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Data Recovery for Windows
October-December 2008 - User Comments

  • 2008/12/31 - Gabriel Scarlat - Montreal,Canada

    Dear QueTek® Team,

    I want to say all the best in a new year 2009 for you Team...with your software I saved my past life...175 G with photo, documents,music (my history)....no comment...thank you very, very much, God Bless You.

    Happy New Year.

  • 2008/12/29 - Martin - Christchurch - New Zealand

    Yeah, did that, but as you said, the damage was already done. Never mind, recovered close to 90 - 95% of the files. Some failed (about 5% worth), some were lost (not sure of the number, somewhere between 1 and 3%) and some (about 30GB) had folders lost and were just loose - I'll have to rebuild the folders and sort them individually. Which is a lot better than losing everything. Your product rocks!

  • 2008/12/25 - Emory Thigpen - Beulaville, NC

    I just purchased File Scavenger® and ran it on a crashed external hard drive and I love it. I had been told by a computer repair company that the only way to retrieve my data was to send to a company that reads platters, so I called DD and they quoted me a fee of $1165. I downloaded your software and ran it and in 1.5 minutes you had found all my files. I could not send you my credit card number fast enough. It took 13.5 hours and there were lots of media errors but for the most part it retrieved my data. I am very happy and am telling everyone. It is so good and easy that I want to make sure I have it available if I need it again. Can you please send me a CD backup. I will be happy to pay for it. Thank you so much.

  • 2008/12/24 - Henk Versterre - The Netherlands

    Hopefully for once in my computer-lifetime I lost all backup-files. Suddenly was the extern drive out of order. This was a disaster, what to do now. Some 'Googling' brought me the name 'Quetek'. Tried to understand all the information. Downloaded the 'demo' and take a look at the crashed drive. Oh wonder, I saw my backup-files again. For me this was enough to believe that this program could help me to get all back. So I payed, got the license-key and let the program and the computer do their work. The results are terrific, it's all back. I'm happy and will thank the whole Quetek-team.

  • 2008/12/07 - Pavel Kilian - EU - Czech republic

    I want to thank you for your excellent File Scavenger. It already rescued a lot of my "lost" data.

  • 2008/11/14 - Greg Young - Australia

    Thanks greatly. it worked, and I retrieved what I needed. Good program. And simple.

    Best wishes

    Happy camper...... er ..customer

  • 2008/11/11 - Daniel Glau from Berlin

    This is just to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS PRODUCT!

    I have moved several files from one hd (500GB) to another (1TB). But the new hd (1TB) shuts down some hours after copying the files on it. After reboot the partition was lost. Unfortunately meanwhile the old hd has been partitioned and formated after copying, because I thought everything was fine.

    I tried some programs (freeware and prof. tools) for hd recovering on the new hd (1TB) and on the old hd (500GB), but could not recover more than a few GB. About 480GB (really GB!) video files, mp3 etc. lost!

    Trying your demo, shows nearly all data could be recovered (this was shown for both disks). So I bought the program. Over two nights I recovered nearly all data on both disks. Remember I searched on an 1TB hd and a formated and newly partitioned 500GB hd. Shortly, in overview, I recovered more than 500 GB data (some very old files were recovered too, but I was unsure, so I recovered everything what the program offers to me). I have now a lot of work to sort all data (some file names and folders are not correct). But this is much better than losing 500 GB data. Mostly all files are functional (pics, avis, mpg, mp3) !!!

    Again, thank you very, very much for the program!

  • 2008/11/08 - Mangezi

    Hello and good afternoon Ty,

    As we say here, "may your Sundays be blessed & full of happiness." I'm very grateful, my file is back and already backed-up in three places. Thank you very much. Please where my colleagues would have similar qualms, I shall tell them about this and I hope that they all need not to throw away their bad disks.

    Very many thanks.

    Warm Regards

  • 2008/11/08 - Alex, IL

    That solved it, thanks. I appreciate your ultra-fast response!

    By the way, I am very pleased how helpful and easy to use the program is. It has saved lots of lost files. Thank you!

  • 2008/11/05 - Zoran Pilic - NSW, Australia

    Please allow me to complement you on this version of your program. It is absolute marvelous. I couldn't believe that my IT guy told me that I lost all of the files and that I have to format a hard drive. He is now aware of your product also!

    Kind regards

  • 2008/10/15 - Keith Reeman - Cheshire, Great Britain

    Many thanks for your very prompt help. The software is now up and running again and I can attempt recovery of some "lost" jpegs. I am very grateful and impressed.


  • 2008/10/14 - Oxnard, California

    I just want to thank you for all your patients with me and my husband. The registration code and license key work just great. I am recovering 587658 file that I lost when my desk top went down. I can't thank you enough for being so helpful and patient. Once I recover all my files I will be a very happy camper.

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