Data Recovery
January-March 2014 - User Comments


  • 2014/3/15 - D. Daish - Hampshire, England

    Hi and many thanks for the prompt and efficient service, it is much appreciated. I have followed your instructions and it all works fine.

    I shall certainly recommend File Scavenger as it works for virtually every situation. You are to be congratulated on producing such a great program.

  • 2014/2/9 - W. Iwanczyk - Coordinated Technology Group, LLC., US

    I cannot begin to thank you for your software. Unfortunately this was not the first package I purchased, and was ready to give in and send my drive in for what was to be a $12K recovery !! I had found a reference to your web site via google search that pulled up some European forum...

    Not only did your software recover my drive almost completely, but your support was also genuinely helpful.

    Basically my drive was freezing my OS completely, and I was not able to as much as initiate any other software on this drive. I had the drive connected in a cradle via USB cable and in under 15HR, I was able to pull almost 1/2 TB into a disk image, which I was able to then recover my files from. The fact that it was also able to pick up the directory structure was an added plus.

    Thank you VERY VERY much ! :)