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Data Recovery Program - 3rd Qtr User Comments

  • 2006/09/12 - Mike Costa - California


    File Scavenger® 3.0 is the most elite piece of data recovery software on the planet at an awesome price.

    If you have not tried this software I strongly recommend that you do, It can save you up to $700.00 That you would pay data recovery technicians to restore your hard drive.

    A Million Thanks

  • 2006/09/06 - Shane Suebsahakarn - West Yorkshire, GB


    I am just writing to say that your program has just saved me an indescribable amount of pain. I nearly lost a terabyte of data thanks to a hardware "upgrade" earlier today and I was panicking and about to give up, having tried several other recovery programs without success when I found yours.

    Yours is the only application that has enabled me to rebuild my spanned disk set and recover (hopefully) everything. I cannot say how much your program has saved me in terms of time and money!

    Thank you again!

    Kind regards,

  • 2006/09/05 - H.KADIR DIKBAS - Norway

    I am really happy to buy and rescue 100 % all my files and pictures :))

    It`s worth for 49 $


  • 2006/09/05 - Billy Noble - Regular Guy

    Recently I bought your program to help bring back about 240 gigs of what I thought was to be lost information. Your site & product was one of the first I looked at after googling for hard drive recovery programs. When nothing that I tried worked, I read your testimonials and was hoping I wasn't getting suckered in to buying something that would also not work.

    I downloaded your demo and when I saw it find files that I could not see any other way, I bought it! It worked GREAT! Now I'm not a business owner and my files were mainly my own crap that I have collected over the years. But if your product can make me feel happy. I can imagine how happy it must make those who have had business hard drive failures and were able to recover them.

    Thank you Much!!!!!!!!!

  • 2006/09/05 - Andreas - Landshut, Germany

    Hey there!

    I don't know what I would have done without you! File-Scavenger basically saved my butt! And I'm serious with that! I mucked around with my onboard RAID and screwed 3 of my 13 HDD's. Being a photographer and multiple website producer, my workflow came to a total halt. I had some backups but -how life is- the backup was far too old. And guess what: These 3 hard-drives contained the most important stuff! Aaaaarrrgggggg.....

    In my pain and desperation I searched the web for file recovering programs and finally found yours! I tried many other before but wasn't satisfied the way they worked. File Scavenger® restored EVERY single bit of my HDD's with accidentally destroyed partition-tables!!

    I can't say it often enough: THANKS THANKS THANKS for such an outstanding program!!!

  • 2006/08/23 - Richard Thomas - Australia

    I just wanted to thank you for your most excellent File Scavenger®. Better and faster than I ever dared imagine.


  • 2006/08/22 - Jeff Bennett

    Your software is AWESOME !!!! I was unable to view a crashed removable drive with (NTFS permissions) after having to reinstall my O.S. on the host computer. Your software was able to view and recover 40gb of data without any errors. I was so impressed I reformatted the USB drive and was STILL able to recover nearly 90% of the data though some of the file names were changed to generic names.

    Great Tool - More than just software. Worth every penny !!!


  • 2006/08/16 - Peter de Waard - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I did buy your program. It saved my neck, as I nearly deleted some one else's files, however with your program I managed to save all. Best 49 dollars I spent for a long time.


  • 2006/08/16 - Keyhan Saldjoughi, Software Engineer

    Look No Further

    This is just about the coolest utility that i have ever come across. I deleted/formatted my external hard rive by mistake and was sleepless over it. Once I read the testimonials on this website, I decided to give it a try. Every bit of the 16 BG of data was recovered in 5 hours. This is the best money I have spent.

    From now on I will be buying a copy of this CD for my computer friends as birthday gifts.

  • 2006/08/09 - Roger Steinbach - Downers Grove, Illinois

    My son's almost new laptop hard drive crashed - seriously - taking with it a project he had been working on. I had bought him an external usb drive for back-up, which of course had been used exactly once, two months ago when I bought it!

    We tried everything to restore or access the disk without destroying the data. I finally researched data recovery programs for several hours online, and opted for File Scavenger in part because it restores files and folders with original names whenever possible. We learned how important this was from having used a small application we had on hand for retrieving jpeg's from flash memory cards to do a painfullly slow partial recovery that resulted in hundreds of randomly numbered files.

    We put the drive in a $20 external usb enclosure. It was barely, and slowly, mountable, heavily corrupted, and had hundreds of bad sectors.

    However, after a few anxious hours (it was a 100 GB drive with about 30 GB of data, and able to be accessed only very, very slowly) - there were the files, almost all with original names, including his project!

    Excellent. Thank you for helping two anxious people sleep better that night.

  • 2006/08/08 - Jeff Vargason

    I had just finished sending my State and Federal Taxes electronically when minutes later my system drive stopped working with a drive failure. While I was not able to complete my tax verification I was able to verify on-line the status of my returns, but was unhappy to find out that without the file that was lost, I would have no way (except to manually re-create) to import this data into next year's tax return.

    I tried File Rescue Plus 4.0 and Media Recover Pro, but neither could even read the drive. I tried re-formatting the drive (per the instruction of one of the other products) and was still not able to read from the drive with either product even though Windows XP could now see the drive. I called a professional media recovery service and they told me they would likely be able to get the files from my drive, but it would cost me $1400. I was ready to throw the drive away, when I found your product in a "last ditch" Google search. I downloaded the demo and amazingly it began to read the drive despite numerous drive failures being detected. I immediately purchased the unlock key (at a very reasonable price) and proceeded to restore every one of my "hopelessly" lost files, including my tax data.

    The next day the kind folks at "Software Shelf" contacted me to see how the downloaded Demo of their File Rescue Plus 4.0 was performing. I told them what I have written here, and they were surprised their software wasn't able to perform and wanted to know more about my environment. Maybe they should just call you guys because you seem to have it figured out when it comes to drive recovery.

    You truly stand mountains above all the competition in my book. Thanks for the Great product, and keep up the good work.

    One very satisfied customer,

  • 2006/07/31 - Richard Huebsch - Woodstock, IL

    File Scavenger® worked beautifully. I had called several professionals to save the data from my crashed hard drive. I got prices from $200 to $600. Not only was your software as effective as I could have hoped for, it was a real bargain to boot. Thanks.

  • 2006/07/25 - J Marshall Stewart

    I wrote yesterday about losing my email receipt for your File Scavenger® Version 2.1i. After giving you my name, address & phone number, as well as the email addresses I would have used (it's been several years), you were able to verify my purchase and wrote me back within 3 hours to get me a new Licencse Key.

    It is companies like yours that give me hope in a web full of sites who don't really care about their customers, and don't understand old fashioned customer care. You, Sirs, are the best. If you have a place to put this email, or any portion of it, that you quote satisfied customers, I'd be proud to have you use my praise. You deserve it.

    I thank you again, and you can be assured, in the future, if I have need for a product, no matter how many places may sell the same type software, I'll be buying yours. That's what happy customers do. I thank you again.


  • 2006/07/24 - Roger Starcher, Waipahu, HI

    Can't access data backup (F:) drive, restart, Windows XP crash, oh no! One of my two RAID 0 stripped dual WD Raptor drives died which means all data lost. (C:) drive is dead. A Windows XP reinstall and my F: drive cant be recognized. An inadvertent click in the WD diagnostic tools and, oh yes, I formatted my backup drive. A total loss? Not with File Scavenger® 3.0! This program brought all my files back from the dead and restored them, including valuable family pictures. I was simply amazed. Thank you so very much for the time and effort put into this software, worth every cent, I will recommend this to all my friends!

  • 2006/07/17 - Mike Fotheringham - Birmingham, Alabama

    I just wanted to send an email saying thanks for all the help. I ended up digging into things heavily and found the ordering and size of all my spanned disks, put the info into your great app and recovered everything. It just so happened that the bad disk was the final disk in the chain and had nothing on it, so I got a bit lucky.

    I'm switching over to Raid 5 right now, but its nice knowing I have your awesome product for a backup to that. You are getting major recommendations from me!!!

  • 2006/07/05 - Jack Graves - FL

    I accidentally formatted my Seagate external USB 160GB drive.

    I had used this drive as my main data storage device for both my desktop and laptop.

    Thanks again.

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