Using Disk Manager for Problem Determination

Disk Manager is a Windows® system utility located in:

Control Panel
  System and Security
(this level is shown only if View by is Category)
    Administrative Tools
      Computer Management
        Disk Management

For a hard drive problem, Disk Manager can help to quickly isolate the cause. If a drive is undetectable in Disk Manager, it may experience hardware failure. Data recovery may require an expert and may cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars. If the drive is displayed in Disk Manager, the problem is (not always but) most likely drive corruption. You can buy File Scavenger® and save data from a corrupted drive for $50.

Detected drives are shown in Disk Manager
Disk 0 is healthy.
Disk 1 is detectable but not accessible due to corruption.
Any other drive not detected in Disk Manager may experience hardware failure.

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