Data Recovery
April-June 2010 - User Comments
  • 2010/06/03 - Bruce Parent - Lacey, Washington

    Just wanted to say Thanks so very much for all your patience and assistance with my problem. I was able to slave off the crashed hard drive to my new computer and determined that it was disk 3. I ran FS 3.2 and was able to grab all of the files I needed and transfer them to my new computer.

    Your product is awesome and delivered as advertised. The ease of use for your product makes it very user friendly, straightforward, and effective. I'll recommend your product to anyone that is looking for a solid SW product that will recover files. Why pay hundreds of dollars to have a professional do it when the amateur using File Scavenger 3.2 can do it just as easy or easier.

    Thanks Again.

  • 2010/05/03 - British Columbia, Canada

    File Scavenger has helped me recover 250 GB of data from an unrecognized disk (unallocated) under Win 7 64-bit. Sincere thanks for your big help and wonderful product.

    Loyal customer

  • 2010/04/12 - Tom Quigley - Folsom, California

    QueTek - you guys are amazing. Your product is a complete miracle and so easy to use. I am not a big computer savvy person, just an average 50 something. We thought we had lost all of our pictures from the European vacation, just devastating. I went on line and searched for file recovery software. Thankfully your company came up near the top. I read some other testimonials and decided to call your 1-800 number to ask if what I hoped for was even possible. No waiting, and an EXTREMELY helpful person told me that it was possible but that some files may be corrupted. I decided to give it a chance. Absolutely the best $50 I've spent in a long time. After running the program, I still couldn't see the 330 pictures that the software had recovered. Once again I called, no waiting, and got the immediate help that showed me all of my pictures. I can't say enough good things about your product AND the great support I received. Thank you, thank you!

  • 2010/04/12 - Pat Murphy - Los Angeles, California

    Hey Guys,

    I wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your product and service. Your customer support has been extremely responsive and helpful, and I have been able to successfully recover financial data that I thought had been completely lost on sever formatted RAID 0 drives.

    Thanks so much!

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