Data Recovery
October - December 2017 - User Comments


  • 2017/11/24 - HJ Röther - Germany

    Greatings from Germany :-)
    I purchased your tool (for about 40 USD?) some years ago after I had a HDD crash and was looking for such a tools. After reading reviews I felt, your's is the best.
    Years later and after several activities with your tool, I really love it . because it's a realy great tool . because it did ALLWAYS a great job.
    Thank you sooo much . «you» means the SW-Engineers and the Company.

    All the best to you.

    PS: If you want to release this email on your website, feel free to do so. You may correct typos and wording . I.m sure, you understand the content of this email.

  • 2017/11/17 - Doug H. - British Columbia, Canada

    I have been using your products periodically for almost twenty years with great success. I recently had an associate come to me with a failed drive and a failed backup drive. He was told by an experience Tech that his data was totally lost. I have heard that statement too many times. I first made a couple of attempts using File Scavenger but it would stall. I eventually used Disk Recoup. It took about 7 days but I will tell you that every file was recovered from his failed drive. I have to say that the associate was elated. Thank you for your products. It has helped me recover data from many failed drives. Cheers.