that the drive needed to be formatted. Fortunately my husband is quite computer savvy, and we did not format the disk. So we started looking for some kind of software help. We tried one little program that ran in DOS that would show us the contents of the disk, but we could not recover it. Anyway, the data was still there, but now we had to figure out a way to retrieve it.

    We tried six different programs. Some of them were free, some of them you could get a demo version of, one of them we actually purchased, but none of them would do what we needed them to do. Oh, and then we tried a demo for one that looked like it might work, but they were outside of the U.S. and did not have a tech support phone number inside the U.S. so we quickly opted out on that one (and I hope people watch for that while they're looking for software on the internet). Some of them would see the files, but didn't show any of the file information (creation date, file name, etc); they created numbers for the files and did _not_ retrieve _all_ file types (their list of recoverable file types was actually quite small). I use PagePlus as a desktop publishing software (which, by the way, is an awesome publishing type software, if anyone is interested) and none of them found my PagePlus files; they also wouldn't recover the email files or address book from Outlook Express, some didn't do Publisher, Excel, or Access files and they're all part of Microsoft Office?!?!? Some of these programs said that they would take _many many_ hours to recover the limited amount of data that they were able to find. So we continued to search for one that would recover all of our files and hopefully leave the file structures intact too.

    Then we happened across your File Scavenger® software. Now after having several bad experiences, we were starting to get quite frustrated (especially me, I really didn't want to lose all of those photos). My husband downloaded the demo version and ran it. A few minutes later he walked out of the room with a smile on his face and said that he liked this software; he said that it was extremely quick and it looks like it found all of the files that were on the disk. I looked through the list of files that it found, and sure enough, it appeared to have found all of them. It recognized ALL of the files that were on our crashed hard drive AND it retained all of the original file information AND it recovered all of the 34gig of data that was on the disk and so far we've only found two files that were unusable. In less than an hour we were able to find and recover all of the files that were on our crashed hard drive. I'm impressed!!!! And please believe me when I say that I don't use those words very often.

    This hard drive had the whole entire lifetime of three of our four grandchildren on it in pictures and videos, many many music files, and too many data files to even think about, and the hours of work that went into them, well, it gives me a headache just thinking about losing it all. And yes, we know we should have made a back copy of all of our important files, but we didn't. The first thing we did do once we recovered all of our files was to make a back up copy, which took considerably more time than it did to recover all of our files, by the way. But, let me tell you this, we'll guard this software with our lives, because it's absolutely awesome!!! *You have helped us preserve the memories of our grandkids during their infant and toddler years, and for that we are _very very_ grateful!!!!* Thank you so much!!!!

  • 2005/12/15 - Stephen Ward - Mesa, AZ

    My wife is a professional photographer, and I am in the computer industry. So it's my job to make sure her pictures are safe. Well the other day her external drive failed on her Mac. I tried Data Doctors (who failed to recover the files) . Then I thought what the heck. So I took the external drive apart then attached the hard disk to my pc. Loaded your product and using the long search recovered 23,000 files.

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome !!! did I mention Awesome?

    Your product is great.

  • 2005/12/12 - Dan Constable - IT Manager - CDG Engineers

    I bought the product to recover some pictures that were lost on a hard drive failure. IT WORKED and made one mother very happy to see her childs 1st pictures again. Works as claimed, and I will word of mouth the product all I can.

    Thanks, again

  • 2005/12/08 - Kristian Hyllestad - SPINE AS ( http://spine.no )

    Thanks a lot for a technical fantastic product. Though the harddisk is almost dead (reported by SMART diagnostic) and not reachable from WinXP, the most vital files where recovered by your product! :)


  • 2005/12/05 - Wil Ooms - The Netherlands

    Today I bought your software to recover a large picture folder, which I erased by accident. The download, registration and everything worked very smooth. The recovery did turn out to be excellent. A well worth expenditure.

  • 2005/11/14 - Steve Connelly - Bellingham, Massachuset

    Great product, original purchase salvaged many critical files for upper manager in my company.

  • 2005/11/07 - Don Morberg - Alberta, Canada

    Thought you might like to know that File Scavenger® rescued my daughter's photos from Europe. She is in Switzerland and the 512 meg card in her digital camera accidentally got erased. She was in tears. I told her to mail it home and, using File Scavenger®, I managed to retrieve 172 photos. She was thrilled; I get Father-Of-The Year.

    That alone makes it worth the $45.


  • 2005/11/03 - Marcia Y Byrd - Smithfield, Virginia

    You guys will never understand how you have saved my life. God Bless your business!! I had been told by so many computer tech's that my information could not be saved, but I did not give up. Some even quoted me a price of $350 to restore it. I held on to the supposed corrupted jump drive for over a year and kept seeking help. I was about to just reformat it and forget about it, but you all were my last resort and Words will never describe the joy that I felt when I was able to restore and open all 87 business and personal files.

    Thank you so much. Much love to you!

  • 2005/10/26 - Karl Waitword - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    Well, to start off, I have never written to a company about a product, unless of course, it was defective in some manner. I just wanted to say thank you, this was the absolute best $45 i ever spent, I was so devastated when my whole 250gig drive just stopped. I couldn't do anything. as a side job, I have been deejaying since i was 16yrs old. My whole collection of albums were on that drive, yes I do have some of it backed up on other drives, but this drive is just for albums.

    Anyway, after hearing it would cost me $900 to be fixed, if at all it could be fixed, I was frightened. I emailed all different type of companies, to which most responded by mail it to us for a free estimate, which seemed like a big mistake in the making, so I really didnt know what to do. So, I spent the rest of the evening trying diff programs, they all couldnt find anything.

    Then I found your website, and I must admit, all these testemonials appeared to be a lil much, almost too good to be true. So anyway , I got sucked into all the praise, and then I saw it was a free demo, so I figured, lets just see if it finds anything. I waited, and then boom!!!!! There was my drive. Everything was there! So I paid that $45 in a heartbeat, selected the drive to be saved, hit go, and finally went to bed, when I woke everything, EVERYTHING, was back, and it all worked properly.

    You saved my life's collection. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!

  • 2005/10/24 - James Anderson - Arlington, VA

    Thanks for the great program. You have let me successfully recover my daughter's wedding photographs.

    Now I don't have to sleep in the doghouse anymore. The dog thanks you, and I thank you.

    Note to self.......double check what programs are open BEFORE hitting the OK button.

  • 2005/10/18 - Bill Lewis, Maryland

    I was home recovering from emergency surgery for a burst appendix when my wife's disc drive went bad.

    I installed the drive in another machine, and Windows XP couldn't see anything on it. I used File Scavenger® and was able to recover ALL my wife's important files, including years of Quicken data. This was the best $45 we've ever spent.

    I'm very impressed!


  • 2005/10/05 - Steve Wills - Australia

    I do not need any technical support, i just want to thank you for producing such a fantastic product. I have spent two days using other programs with no recovery success. You program did it in a fraction of the time, and I recovered all my irreplacable digital photographs from my corrupted drive. This has me elated to say the very least I just wanted to pass on my thanks. You have no serious competition, the other programs are too complicated, unreliable and take literally hours to scan, and without exception all failed to do the job. You guys are the business!!

    Many Many thanks. The pics were of my family over the last three years, I will now back up.

  • 2005/10/03 - Jan Krebs - Chile

    I used your product on a corrupted disk with results nothing short of spectacular. I will recommend your product to all my friends and business partners.

    Congratulations and many thanks!!!

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