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Data Recovery Tool - User Comments

  • 2005/03/29 - Barrie Green (from Limey Land)

    May I thank all you guys at Quetek, for your speediness and helpfulness, its really nice to see a company that really cares about the little guy.

    Once again a heartfelt thanks


  • 2005/03/27 - Jeff Allan

    Thanks very much, your software enabled me to recover a rather large Outlook pst file which I thought was lost forever. I will not hesitate to recommend it to my friends and collegues.

  • 2005/03/22 - Clark

    Thank you very much for your assistance. I was able to recover all 40g of data using v3 and your instruction.

    I would like to compliment you particularly and your entire company for excellent support and a great product. I also really like the updates to version 3. Nice job on the improvements on that. Looks like you guys have a lot of good things going on there.

    If you are ever in need of product/service referrals, feel free to use this or let me know & I can write something else up for you.

    Now to try to the other DOA hard drive to read! ;-)

  • 2005/03/20 - Sarah Jacobi

    I just downloaded File Scavenger to try and recover documents from my corrupt hard drive. I have to say that I was a little skeptical about it working and had really come to terms with all my hard work over the past few years being obliterated. To my extreme satisfaction, I was able to recover everything I had lost, including many, many personal photos that could never be replaced. Thanks for making avaialbe such a wonderful product at such a reasonable price!

  • 2005/03/20 - Brian Talbot

    I just wanted to say that the purchase of your software was the best money I've ever spent. Cheers! I managed to retrieve over 20GB of music, all my personal files & 1000's of holiday photos.

    Thanks again.

  • 2005/03/16 - Sheron Russell -Missouri, USA

    This is the best program since bread and butter. You were very helpful when I asked questions BEFORE buying the program. I have been singing your praise every since. I was able to recover 90% of my Embroidery Designs. The one format it doesn't read I had on a CD so needless to say I am very pleased. I had talked with a computer tech and was told I was just out of luck unless I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars and most people wont. He couldn't do it anyway. Would also have had to take it to another city. That just wasn't good enough for me. Glad I investigated on my own. Every embroidery person need to know of your program.

    Happy Customer

  • 2005/03/12 - Jon T, England

    I'd just like to thank you all for a superb program at a ridiculous price!, After some trial and error finding my first sector and block size info your software just made light work of my corrupt raid 0 striped array.

    Sorry this isn't as long as your other testimonials, I'm just a personal user with no huge story :)


  • 2005/03/02 - Scott Lowe - Jupiter, FL

    To the Whole Quetek Team

    I just wanted to extend my appreciation for your software product. I recently suffered my second hard drive failure in 7 months. Since the first failure I feel like I have done a good job backing up my data. I soon learned that I didn't do a good enough job. In reconstructing my system I discovered that my backup copy of my personal finance files would not load into the program. Basically my backup copy was history!

    I had an older backup but it was over 7 months old and it would require hours (from both my wife and myself) to reenter data. I had no choice but to try to use your software to find the data on the old hard drive. I will tell you that I was nervous to use your software because it was cheaper and not as "pretty" as your rivals. Nevertheless I took a deep breathe and purchased it. I then took another deep breathe when I found the file I was looking for and hit "recover". Much to my relief it work!!!! Thank very much for providing a program that was worth every penny that I spent on it. Thanks and I will be recommending you to my friends (many of which are in the IT industry).

  • 2005/03/01 - Ian McNulty

    I just want to thank you. Your excellent advice and File Scavenger are great! I was able to recover 85% of my badly corrupted hard disk (98% of valuable files), which was completely unreadable by every other product I tried after hundreds of bad sectors resulted from a physical media failure.

    Many thanks

  • 2005/02/16 - Ash - Teradata Architect

    This is the most amazing software to recover data from a hard drive that is no longer accessible. All my work files were saved on an external usb HD, which for some reason stopped working. I tried to use various pieces of software, like Runtime's GetDataBack, Gillware, Diskdoctors, but nothing seemed to work. After spending countless hours scanning my hard drive, i came upon Quetek. Quetek's File Scavenger saved my job by helping me recover all my critical work files from my hard drive. I was also able to recover all my mp3 files. I recommend this product and can assure you, you will not be disappointed. Thank you Quetek for saving my Job.

  • 2005/02/15 - John L. Benson - BidPro

    To the developers of Filescavenger 2.1, I couldn't find a place on your website to leave feedback so I'm doing it this way. To put it briefly; I wish I had found your software (Filescavenger 2.1) about a week ago. I wasted a lot of money and a lot of time trying to recover a hard drive. I tried several other data recovery products, some were demos, but I bought two or three other commercial products and tried them...all crap! Filescavenger worked the first time. What a relief! Thanks. I'll help spread the word!

  • 2005/02/06 - Ross Honey

    Happy to report that we achieved a 100% recovering of all the files!!

    Thank you so much. You guys have been a real life saver. Before you guys came along I was faced with a local repair shop who didn't even know what a RAID 0 drive was, let alone how to repair it, or $4,000 for specialty service over the web.

    $330 very well spent!!

    Anytime I hear of someone's hard drive crashing I am going to send the[m] your way!!

  • 2005/02/03 - Dino P.

    I recently installed a new hard drive on my pc and in the process I overwrote the boot sector on the old master drive using the new drives partitioning software(not recomended). Once I reinstalled windows on the new drive I was able to retrieve all my data from the overwritten drive using File Scavenger v. 2.1. It even recovered jpegs from websites I had visited in the past. Powerful stuff at a Great Price.

    Thank you so much.

  • 2005/01/23 - D R Hartley

    This is a statement for all to read… ... This program is worth every penny and then some. I looked and looked and behold, I found the right one. I highly suggest this program for anyone stressing like I was. I’ve spent $ 40.00 on other things in my lifetime but this was one of the best investments I have ever made! Thank You for your excellence in programming and delivery of your most valued software.

  • 2005/01/17 - Ed Swiatek

    Thanks for your prompt help. This is twice File Scavenger has saved my data. It is easy to use and it works! If this sounds like a testimonial, it is. Thanks again for your help.

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