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File Data Recovery Tool - User Comments

  • 2005/09/29 - Kalvin Tuel - Omaha, Nebraska

    Thank you. I bought your product and used it and couldn't be happier.

    I was able to recover every one of my files. Very quick and easy to use. Thanks for writing such an outstanding product.

  • 2005/09/27 - Jennifer Jackson

    Thank you! Thank you! This worked perfectly. I had no idea if I would be able to get my files back and this worked beyond my expectations.

    Thanks again!

  • 2005/09/26 - Sean Seah - Singapore

    "My external hard disk got corrupted from overheating (Lousy Casing as I found out!) 50Gb, 5 years of audio & video collections retrieved 100% intact. 36 hours of distress alleviated after 3 hours of recovery. Best of all, the product is priced reasonably (I had to admit I was pretty skeptical) and the license key arrived almost immediately after payment.

    The easy user interface made recovery almost painless. File Scavenger® 3.0 rocks! You guys deserve a raise!"

  • 2005/09/19 - Allan J. Ontko - Charleston MusicWorks

    This email is addressed to help@quetek.com , but you can all relax...Your product already helped.

    When Dreamweaver malfunctioned, I found myself with almost 50% of a website erased from my hard disk.

    I did a web search for "deleted file recovery" and a few listings came up. I looked at them all - but your product looked very good. Then I read your testimonials, and the first one to pop up on my screen was a negative one, followed by lots of good ones. OK, says I, these are the kind of people I like!

    To make it short: I purchased it, I ran it, it recovered my data.

    Many thanks from a 100% satisfied customer. And even more thanks from MY customer!

  • 2005/09/17 - Thomas

    Your service and product rocks!

    One of the best websites, simple, smooth, fast and the same with the product: Easy to use, nice interface simple to install, no unnecessary buttons and features - it is neat, light and does exactly what it is supposed to do - and does it extremely well!

    I like you girls and guys!

  • 2005/09/16 - Mike Conto - Bermuda

    I'm working on contract in Bermuda and I just wanted to let you know that File Scavenger saved my life. I was in between backups and I lost a HD. I brought it to a Data Recovery center and they said I would have to send it to the manufacturer to recover anything. I found your product online, tried it and it worked perfectly. I had almost lost a years worth of work.


  • 2005/09/14 - Dale Dilts - Valrico, Florida

    I thought everything was lost when my hard drive stopped working. I bought a new drive and had pretty much accepted that all the files on my old hard drive were history. I ran across your web page and wondered if recovering some of the files was possible. I installed the old hard drive as a slave drive and downloaded your demo program to see if it could read the drive.

    I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw all of those files were still there and readable. I bought the program and recovered nearly 5 gigabytes of files.

    The $45.00 I spent was the best investment I've made in a long time.

    Thank you,

  • 2005/09/08 - Frank - Melbourne, Australia

    What a life saver!

    I was reinstalling my PC after carefully backing up everything to an externally USB attached drive. Although I am an IT professional, I made the mistake of not disconnecting the USB disk. I commenced the installation of XP, and it naturally stated that there is data on the proposed installation drive, and do I want to format it ? There was only one drive in the list, being a 120 Gb drive, same as the primary internal disk, but ALSO the same as the EXTERNAL USB disk. Not thinking, I pressed enter, then suddenly noticed the disk light flashing on the external disk..... Damn ! I quickly turned it off, but too late. ALL my data gone. Disk was still visible under Windows, but when I interrogated the disk, the normal prompt came up stating it was unformatted, do I want to format it now ? NO!!! Thus commenced a 2 hour search for a recovery tool. I found Scavenger 3.0, downloaded the demo, and after doing the Long Search, started seeing my data files appearing. I immediately went back online, paid the $45US, got the key, entered it. 3 hours later, virtually ALL my data back. A few little anomalies with data appearing where it should not have been, but recovered everything that was critical, at least 35 Gb.... Thanks for this fantastic tool, well worth it, and highly recommended...

    (Many lessons to be learnt here.)


  • 2005/09/04 - Chris Wilson - Sylmar, CA

    I just wanted to give my own testimonial to you:

    I had a corrupted USB flash memory drive with an important Excel file on it. I tried "GetDataBack", "Fat", "Media Recover", "EasyRecovery Professional", "Flash Recovery", and "Ontrack Disk Recovery". The best any of them could do was to give me a corrupted Excel file that not even "Office Recovery Manager" or "Advanced Excel Repair" could completely repair. I never got the VBA code behind the spreadsheet recovered.

    File Scavenger® 3.0 was able to find my file and completely restore it to me free of any defects. I was floored and "immediately" purchased it. Absolutely amazing is all I can say... and I will recommend it to my agency for their IT needs.

    Thank you,

  • 2005/09/03 - Ronald Ross - Memphis, Tennessee

    Thank you, your program did it... I was about to give up hope, the VAIO recovery program had rewritten this partition 3 times (and it was the wrong partition! this is not my C drive!!). When I used explorer to browse for my files, none where there; nothing was there but 2 gigs of windows related useless factory defaults data. All those files were gone, I just knew they were. I used Search and Recover; I got 40k files of junk names... I know I cant work with those. I used Recover My Files; I get 40k of uselessly named junk... I am at wits end. I use PC Doctor and get 20k of files that are all the same size!? What kind of software is that!? I suppose one gets what he or she pays for... (it was free).

    I get this program, but I didn't pay for it at first. And it found everything... even their names! I dont even know how that's possible! Im too excited to use correct punctuation! I got everything back! Well, I dont think it didnt even 'saw' a few files, but of the ones it did, it was able to recover roughly 99.7%... of 200gb. I had prayed for 95%!

    I dont think I will have time to verify all these files, but its just so good to see them there... all there, even the compressed files are opening! I can see the pictures... its a miracle. Some of my files were lost in other folders, like WINDOWS or Documents and Settings, but I was sure to check inside every single folder, and it was worth it.

    Thank you Quetek™. I dont know what to say. The software you are selling is truly professional grade. I didn't have to pay 250$~1000$ to have my data recovered by another, its just truly amazing. You all deserve a place in history, I mean it! I will never forget what you all and your wonderfully written program were able to do for me! The testimonials were so true... this is the real deal! Bless you all!!

  • 2005/08/30 - Ihab Makhlouf - Northrop Grumman Corporation

    Just want to let you know that your software was able to recover my data I lost when one of the RAID disks crashed. I called one of your competitors, and they wanted over $8000 to recover my data.

    Thank you very much.

  • 2005/08/26 - Raymond Perry - NEW ORLEANS, LA

    I recently got a new workstation. In preparation I dutifully backed up a number of data files I maintain on my old PC. After the upgrade I was reloading my data when I realized I had completely missed an entire directory that contained a number of subdirectories. I had a fairly recent backup, but there was a significant amount of work that I had not backed up. I had also deleted the files and emptied my Recycle Bin. All the "experts" told me I was out of luck. Norton Unerase was useless; it won't work on a Win 2000 system (or XP, NT, etc., either) unless it was already loaded or can be loaded on a Win 98 partition. A simple search turned up your website and File Scavenger®.

    I bought the software with my own money, used it from a CD, and, as far as I can tell, recovered 100%. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


  • 2005/08/25 - Steve Spencer - President, iHOST Technologies

    Your software is incredible!

    Seriously - I thought I was doomed today... I was doing a robocopy backup of all our digital photos.

    Now this is embarrasing being a web developer and network administrator for dozens of companies - I did not pay attention to what drive I was pointing too... Ran robocopy command and low and behold I wiped out 5 years of pictures.....ahhh!!!

    Well I found your site - downloaded the demo..and in a blink of an eye all my photos were found! With no delay I purchased the personal edition as this was for my home needs.. (note: I will buy the commerical version for the business as soon as the need arises! ) Long story short.. 5 years of pictures recovered and just before the wife came home..without your software I would be dead at this point!


    PS. If you ever need help with web design - let me know! THere is a definite discount in order!

    thanks again and again and again..

  • 2005/08/22 - Brian Myers - Dataweb Corp.


    Really great product.

    You should know, I first discovered and purchased NTFS Recovery by DiskInternals but they wanted like a full day to get me a license key. With your service I got the key immediately after checkout. And your product costs less than half as much! Woohoo!

  • 2005/08/17 - Ramon - Spain


    Now I can say that File Scavenger has recovered 100% of my work data (±5Gb), including the bad disk sectors.

    Thanks for all!!!

    Best regards.

  • 2005/08/12 - Laurie - Livonia, Michigan

    I did try on your advice using a disk number instead of a drive name, like "F:". This worked 100%. I recovered all my pictures without any problem. Thanks!!!!! I can now breathe easy. The first thing I did was burn a CD of all the good data just in case. Thanks for all your help. I will definitely recommend your product to anyone trying to recover data.

  • 2005/08/11 - Gerald Finch - Gwent, Great Britain

    I am writing to thank you and your team, not only for the excellent "Scavenger" product, but for the technical back up I received whilst using the product. I should say at this point that I only needed technical assistance due to the fact that I had been awake for 36 hours when I got the software, having tried every method known to recover my files, and being very tired, could not follow the simple instructions!

    I had lost all of the contents of my hard drive due to accidental formatting following a trojan virus attack. I had all of my personal documents on it plus over 1000 photos of family, the boat on which I live, my fishing pics and videos. I was devastated! The main problem was that had cleaned my back-up image from my laptop 2 days before!

    The software did (to use an english expression "exactly what it said on the tin"). I RECOVERED ALL OF MY MISSING FILES OF ALL FORMATS INCLUDING DOC,XLS,JPEG.MPEG,ADOBE,PPT,DB AND MANY MORE. What is even more amazing is when i tried it on my laptop which has been formatted at least _3 times in 4 years, it recovered files over 4 years old!_

    A fantastic piece of software and a great company to do business with. Anyone can contact me for further information on lesfinch1 at aol dot com I am happy to endorse this product wholeheartedly...I wish i was an agent for the company!

  • 2005/08/07 - Al Myers - Armed Forces Africa

    I have a Western Digital USB 2.0-160 gig external hard drive that all of a sudden decided to give me a "drive not formatted" error EVERYTIME I tried to access the drive. I had over 13 gigs of family photos on the drive. I contacted WD and they emailed me some XP recovery steps that I could pursue. Problem is that every time I plugged in the drive I would get a "not formatted" error. Frantic, I did a google search and found your software advertisement. I liked what I saw so I downloaded your program, purchased a license, ran it, and it recovered EVERY SINGLE FILE.

    Needless to say, I am a happy customer!!!

  • 2005/08/07 - Terry Weeks - Newnan, Georgia

    First, I want to thank you for a product that is simple to use, works as advertised, and is reasonably priced! My hard drive crashed and, although XP could identify the drive, attempting to read it only resulted in an "error performing inpage operation" message... the media was obviously damaged! I googled any number of sites with various hard drive recovery services and programs. All were either too expensive or required a black belt in PC hacking... I felt a disaster coming on, especially since my last backup was from April (shame on me!) and we have numerous photos of our new baby that had been downloaded from our digital camera. My wife, to say the least, was unhappy!

    Anyway, to make a long story short, your download was fast (even on a 56k dialup), the demo successfully found over 108,000 files (of all types), and I was able to purchase the run-time key on-line. About 2 hours later, your software successfully recovered all but 9600 files!

    Yes, some data files were lost, but the majority were saved and my potentially sleepless night was relieved! Thank you again, and kudos to your engineering staff and support personnel for making my data disaster a minor issue.

  • 2005/07/08 - Duncan Clarke - United Kingdom

    I cannot believe how FS3 is recovering a drive that ALL the other recovery packages I use refuse to do anything.


    Thanks - what a product, and what an improvement over V2.1.

  • 2005/07/08 - Don Schuman

    File Scavenger® was the third demo I had downloaded to try recovering data from a drive with lost data. The first recovery software demo ran for two days and finally, the window went white and quit responding. The second did not find the lost files.

    Then I downloaded and installed the File Scavenger demo. The Quick Search did not show anything, either. But when I changed the Search Mode to Long Search, those files began showing up on the list. In 3 hours the program located all the files I needed on that 200g hard disk.

    One cool feature is that you can purchase it and activate it to a full version without having to close and re-open it. Considering the hours already spent searching a large drive, this is a wonderful timesaver.

    Of the three recovery tools I tried, this one is far superior to the others.

    Thank you QueTek™ for a great product!

  • 2005/07/07 - Robert Lovejoy

    Your product worked exactly as advertised. Thanks for your product and outstanding support...

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