Trying File Scavenger® in Demo Mode

You can try File Scavenger® in demo mode before buying a license. After a scan has found and displayed the lost files, the following features in demo mode will help you decide whether the files can be saved successfully with a license.

  • Files smaller than 64 kilobytes can be saved in demo mode. Save and try to open them in their respective application.
  • A picture file (such as one with the extension .jpg, .png, .tif, .bmp etc.) can be previewed by clicking on it and clicking Preview. If the correct picture is displayed in reduced size, it is certainly recoverable with a license.

Select a picture file and click Preview
Select a picture file and click Preview.

A recoverable picture in preview mode
A successful preview means the picture is recoverable with a license.

An unrecoverable picture in preview mode
Unsuccessful preview.

An unsuccessful preview does not always mean the file in unrecoverable. Sometimes the drive can be scanned with different options to produce better results.

The overall success rate of saving small files and previewing picture files is a reliable estimate of the recovery after a license is bought (assuming a reasonable sample size). For example if 9 out of 10 small files are usable after recovery and 8 out of 10 pictures can be previewed, the overall success rate of recovery will most likely be between 80% and 90%.

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