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File Restore - 4th Qtr 2006 - User Comments

  • 2006/12/20 - Steve Mclean - SMCSI - Smarthomeinstalls


    And thanks again!!

    After my first hard drive mess up a year or so ago (repaired by File Scavenger®) I started backing up regularly. Reliability crept in and the length of time between backups got longer and longer, the inevitable happened and today, just after completing a Flash presentation that took me four days to do, the storage drive vanished!! I knew what to do this time and got the new version of File Scavenger®. Recovered all the important files from the disk. No panic, no pulling my hair out just straight to QueTek™ :)


  • 2006/12/13 - Danni - Denmark


    I have never written a testimonial - but this time, I just HAVE to!

    I have a server that functions as a file server, print server, DNS server, ftp server etc., etc.

    Of course, I need a lot of disk space when running a file server, and I had 3x250 gb Maxtor drives just for my personal/private use. (and 2x4 disk scsi raid for business).

    On my private drives I had over 9000 pictures from family, friends, birthdays, vacations etc., divx-backup of all my dvd movies, and my entire CD collection in MP3-format.

    One evening, one of my private drives crashed - of course the picture drive. (And my movies was on the same drive, but i had those in original) I couldn't get any access to the drive. No matter what i did, nothing helped. No computers would recognize the drive, windows failed while running scandisk, and error messages kept popping up on my screen, telling me that the drive was damaged and could not be accessed.

    I thought all of my pictures was lost for good. A night of sleep(?) convinced me, that i should try a data recover program (even tough i never had much faith in them).

    I searched google, and found loads of data recovery programs. Long story short, i downloaded about 5-7 programs and tried them all, but some couldn't access the drive at all, others recovered NOT using the original filename, and NOT using the original directory-structure. I had 9000 pictures, in a total of 412 directories!

    I never had luck using any of those programs. If they seemed to work, they cost as much as a formula 1-car.

    Then I found File Scavenger®. A very small program, and very cheap too! Oh well, it was worth a shot before recovering using some other program, and renaming and removing every single file into the right dirs.

    So, I downloaded and I tried, and I was amazingly surprised when I saw it would keep my original filename AND my original directory-structure!! I bought it right away, and I made a 'deep' search.

    This is the "catch-line". Sit down, you'll be shocked. I recovered a total of 99,5% of my 9000 pictures!!!!!

    And the last 0,5% was probably just waste, as I remember my Pictures-directory to be just about 5,5 GB (9163 pictures), and when done, I had 5,4GB (9152 pictures)!

    I don't know how to thank you enough, but i must say that I have not regret 1 second, that I bought File Scavenger®.

    Keep up the extremely good work!

  • 2006/12/01 - John DeGidio - Riverside, Ca

    I have never written a testimonial on any program or product ever. I had to write this. Two days ago a associate brought me his 512mb USB stick in tears. He is a coach for a local kids football team. His USB stick stopped working and he was about to lose three years worth of football plays that he had personally designed. He is currently headed for the championship game and needed these plays. After hours of research I had tried everything I could to get the files of the USB stick. I even sent the stick to a local data recovery shop. They couldn't get the files off the stick, in fact they couldn't even see any files on the stick. I downloaded your trial version and ran it.

    After seeing that it was going to work in demo mode I purchased the license using Paypal and within Ten minutes I had restored all of the files on the stick but one. TRULY AMAZING!!!!!

    I will send a picture of the team when they win the championship game because of your company.

    Thanks for having such a great product, it's a must have.

  • 2006/11/30 - Jannes - Holland

    After a few problems with our RAID Back-up both our HD's seemed to be empty.

    One was still visible the other one not. (after installing both as slave in other comp.) Luckily I found File Scavenger® after some googling. I ran the trial version and saw that I could "get" all maps back, instead of just the files. Got my license online , got all my maps and files back! Phew.... we have a dental surgery and all patients details, x-rays etc were gone. Now they're back and we are up and running again. Tnx !

  • 2006/11/29 - Bo - IT support - Australia

    Hi there:

    Just want to say thank you by heart to your designers and programmers, this product works like magic.

    I was upgrading one of our employee's email program but the new version eliminates the old version's mailboxes!!!

    The mailbox contains important business data and there is no backup. So I search 'file email recovery' and found this product.

    It works like a charm and found the mailboxes had been overwritten in only 2 minutes! Recovery is such a simple process that you can even destinate them to a plugin USB disk.

    Thank you for inventing this amazing product, you guys know this can save lifes!!!

    Bless you all :)

  • 2006/11/16 - Mike Butkus- South Bound Brook, NJ

    I'm an old time school tech person, 21 years with PC's. When my Superintendent's 2 year old PC would not boot I tried all the standard tricks. First, of course I copied all the important files still on the disk, not saved on the network. I'm positive I copied her address book of 4 years, positive. After trying every to get this PC to start I FORMATTED the HD with the XP disk and reinstalled Windows. Still would not boot and discovered it's the MB or a CPU problem. Pulling out a spare PC for temporary use I discover I only had an old copy of her address book. Checking the net I find your site, do the download and free scan. There it is, a 560K address book located by your software after formatting and installing (but not running) a new Windows install.

    PayPal to the rescue and 20 min. later she's sending out E-mails from her correct address book. A definite plus being able to scan for specific file types. Another program I later tried spend 2 hours and only made it to 1% of the 40 gig disk.

    Amazing and scary.... that's why I tell my administrators I have always physically destroyed the HD's I have to send out to recycle !

  • 2006/11/03 - Jimmy Anderson - Dale City, VA


    I'm not sure if this is the appropriate method to get a testimonial to you but hopefully this works. I really want the world to know that File Scavenger® 3 really works as advertised. My old had drive suddenly quit working causing me to go out and purchase a new computer. I could not retrieve any files from the old ATA drive using the USB port on my new computer and I could not install the old drive into my new computer because the new one only has SATA connectors. However with FILE SCAVENGER®, I was able to retrieve every file I wanted using the USB port. Not only that but I was able to resurrect the files from an old 120gig drive that I used as an external drive but also had quit working. This was amazing! I had given up hope on retrieving any files from those two drives and in fact was just about ready to take a hammer to them. Now not only do I have my valuable files, pictures and music back again, I have these two drives that I can reformat and use as external drives after I clean them up. Thank you QueTek™ for such a valuable tool that we can use without hiring expensive professionals to retrieve our data.

  • 2006/10/30 - Sergei Antoshin - Washington, DC

    Dear QueTek™ Team,

    Let me join hundreds and thousands of your satisfied customers to give you a well-deserved honest and warm "thank you" for your high-quality and greatly needed product. I will also thank MaximumPC for the information about you.

  • 2006/10/24 - Jeff Freeman

    Thanks for the great product. My hard drive crashed, and although I tried about 3 other programs, only File Scavenger® saved my files.

  • 2006/10/23 - Stephan R.

    Dear Quetek™,

    I bought File Scavenger® this weekend. I just wanted to let you know that it worked perfectly. I was very skeptical after talking to some of my tech friends and a bunch of companies who charge upwards of $1,500 - $5,000 for recovering data from a RAID 0 configuration. Basically I felt hosed for getting any of my data back.

    File Scavenger® is a FANTASTIC little program - it's fast and works great. It recovered my data with a 0% loss (haven't checked all the files but what I have checked looks great). It was definitely worth the $80. I just went out, bought a SATA controller and a 250GB drive, hooked up all the drives and away I went!

    Anyway - thank you Quetek™ - I greatly appreciate the product you put online. I've been a great advocate with all my friends and colleagues about this product. Hope you get some business from it! :-)

    Thanks again and have a great Monday!

  • 2006/10/18 - Karin Finney - Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    I just wanted to say thank you for your program (File Scavenger® 3.0)

    I had lost some data, mainly months of baby pictures, that I deleted by accident.

    After researching many recovery programs out there I chose yours because it seemed to be "the real deal" and not a fake (your testimonials helped me a lot!). I downloaded your program last night and it worked! It found all my pictures that I thought I had lost! And for a good price too! I would have paid hundreds probably at a computer store, but your program worked for under $60 CDN. I can't thank you enough and it was so simple to use!

    Your help desk people replied to my emails in no time flat, which made me very impressed by this company. I will definitely be recommending this program to others that may have had the same situation I did.

    So once again, a big thank you for all your help! Great job guys!


  • 2006/10/12 - Don Clayton - Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your product. I had been floundering trying to recover files than had an accidental format. File Scavenger® was fast and worked perfectly. I will definitely tell my work associates about File Scavenger®.

    Keep up the great work!

  • 2006/10/12 - Jan Wijninckx - Director Spade Ltd


    This is a real fantastic tool, and works beautifully even on Memory sticks. You saved my son's homework and now my PST files.


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