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Data Recovery
October-December 2009 - User Comments

  • 2009/12/24 - Christian Richaud - KISTA, Stockholm, Sweden

    You just saved Christmas. With your help and your fabulous program I managed to recover the whole content of a crashed memory stick from the digicam with all pictures from it. Happy xmas from the Richauds!


  • 2009/12/10 - Ray Adams - Jonesboro, Tennessee

    Thank you....

    I have and will continue to recommend your software to people in the IT systems business.

    Take care, and may God bless.

  • 2009/12/05 - Keith Gerhartz - New Smyrna Beach, Florida

    I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you for a great product. I purchased File Scavenger with the Raid option and it worked really well.
    I would recommend it to anyone. I also appreciated your personal assistance with upgrading my order and applying the use of the tool.

    Thanks again for everything and have a great holiday season.

    Keith Gerhartz
    Gerhartz & Associates, Inc.

  • 2009/11/29 - Peter Schmid - Nuglar, Switzerland.

    The software recovered more than 1000 pictures and video files from our holidays, children's movies and so on ... This is great and I am very glad about this!

    I will never use RAID0 Strip set with Win XP again ... RAID 5 or 10 and always make a backup ;-)

    Big thanks for this clever software and all (like today's) the work.

    Best Regards,

  • 2009/11/15 - Eddie McCain - Wichita, Kansas.

    I experienced a hard drive crash on my laptop, that was less than a year old, and my Carbonite back up did not perform as well as expected. I had lost an 11GB PST file that contained all my emails, which was a devastating loss to me. However thanks to your program I have all my emails back as well as all the other data that was not on my Carbonite back up. Please feel free to put me down as a believer in your product. File Scavenger saved my files from a corrupted hard drive!!! I tried several other "recommended" programs all of them failed after several frustrating hours. Your program worked extremely well and extremely fast!!!

    I have never before taken the time to write a thank for a product that I purchased but this is an exception. It was the best $50 I have ever spent.

  • 2009/10/26 - Dale Faber - Downers Grove, Illinois.

    You have an incredible product. I mistakenly deleted the parition of my wife's harddrive that had 10 years of pictures on it (and only there). I installed your product and three clicks later I was looking at all the files.

    Dale Faber, Ph.D.

  • 2009/10/18 - Bruce Davis - Houston, Texas.

    During a typical Houston thunderstorm, and after power fluctuations, my 250GB external USB drive was not even visible to Windows XP Pro (the drive was NOT being powered off my new surge protector, but was plugged into a 12 outlet el-cheapo power strip).The drive contained thousands of MP3's and I was frantic to get it back. In late November 2006 I bought & downloaded File Scavenger 3 and within an hour or so, ALL the music was recovered! I am still using the drive to this day! The $49 was the best purchase of utility software I've ever made: I HIGHLY recommend this software. QueTek's support is also world class - my primary hard drive on my older system finally died so I had to re-install the OS. I was able to get a new license key from their website with no hassle whatsoever; entered my Serial Number and email address and the system emailed me a new license key and I was back in business within minutes.

    Needless to say, I now have high quality surge protection on my entire system!

  • 2009/10/17 - Diane Chen - Ontario, Canada.

    You guys are great! I have tried other software which did not work well, but your product helped me get all my files back with great efficiency. Thank you very much. I will recommend your program to all the people I know. Thank you again.

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