Strategies for Corrupted Drive

A corrupted drive has no hardware problems but is inaccessible due to file system corruption. In Disk Manager it may be shown with or without a drive letter.

Corrupted drive in Disk Manager
Disk Manager shows a corrupted drive with no drive letter.

Attempts to access the drive may generate a formatting request such as the following:

Do you want to format it?

Recovery Procedure

 Download and try File Scavenger® Data Recovery in demo mode as follows:

Look for: *
Look in: The disk number of the corrupted drive, in this case "Disk 1".
Mode: Quick first and Long if Quick does not work.

Scan a corrupted drive with File Scavenger
Disk 1 is selected in Look In. Quick scan is used first.

If files are found and successfully previewed in demo mode, you can buy a license and save the files to another drive.

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