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Drive Recovery - 1st Quarter 2006 - User Comments

  • 2006/03/27 - Lee W. Wood - Denton, Texas

    Thank you for such a great product! File Scavenger® was worth every penny I paid for it.

  • 2006/03/27 - Phil McIntosh

    I gotta say WOW...I had almost THREE THOUSAND mp3's that I thought were lost forever. I had a tape backup in which the second of the two tape backup set had become corrupted and the RAID 0 array that I had backed up died. I was able to take one of the two hard drives that couldn't be read by the RAID controller and the other drive that I had REFORMATTED for NTFS and your software read both disks and recovered ALL OF MY FILES!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! I called a couple data recovery firms and they all quoted me a rate of $2000 - $3000 and your software recovered my files for $85!!! MOST EXCELLENT..........

  • 2006/03/24 - Eric & Tracy Collins

    You are a MIRACLE worker. HOORAY!! I got my pics back and some video files.

    Thanks sooooooo much!!!

  • 2006/03/23 - Robert Shearer

    What a great program... God I wish I found this years ago. No more spending countless hours with damaged hard drives just to get a few non-backed up files off it. Thanx so much.

  • 2006/03/23 - James E. King, III - MA, USA

    I just wanted to let you know that File Scavenger® is the 2nd program I tried, and the last one I will need. The first program took 4 hours to scan my disk and did not find the file I needed after repartitioning. Your program took 12 minutes, found my Quicken data file with 11 years of data in it, intact, and recovered it for me. I would have had to go back a few months if I could not recover it and re-enter things, so thank you. Great product! This was after repartitioning, reinstalling the OS! I forgot the Quicken files were not in the usual place for backing things up...

  • 2006/03/22 -Rolf Vonau

    Dear Sirs,

    Thank you for the quick reply, even at Sunday! This was the reason, that I immediately bought the program. I could recover all needed files.

    Thank you.

  • 2006/03/22 - Luis I. Martinez - Redmond, WA

    It's helping me to recover files from a HD that was trashed by the BIOS raid utility after adding 2 additional drivers (and requested to use those as a raid), the utiliy took my boot drive and one of the additionals (trashing the MBR and partition table). I tried the recovery console but that didn't work.

    My brother had a problem with his Raid0 array and found this program, which allowed him to recover 95%+ of his data.

    Seems that I'm getting much higher than that. Thanks for your great product :)


  • 2006/03/20 - Tim Rose - London

    Despite care in the setup of my machine to prevent catastrophic data loss, in a single moment if idiocy, I managed to quick-format my hard-drive, dedicated to containing five years worth of documents, projects, accounts and personal information.

    My horror has since subsided along with the hang-over which created the moment of madness, as your software has managed to retrieve almost all of my information, and I have managed to restore it back to it's former directories. Many application act as if nothing happened ... wow!

    As I would have been prepared to donate my throuroughly abused liver to get my data back, I must say many thanks for an easy and cost effective piece of software.

    It has been a long day ... I'm off to bed.


  • 2006/03/17 - Jonathan Perry - Cape Town, South Africa


    Just wanted to thank you for a marvelous product: File Scavenger® Version 3.0

    I've always thought only an absolute moron could not be sure they want to delete an item after being asked for confirmation by Windows, hence I've set my recycle bin to immediately delete items.

    This theory has held sound for almost a decade, until I managed to delete the folder I keep all my digital photographs in for the past couple years: thousands of files.

    Well after a brief search for a product that could help me out of this quagmire, I discovered *Scavenger* and low and behold it saved the day. After a few minutes everything was back in place, except for my heart which is still beating in my throat from the scare. Thank you, I will definitely recommend your product to anyone finding themselves in a similar pickle.


  • 2006/03/10 - Myles MacInnes - Cambridge, Ontario

    This is a fantastic product. I was able to recover all the files on my disk drive that windows said could not be accessed.

    Thanks for keeping it affordable.

  • 2006/03/03 - Jerry Szoka - Cleveland, Ohio

    Dear QueTek™:

    I found that I could not help myself and was compelled to write this. I was installing windows on a new C: drive which was going bad and I had moved all my information to my F: drive. While installing windows I believe I accidentally erased the info on my F: drive. I consulted my OEM and to my horror they confirmed this. I could not believe my eyes. Had I done the unthinkable? Had I erased all my documents, music, names, places, letters.....years of stored information? I have to say that the realization of this literally brought me to tears as I sat there wondering how could I have been so stupid! I pride myself on being pretty computer savvy. The only thing I could think of was sending my hard drive out to some data recovery specialist and having to pay hundreds of dollars in the hopes of retrieving some, if any of the lost data. After about an hour of staring into the abyss of dismay thinking about all the data that I had accumulated over the years and with the press of a key had wiped out of existence, I wiped the tears from my eyes, pulled myself up and told myself, I WAS going to figure this out! There MUST be a way to resolve this dilemma. I began to scour the net in the hopes of finding a solution and happened upon Que Tek and the File Scavenger Data Recovery Software. I have to say that I was skeptical. There are way too many business that claim this or that and one spends the money for the product, and WHAM your hopes or squashed like a bug on the windshield.

    After reading about QueTek™'s claims, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to loose? I have already lost all my data. I bought the software and downloaded it. Then the moment of truth had arrived. With trembling hands and low hopes I ran the program. I waited, and waited, and waited, for what seemed lie an eternity as my perception of time had come to a halt, thinking "would this be my savior or would I be disappointed as is usually the case in such critical moments in life"? And then it happened! Like a bright warm sun breaking through a dismal cloudy day and warming your skin, there it was, what I believed to be my lost data. But I thought, "sure it's probably just a ghost of the data and not really the actual data. So I created a folder on the new c: drive and told the Que Tek software to send the recovered data to that folder. I started out with a small amount of data to send there as a test. I then went to the recovered data folder to see if it truly was the lost data and to my disbelieving eyes my dreams were answered, it really was the lost data. I quickly began to go through folder after folder recovering the lost data and recovered 99% of the lost data. I was so incredibly happy that it actually worked! Que Tek had come through. They were true to there word!

    What's the moral of this story....................................back up back up back up and back up.........oh and don't erase your hard drive with all your data :)

    THANK YOU QUETEK™ for your outstanding product. You made my day! Sincerely,

  • 2006/03/03 - Kenny Warner - Memphis Tennessee

    Dear Quetek,

    I just wanted to say thanks for providing such a great product.

    Although it took over two days to search and recover my data, the time and money spent were well worth it - I was able to recover everything from two 120 GB Raid 0 striped SATA drives. I am definitely an advocate for your product... thanks again!

  • 2006/02/27 - Bob Bulliard - Lafayette

    This product works great!!! It saved me from losing my daughters wedding pics!!!!!!!!!

    I tried 2 other recovery softwares and this recovered 490 files against 230 files that the other 2 could recover... so it recovered over double what the others could.

    Thank you so much.

  • 2006/02/24 - Steve Gegg - Waconia, MN

    Thank you for a great piece of Software. My C drive became corrupt and I could not access it. I was really frustrated as it included a wealth of photos and other files I really did not want to erase into cyber history. I looked at several programs until I tried the demo from QueTek™. It was amazing I recovered all the files I wanted to save, set windows up on a new hard drive and back in business. Formatted the old drive and everything is good to go! Great Product.

  • 2006/02/21 - Wale Iyanda, Lagos. Nigeria


    That was wonderful recovery software. I RECOVERED ALL THE DATA in my DATABASE SERVER and in less that 2 hours.

    Keep up the good work. The $85 was worth it after all.


  • 2006/02/18 - Marcel Oats - New Zealand

    I let the software loose on a 120 gb drive, originally in an EZQuest enclosure, and it found them. The boot sector had become damaged, perhaps due to mechanical shock, we can't be sure. It was cheeper than a data recovery person, so we bought the software. I am blind, and the software is very friendly with a screen reading programme - that is to say it uses common dialogues and controls. One thing I did notice, is that when minimized, the percentage is not updated on the task bar.

    Thanks again.

  • 2006/02/18 - Jukka Ponsi - Helsinki, Finland

    An excellent product! Already it was second time when I managed to save some valuable memories from SD-memory card of a digital camera. Today it happened to friend from Thailand visiting Finland for her first time. Beautiful pictures of exotic scenery covered with snow and other memories vanished. No computer or camera could read the card. I knew one possibility to try - File Scavenger®. Only long search could find something and it did. It found all pictures.

  • 2006/02/18 - Ken Ellis - Alaska

    Your code resurrected a poorly managed HD and saved my irreplaceable files! Thank God...Thank Quetek™! I am feeling rather powerful knowing what I can pull out of the shredder! Thanks group! Great product and results!

  • 2006/02/17 - Stephen Churchville - New York

    After all my attempts failed and a local shop gave me a $500 estimate, your software recovered all the files on my corrupted disk.


  • 2006/02/13 - Larry Z. - Maryland

    Oh my god!! Your product recovered files I thought were gone forever.

    I've been trying demo after demo of more expensive programs and none of them worked. File Scavenger® is worth every penny. It accessed my drive immediately and I was able to recover years worth of pictures and movies. I learned two things from this experience. First, back up your data. Second, your product rocks!!!


    A very happy customer! No bull!

  • 2006/02/11 - Robby Cooke - Oklahoma

    I just wanted to let you know that you have created such a wonderful data recovery program that continually impresses me, and I have tried and used almost all of them (no joke, literally). It is refreshing to use such a flexible, and powerful program that handles both RAID (almost all configurations competently I might add, unlike other software) and single drive recoveries. The price is right too! The professional version, of which I own, is very reasonably priced and flexible in it's license agreement use (allowing for one particular technician to use it on multiple systems).

    Anyhow, thanks again and keep up the good work. Keep me in mind when you need a beta tester.. ;-)


  • 2006/02/07 - Mark McJunkin - Jenacom - WA

    You have a great product and very reasonably priced. I have recommended it to many of my customers.

  • 2006/01/31 - Erik Philippus - the Netherlands

    Well, it's my turn to thank you, and to congratulate you with this fantastic tool. I have been using a number of other tools to recover my data from a corrupt 250 Gb USB drive, without much result till now. Most tools are analyzing the disk for hours and hours (sometimes a whole night), and then come with disappointing results. So most data-recovery tools are very time consuming and not working very well. I even received a mail from a help-desk saying the recovery of huge files (like video footage) is almost impossible....

    Using File Scavenger® has brought back these huge files within minutes. I don't know how you do it, but without time-consuming scanning and analyzing, you are able to present all the missing files almost immediately.


  • 2006/01/29 - Christian Chapman - Tampa, Florida

    I just wanted to say thank you for File Scavenger® 3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. When the program Norton GoBack switched my drive letters and the wrong partition got deleted, you saved me. Thank you so much.

  • 2006/01/24 - Mark Smith - MSIT Consultancy, United Kingdom

    A new client of mine came to me the other day with a Maxtor 20gig drive (the slim type) containing all her college work from the last 3 years. She had paid 3 companies to fix it without success. She had also bought and trialled numerous competitor products which all scanned the drive for hours and revealed no chances of recovery whatsoever.

    She eventually found out about my company and gave me the drive to attempt recovery. Placing the hard disk into a PC revealed the hard disc was bad (diagnosed by SMART technology), Windows XP booted up very slowly but eventually arrived at the Desktop. My Computer reported the hard disk was present but refused to catalog the drive displaying an error - "An invalid function was called!"

    I did a search for "Recover files from corrupt hard disk" on Google and your product was the first to appear (good search engine optimisation and popularity I'd say). I read 50% of the testimonials and quite honestly thought, hmm, these seem TO good to be true but downloaded the trial copy anyway.

    I left the hard disk scanning for 30 minutes. Upon my return, FileScavenger® had reported it had found 78039 files which where ALL recoverable! My first reaction being as skeptical as I am and knowing the IT industry and its claims all too well was yep, you can see the files but I bet for a minute you can't recover them. I hesitantly paid $45 and within 5 seconds had my activation code!!!! I entered the code, clicked Recover and EVERY single file was recovered - A 100% success rate!

    You guys rock seriously, the lady was just so pleased, delighted and almost in tears when she learned of the success. There is no doubt whatsoever, that I will forever recommend your company and product to anyone and everyone.

    Both myself and my client thank you so much for your time and effort, without which, she'd would have left college! I will be upgrading the personal copy to a Commercial License as I know for a fact that no other software even comes SLIGHTLY close to yours and it's software you just cannot do without!

    Well done and very well priced,

  • 2006/01/19 - Diehl Unger - Louisville, TN

    Thanks for the terrific product and support. After foolishly portioning my C drive, I was unable to re-boot my computer and feared that I had lost all of my family photos and business data that had accumulated for the last few years. I found your web site, ran the free analysis which delivered encouraging results, purchased the activation key and WOW! I think that I will recover virtually all of my data files from jpegs, excel files, powerpoint presentations, and word documents. I have even extracted ALL of my email messages and restored them to Outlook Express. Honestly, that is the best $45 I have ever spent. Thanks again for the great product and great support. Feel free to use this communication as a testimonial and/or use me as a reference.

    Thanks again,

  • 2006/01/18 - Will McKinley - Portland Oregon

    It may be interesting for you to know that (1) a recovery program I bought and kept updated failed miserably to locate anything. But more importantly, an Computer Tech Support expert who charged me $60.00 per half an hour assured me my documents were definitely unrecoverable, irretrievably lost. This was terribly depressing and almost caused me to give up writing this book. I found your program by chance and it immediately found all my missing files. I successfully reloaded them and they are all working fine. I am demanding my money from the Tech man back. I am happy to have purchased File Scavenger® 3 and your swift and thorough replies to my questions amazes me. The guy wanted to know the name of your program - so I would imagine he will be recommending it. I hope you make a trillion dollars or marks or euros!

  • 2006/01/09 - Jim Vernon - Narrabri NSW, Australia

    Hi Guys

    May I take a few minutes of your time to thank you for the File Scavenger® Program.

    I bought the personal version from you online on 29/12/05 and within 24 hrs I had recovered the full HD of 98% of the files I had lost after my HD went into Raw format.

    The HD was working ok in it's self, the file system had become corrupted, and my PC Guru told me that I would have to format the HD and lose all my files, I am pleased I did not listen to him at the time, I was determined there must be some program out there on the net that would fix my problem, and after downloading and trying different programs without success I came across File Scavenger® (end of story) By using your program, it not only gave me the opportunity to fix the problem myself it also saved me time unnecessary worry and money, to get professionals to do the same job was going to cost approx $400 AU.

    So now I have a great program that I can use in the future to recover other lost files as well.

    Once again A Big Thankyou.

  • 2006/01/03 - David Barnett - Chambersburg, PA

    Dear Quetek,

    I hope this is the right e-mail address, but if anyone reads it, I will be satisfied. Recently, I upgraded my Hard Drive and burned all my pictures and documents onto a DVD-RW that, at the time I was unaware of, was defective. I even checked the disc to make sure the folders were there before reformatting my hard drive...3 times!!!

    I installed my new hard drive and attempted to transfer files from the disc and found it was bad. over 1500 pictures and 2000 important documents were going to be lost, not counting the other 18,000 files that were stored on the drive.

    I downloaded the demo and it showed me all it could recover, I paid the $45 and was immediately sent the license key. Your software worked so well, in 39 seconds all those priceless pictures, important documents, and other documents that took many hours to create, were saved.

    Your services and your software are worth more than $45, and I wish I could say more just Thank You, for all that you saved me. I forever stand by File Scavanger®!

    Well-Satisfied Customer

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