Data Recovery
April-June 2013 - User Comments


  • 2013/06/- James T - Scottsdale, Arizona

    Scanned everything again, 126 GB, overnight and the listing of files looked correct. So saved it all... and incredibly all the JPGs appear to be intact and recovered! Not sure what I was doing wrong before, but the software certainly works as advertised!

    Many, many thanks!

  • 2013/05/06 - Bryan M - US

    I recently purchased File Scavenger. Although I had some concerns as to whether it would work (having had less-than-desirable experiences with other products), it did the job PERFECTLY! All my files were recovered, with the same file names and directory structure as the original. In short, it worked exactly as one would hope and expect it to.

    I tried two other products before File Scavenger, and neither came close to correctly recovering the files on my broken RAID. I was facing a month and a half of lost work before File Scavenger saved the day. The interface is clear and easy to use, and the results speak for themselves.

    Thanks, QueTek - nice job!

  • 2013/04/22 - Charles Mitchell - US

    Thank you for the fast response. This is why I continue to recommend your products to my friends.
    Do not ever lose site of customer support. I love your product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has helped me many times.

  • 2013/04/02 - Claudio Dal - Italy

    Scavenger 4.1 solved my issues. Sudden external HD got visible only phisically but not logically. Tried different recovery tools, included full licence pro version of, no results. Sent to Care center but they surrender from a SW driven approach. I then found Scavenger just browsing I installed the demo version. I got was different. I buyed the license I recovered 80% of contents ! GREAT ! Very usefull was the bad records skip function to isolate too corrupted records causing hanging up or HD controller dump. THANKS !!!!!!!

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