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Data Recovery Tool - User Comments

  • 2005/06/27 - Tim Lecander - Sherrard IL

    I just wanted to thank you for your software, it saved an entire SanDisk of photographs from my Daughter's graduation trip to Peru.

    She was unfamiliar with her digital camera, and reformatted the memory card without realizing it. Thankfully, she told me what she had done right away.

    I'll never forget the heartbroken look she had when I told her what had happened. She almost threw the camera off Machu Picchu!

  • 2005/06/26 - Erin Hampton - Atlanta, GA

    I just wanted to let you know that you guys saved my life! My Maxtor 200gb secondary hard drive experienced a total hardware failure. I think it was heat related since I didn't have any cooling fans on that drive. When I finally got it to come back up, everything was wiped out. I wasn't able to role the system back to before the crash. The system utilities I had could not even tell what kind of drive was attached or what capacity it was. I spent a very restless that night thinking about all the data I lost into thin air! The next day, I called the Compaq Helpdesk, but they were no help. They said to reformat the drive.... Well, that wasn't an option because I had 150gb of (un backed up) financial files, grad school work, research, professional archives, mp3's, mpeg's, etc... I contacted a few data recovery outfits around town, but they were prohibitively expensive.

    So I downloaded your File Scavenger and it did reconize the hard drive. After doing a deep scan on the drive it identified the files it could recover. After about 30 hours of processing, File Scavenger recovered about 90% of the data. I promply copied the data off to a fresh drive and mirrored it to yet another drive. I figure recovering 90% of something is better than 100% of nothing. Needless to say, I am a HUGE believer in regular backups now! Thank you guys, you saved my life!! :-)

  • 2005/06/21 - Stuart King

    Last night, a friend (who is s dedicated teacher that has spent three weeks writing the end of year reports for her 6year old students) came over near to tears as her only copy of the data (On a floppy!) was corrupt.

    You see she only has 4 days until they are to be handed out..... So she was looking down the barrel of a very embarrassing problem... and you can probably appreciate why she was near to tears!

    Thank goodness for the internet and QueTek™.

    After downloading and running through the recovery my friend was in tears.... but this time with relief.

    I'd just like to say thank you for the opportunity of using the File Scavenger®. I am about to recommend that we purchase for our IT department as it sends hard drives and disks away each year which costs thousands.

    Thanks again.

  • 2005/06/20 - William R Peterson - CEO MCS

    I am Mobile Computer Solutions in Nashville IL. I am a <...> partner. I paid over $800.00 for their recovery system. After trying to recover a number of drives with no luck using this 800 buck program, I bought your software. Let me tell you, I have been able to recover every drive I have tried to recover using your software. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • 2005/06/10 - Aleta Kimbrell

    I just wanted to let you know that your software ran perfectly. God bless you! I had already run through 3 other recovery programs that didn't do squat, when I fortunately came across your site. I had accidentally deleted an entire partition and desperately needed my files back. Your program was fast, easy and extremely efficient.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • 2005/06/08 - Christian Engheim - Norway

    I recently bought a license for File Scavenger® 3.0 after experiencing serious problems after a hard drive crash. Before I bought your excellent software I tried a lot of other programs to recover my lost data. None of them where able to recover a single file! Depressed and pissed off after loosing two weeks of very important school work, my mail for the last year, Internet favorites, e-mail addresses and a few other things I didn't believe anything would help recover my lost data. All wasn't lost since I had two DVD's of my most important documents. However, it was bad enough. Then I read about File Scavenger® 3.0 and gave it a shot. After all this failed attempts to recover my lost data I didn't really thought it would help. I were so amazed and happy when I saw File Scavenger® actually started to recover my lost files! I just couldn't believe it! I decided to buy the license and have now recovered ALL my important data (as far as I know)!! You guys at QueTek™ really saved my day and a lot of work!! I can't describe how happy I am right now! Thanks a lot for you wonderful software! I'm going to tell all my friends about it!

    Best regards,

  • 2005/06/03 - Chuck Reed

    This afternoon, I became aware of a corrupt volume on one of my disk drives. I was unable to recover the data the Microsoft way, so I began a web search for data recovery applications. I stumbled upon File Scavenger and tried it. I was amazed as its ease of use and recovery abilities. I made my purchase and as a result, I was able to recover the 30+ GB of data that I thought was gone! Without this product I would not have been able to retrieve the data. I was up and working within an hour!

    Thanks so much,

  • 2005/05/25 - Martin Schwartz

    File Scavenger® 3.0 kicks butt. It was able to detect an external USB drive with a corrupt partition table which looked like it was was unformatted. We were able to restore Ghost Images and recover data that was lost due a system restore that failed.

    File Scavenger® 3.0 found 23,000 lost files in less than 10 seconds. And performed a 22 GB recovery in less than 20 minutes. Needless to say we were very impressed with its performance. You developed an incredible product.

    Thanks for the great app

  • 2005/05/22 - Mel Patrick - wCEO Wabbit Wanch Design

    Wow. Sunday and tech support. I am impressed. Going to pass this information along to our customers.

    I found that if I simply power down the external drive, Windows bails out and I can finally get stopped. Sure beats turning off the power.

    I did manage to recover 62 gigs of 63 that was on my drive. That represents about 4 years work, and who knows how many hours. The drive has only been in use since December of last year when it was brand new, and as luck would have it we purchased another drive yesterday to back up to. Which is exactly when the external drive failed and I found File Scavenger®. Bad timing on drive failure, great timing on finding FS!

    None the less, File Scavenger® was worth EVERY PENNY I PAID FOR IT! And I tried several other "recovery" programs first. NONE worked as fast, nor as even worked as well as File Scavenger®.

    Apart from the Windows problem, this program is a keeper!

    Thanks for quick reply and I'll be watching the web site for a new version.

  • 2005/05/21 - Dee Macinerny - Downers Grove, IL

    Like most others, I found your sight in a state of extreme duress, dealing with a mistakenly formatted drive and a corrupt back up to boot!

    This program is miles above the rest, I had downloaded and tried several solutions, including Ontrack, the 300 pound gorilla at least in name. File scavenger® is by far the superior product and here is the reason - many programs did seem to be able to recover files but FS uniquely has the ability to also reorganize into the original directory structure as well, with names. In other words, "My Documents" comes back as My Documents with the associated files listed underneath with origional names. This really makes the recovery process work. Some of the others only presented you with a list of sequentially numbered files. While it seemed everything was there, going through tens of thousands of files would have been daunting indeed.

    With FS, I got everything back quickly and I was sure I in fact got it all.

    Thanks for a great product - worth every dime!

  • 2005/05/20 - Margaret Adams

    This is the first time that I have been motivated to say "Thank You" for an excellent product. I wasted a lot of time with telephonic support and other products while continuing to use my computer, happily overwriting files. However with your product, which was recommended when I had already given up, I was still able to save my two most critical files which represented at least two years of work.

    Thank you for a great product that is simple to use and does what it promises.


  • 2005/05/18 - Paul Fligg


    No one should be without this software. Well I'm going to start by saying that you saved all my data with producing this fantastic affordable piece of innovative software. I thought I had lost all of my family photos and important data and thought I wouldn't get it back as it was on a serial raid array until I found your software through a google search.

    A very big thank you to you and your team your doing a great job.

    Please forward to all of your departments and company owner.

    Yours with big thanks

  • 2005/05/13 - Mark Hagan

    Dear QueTek,

    File Scavenger® is a great, reasonably priced program. I was duly impressed with the performance of File Scavenger® 3.0. After losing access to my USB/Firewire external _BACKUP_ drive I was desperate to find a solution to retrieve my data.

    I had moved all the data from my business laptop in preparation to transfer the files to my new computer. Now, I'm not new to computers and consider myself a "power" user. I have imaging software and a network file server that is the repository of those backups. I had, indeed, backed up the back up. However, when I had to return my new computer because of a software problem I created some very important files that were not on the server. I did save them to the external disk and was prepared to transfer when I did something really stupid. I hate to admit it but I disconnected the drive without "safely removing" it within XP first. You guessed it, the drive was now inaccessible.

    I knew that most of the data was still there, I just needed to find a program to extract it. I searched online and read several comparative articles to arrive at the conclusion that your competitor had the product to do the job. Now, there are quite a few data recovery tools out there and at least one of them that I did try (and unfortunately paid for) didn't even come close to doing what I needed. Chalk up one for experience. I downloaded several other demos to evaluate and most did not even recognize my drive. Back to that highly rated program - downloaded the demo and it locked up twice, requiring a restart. When it finally finished it had scanned the wrong drive. I tried again, making sure I indicated the correct drive. Again, it found "lost" files on a perfectly good HDD. Also it discovered multiple instances of the same files. I realize that some of them could have been previously "erased" versions but the information was difficult to decipher. Also, a version of this program that could conceivably do what I needed would have cost $500! Based on my experience with the demo I had no faith that it could work as advertised. Back to Google.....(this was taking all day!)

    I came across a review site and File Scavenger® was mentioned. It was a shot blurb (much shorter than this testimonial) but it gave me hope that a reasonably priced alternative existed. Your website was informative - I understood the capabilities of the program and it appeared to meet my needs. After downloading the demo (thank you, a demo!) I ran it and my external drive was recognized. It completed the scan, mind you without locking up, and gave me clear indication of it's progress. I actually had both programs scanning at the same time - yours seemed to help the other program remain stable. I had started your competitors program well before I downloaded File Scavenger® but FS 3.0 finished a scarce minute after your competitor (I think FS was slowed by the activity of you-know-who because as soon as the previous program completed, FS zipped to the finish, so I can't really tell you how much faster it would have been without you-know-who gobbling up the resources.)

    After reviewing the garbage that your competitors product presented for me to sift through I shut it down and extracted it from my computer. When I looked at the results of FS 3.0's scan I was pleased to see that my data appeared to be intact. Going straight to the license tab I laid my money on the table and when I entered the > product key FS 3.0 quickly recovered all the files/folders I had checked. The tree view made it very easy to select the files I needed. Within a few minutes I had recovered all my lost work.

    Although there were too many files to check for accuracy immediately a review of a number of them revealed that everything appeared to be in order. I have not discovered anything missing or damaged thus far, other than my ego ("Power user", indeed. Yeah, sure.).

    O.K., this novella is coming to a close. Here's the sound bite:

    It works as advertised. It's reasonably priced. Heck, I may upgrade to the Pro version just in case I have a problem with the server, my workstation, or my wife or daughter have data corruption problems (their computers, that is.) I'm sold on your product. Back ups are great and necessary but you can still get caught between back ups and lose something valuable. I did and File Scavenger® saved the day.

    Simple Interface. Neat performance. Cheap price. Pitch the tent, 'cause I'm smilin'.

    Your new and loyal customer,

  • 2005/05/02 - Laurie Fletcher

    I didn't have a driving need to recovery files I was just planning ahead. I tested afew programs, trying their demos and settled on FS3. It works very well, even recovering files weeks old.

    Living in Australia and dealing with software companies in the USA, support can be slow, but not with QueTek™. I've only enquired about upgrade paths and their reply have been the quickest I have seen. If this is a reflection of their team I'm even more happier with my purchase.

  • 2005/04/29 - Chris Dersley

    Thanks very much for File Scavenger 3.0. I was sceptical after trying other products, but I downloaded version 2 and version 3 and immediately made my choice to leave the rest behind. It was so easy to recover my backups on an external usb hdd with partition table errors made worse by other recovery programs that I actually went out to celebrate!

    I can highly recommend this product to people struggling with Partition Table Error #108.


  • 2005/04/22 - Daniel Curiale

    To the wonderful folks at QueTek™:

    I'd just like to say that this is probably the most *outstanding* utility I've used in my 4½ - 5 years of computer experience. Never before have I used a program that I relied on so heavily as I have with File Scavenger. Some would disagree, but there's nothing worse than having /gigabytes/ of data suddenly become corrupted, damaged, or missing. This single program helped me retrieve over /_*100 gigabytes*_/ of data, and all it took were 3 clicks and a drive around town. I sincerely thank the great people who put their time and effort into creating such an innovative and priceless piece of work. This program is, in my opinion, unmatched in terms of reliability, flexibility, and satisfaction as far as recovery software is concerned. For those who experience severe (or even minor) hard drive trouble, this program (and it's creators) are a godsend. I can safely say that this is the first program I've ever been 100% satisfied with, and that's no lie!

  • 2005/04/18 - Gavin Hendrie


    Just purchased File Scavenger and what an absolute god send it is! My HDD has been ruined by a so called IT expert and all out digital Wedding and Honeymoon photos were on it. File Scavenger has retrieved them as well as others. Also, some saved software and video clips have also been retrieved. Thank you very much as it would have cost significantly more in both time and money to send the disk away to a data retrieval company.


    Happy Customer

  • 2005/04/13 - Santos Sanabria, PE

    Your software v3 just got the job done for me. Recovered everything. I am happier than a dog with 5 tails. All files I have tried to open were successfully opened. This includes priceless photos and videos of my daughter, electronic equipment warranties, personal document, etc.

    Obviously, I am doing a DVD-data backup right away.

    Thanks again for a wonderful product!!!

  • 2005/04/11 - George Trudel - CIO Primarily Care, Inc - Cranston, RI

    A power supply failure resulted in an unreadable hard drive. I experimented with several other products that I downloaded. Each of them failed to resolve the hard drive issue and return a recoverable directory list. Your product handled it superbly. I was able to recover all of the necessary files. AND - all that for $39.95!!

    This is absolutely a great value and a worthwhile system administration tool. THANKS!


  • 2005/04/10 - Jon Meyer (London, UK)


    I thought I'd send a quick email to say thanks for such a great product. I recently attempted to change hard drives and backed all my files up on a second hard drive which I was keeping. However, half way through the setup of my new drive, I had problems, the computer crashed, and everything got very messy. Anyway, the long and short of it was I managed to get Windows installed OK, but along they way managed to partition my backup drive. It had a drive letter, but no file system and not accessible.

    It had all my movies, music, coursework, photos, university memories, coursework and emails. Everything that I was meaning to save. And when I found out how serious partitioning a hard drive was, I was distraught.

    However, a friend recommended your product, and I downloaded and tried the trial version. Doing the exhaustive search I was amazed to find all my files (plus a few I thought I'd deleted a long time ago!) and paid up in double-quick time to start the recovery process. A few hours later, literally everything was back.

    That's the best $45 I've ever spent. Many thanks.

  • 2005/04/01 - Richard A Gonzales

    I wanted to let you know your program recovered every file lost..

    What a great product..


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