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Recover Deleted Files - June User Comments

  • 2007/06/11 - Phil Chivers - Milledgeville, Georgia

    Thanks for the speedy response and advice.

    It was perfect to be able to test the product first, see it worked and then buy rapidly. I was able to recover my father-in-laws data files for him.

    What a great business model and product you have!


  • 2007/06/04 - David McAdams

    Folks, I don't know how this little bit of code works, but work it does!

    Maxtor/Seagate quoted me a price of 1400-1700 to recover my data from an external USB drive. Somehow I found your site and you saved the day! My business data, images and personal data were on that drive, and now I have them back!!!

  • 2007/05/23 - Mike Annear

    Hi Guys,

    Thank you for a wonderful product !

    I'm in the Middle East and urgently needed some data from a corrupted laptop hard drive.

    I took the drive out, plugged it into a USB caddy and successfully extracted the data I needed from it.

    Keep up the great work!

  • 2007/05/22 - Dr. Barry. R. Hutchinson - The UK

    I am writing to say that this product is fantastic. I managed to salvage all of the files I thought I had lost for ever. The only down side was that I had bought an inferior program first which did not search as deep as this product so it was essentially useless. So, if anyone is thinking of purchasing a file recovery software program, don't look any further than file scavenger.

    Thank you QueTek™ team,

  • 2007/05/15 - Mr Matyák László - Hungary

    Dear Quetek™ Development Team!

    The File Scavenger® is a very high quality software product. Thanks for experience work to the Development Team!!

    Best regards

  • 2007/05/07 - Cathy Burris - geospectrum.com

    Thanks for doing a great job.

  • 2007/05/02 - Jay Jacinto - cafepress.com

    Our company was on the verge of losing almost a TB of RAID 5 data up until we contacted Quetek™. The techs at Quetek™ reassured us they would do their best to recover as much as possible and that, they did. They were especially accommodating to all our requests. If you have mission critical data on disk somewhere, it's always nice to know Quetek™ is around for those times you need them the most.

  • 2007/04/22 - Daniel Villaflor - The Philippines

    Hi guys,

    Your product has saved my business and family memorabilia...

    What can I say but thank you... you effectively have saved us from ruin.

    It was more than worth the money and I will always recommend your product.

  • 2007/04/19 - Dr. Yan Xu - University of Pittsburgh

    I would like to thank you again for your exceptional and professional work in recovering data from my failed Raid 5 disks. I was told by many people that once two disks failed at same time on a 4-disk Raid 5, my chance of getting the data back diminishes dramatically. Your expert procedure in iteratively re-patching and restoring the data is truly magic. I would recommend you to any one who needs Raid recovery services.

    Thanks again,

  • 2007/04/19 - Jon Kaplan - Senior Networking Systems Analyst/Systems & Technology - The Journal News

    I have been using your software for 4 years now and you have consistently have had excellent customer support. Fast, professional and always good advice.

    Thank you for the help,

  • 2007/04/06 - Bob Hill - Watertown, Ma

    After six years of researching our Family history, I think I had all the information I could find. Our history goes back Seven Hundred years. In a matter of minutes, it was Gone. All of it. I had to format my hard drive[big problems]. When I tried to restore my backup disc, it was EMPTY. Seven Hundred years of history. DISAPPEARED. Countless hours looking at Microfilm, many hours searching Census Records, days searching marriage and birth records, you name it, I searched it. Now it was all GONE. After a few days of wondering what to do, I couldn't start all over, way too much work, I looked for recovery programs on the Internet. I found some, not to impressive, but then I was intrigued by your site. I decided to give it a try. At first, I was overwhelmed by the number of files it found and none looked too familiar. Then, I saw that you could search by file extensions. I searched by extensions and then LO AND BEHOLD, Seven Hundred years of our Family History right in front of my face.

    I was shocked. I thought it was gone forever. But there it was. I was amazed. I quickly made a backup of all the files and promptly put the disc in my Safety Deposit Box. Never to be lost again. It was probably the best $50 I ever spent. Thank you Thank you Thank you. I screwed up and your program saved me. Thank you very much.

  • 2007/04/05 - Mark Robinson

    Hello Quetek,

    Thank you for the demo of your File Scavenger product. It indirectly saved my e-mail storage file.

    Using your tool I was able to find some files which were shielded from my searches because of an unwanted change in the permissions I had, as the administrator, for certain folders. Thank you sooo much!!

    Even once I found the issue I was unable to change the permissions from within Windows, after searching their help and support site, and spending many hours. Linux allowed me to copy and transfer the files eventually.

    Since I was able to finally move the files using "conventional" tools, I did not buy a license at this time. I will heartily recommend your product to any of my associates who need a great interface and a fast scan, and a very reasonably priced license as well.


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