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October-December 2011 - User Comments


  • 2011/11/14 - Eddy Van Hoorebeke - Sint-Agatha-Rode, Belgium

    Hereby I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your File Scavenger Software.

    After trying many other programs, I tested your software and had immediate results.

    As a photographer, now I can use my lost pictures of marriages, births, family events, once in a lifetime shots... again after a disk crash due to a lightning strike on our solar panels...

    I managed to restore about 700 GB of pictures (I lost only about 50 of them partially), even in RAW format, something I couldn't realize with all the other software I tried.

    Many thanks
    Yours sincerely,

  • 2011/10/28 - Theo Wellington - Goodlettsville, TN

    I tried several different programs to recover files from a corrupt SD card... Yours worked far better and found I believe all of the files that were there. Just this one use made the program worth the cost. So thanks again!

  • 2011/10/28 - Jim Yuill, PhD - Durham, NC

    I'm writing to let you know how pleased I am with your service. Your web-site is excellent: simple, unpretentious, no arrogant claims of being the best, and clear info about what your comapny does and how your products work.

    Based on your web-site, I tried your File Scavenger program, and it recovered all the data I had lost on my hard drive. The drive failed 8 years ago, and part of it was not backed-up. I finally had a need to recover that lost data. Your software and instructions worked wonderfully.

    Feel free to publish my testimonial.


  • 2011/10/19 - Davy Lam - Hong Kong

    Finally, I restored all my files (previously I select a wrong volume). Your software is really working like magic, it save my life.

  • 2011/10/15 - Leo Schouls - The Netherlands

    Dear Team,

    Thank you so much for providing the life saver program File Scavenger. This program is wonderful, it works fast and accurate!

    I recently moved my set of hard disks to a different case and after restarting my computer found out that my largest data disk had become unreadable. Of course I had no backup of this drive yet, that was something I had planned to do after moving my disks to the new case (how typical). I tried all sorts of approaches to retrieve the data that were on the disk, but all efforts were to no avail. After some efforts the disk became accessible again, but Windows reported the disk to be completely empty. Now I really had a problem.

    A Google search on data recovery led me to the Quetek website. You claimed File Scavenger should be able to retrieve the data from a damaged or formatted hard disk. Being skeptical I first downloaded the trial version and gave it try. Initially I tried the Quick search and became even more skeptical as only a few files were found. However, I also tried the Long search and that really blew me away. File Scavenger was able to find virtually all files that were on my damaged hard disk. Of course the trial version can recover only small files so I decided to take a chance and purchase a license. That was money well spent!! I was able to recover all the files File Scavenger had found, a whopping 550 GB of data!

    I have used File Scavenger on a NTFS drive (USB 3.0) under Windows 7. The program is very easy to use. The Long search on a large disk takes a couple of hours, so you have be patient. However, data recovery is fast and accurate. If needed you can perform a search first, save the search results and perform the data recovery later.

    File Scavenger really is a wonderful product and I can really recommend it to people that are trying to retrieve data from damaged hard disks.

    Best regards and many thanks,

  • 2011/10/13 - Peter Gfrerer - Austria

    I have to say it's the best Recovery Programm for Windows

    I had a Mac and Bootcamp Windows 7 installed. I make a update to Lion and all Data was lost. With File Scavenger it was no Problem and all Data was recoverd. Thanks a very good Software.

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